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XIKEO Blackhead Remover - Pore Cleaner Vacuum Electric Suction Facial Comedo

XIKEO Blackhead Remover – Pore Cleaner Vacuum Electric Suction Facial Comedo

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of XIKEO Blackhead Remover – Pore Cleaner Vacuum Electric Suction Facial Comedo.

  • Your Professional Blackhead RemoverUnlike conventional brute- force method of suction, The most recent generation blackhead Vacuum is created for drawing out the black heads from your skin without injuring it. Deeply remove stubborn blackhead, whitehead, acne, dead skin, make- up residue, make your skin more glowing.
  • 5 Adjustable Suction LevelsBlackhead Remover utilizes vacuum absorption strategy from level1 to level 5 suction force. You can quickly change the most proper suction levels for your various skin locations. The most affordable level appropriates for sensitive/dry skin; level 2 is for neutral skin; level 3 is for oily skin and deep blackhead; level 4 is for diminishing pores; level 5 is ideal for revitalizing the skin.
  • 4 Changeable Suction HeadsComes with 4 suction heads to resolve various skin issues. The updated silicon head with gentle suction for is ideal for delicate skin; big circular hole head with strong suction can remove stubborn blackhead, acne and grease; oval hole head can make your skin more flexible and compact ideal for T zone; beauty head gathers the red/ blue light to diminish pores and revitalize your skin.
  • Portable & Long Standby TimeConform to the concepts of body engineering and handhold style. This electric skin cleaner blackhead extraction tool owns cordless style. With USB charge cable television, one time charge can support exceptional standby time. Visual LED display screen, battery allowance and suction force at a glimpse. It’s a fantastic present for your enjoyed ones.
  • Why select our blackhead removerMade of eco- friendly product ABS, non- toxic, non- annoying, which can be securely utilized on the face. Our product expense is high though, it might cause lollr sales than other inexpensive products, however we pursue greater quality, so we demand utilizing better materials.FCC, CE, ROHS certificated.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on XIKEO Blackhead Remover – Pore Cleaner Vacuum Electric Suction Facial Comedo.
Color: White Do you lose the positive and feel upset since of the skin issue Our blackhead remover will resolve all of these problemOur electric vacuum blackhead remover is a new beauty instrument that incorporates the functions of blackhead and grease removing, pore cleansing, exfoliating and skin rejuvenation.Customize All Facial ProblemsEquipped with 4 changeable probe heads of various shapes and 5 adjustable pollr modes to assist you completely attend to numerous facial issues, like blackheads, whiteheads, comedones, acne, coarse pore, dead skin and so on 2 Colors Beauty LampRed and Blue light technology is a new idea which contributes to the after care experience of your skin. The traffic signal enables restoration of your skin and the blue light assists to close your skin pores after use.Specification: Product size: 19 x 3.6 cmMaterial: ABSWeight: 153 gBattery capability: 500 mAhOperating voltage: 3.7 VInput voltage: 5VPackage Consisted of:1 x Blackhead Remover1 x Huge Circular Hole Head2 x Silicon Circular Head1 x Oval Hole Head1 x Beauty Head1 x User manual1 x USB Charging Cable2 x Silica gel rings13 x Filter spongesWARM TIPS FOR BETTER SKIN TREATMENT OUTCOMES:1. Please do not utilize it over 5 minutes a time to avoid from skin damage; 2. Please do not remain on one location too long to avoid from purple and red skin; 3. Please do not utilize it if your skin is broken and harmed; 4.Dry skin can utilize it once a week, oily and blended skin can utilize it two times a week; 5. It is regular that your skin will be a little red after utilizing, the red will vanish in 5 ~10 minutes;

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on XIKEO Blackhead Remover – Pore Cleaner Vacuum Electric Suction Facial Comedo.

Question Question 1

What Is The Proper Way To Utilize It?

1. Prior to utilizing the product, usage hot cleaner or hot tool or blackhead remover gel/cream on your skin for 5 minutes to totally open your pores initially to make sure the best efficiency of the product. For some difficult- to- remove blackhead, we recommend you to utilize blackhead remover gell and kit tool together for best efficiency … 1. Prior to utilizing the product, usage hot cleaner or hot tool or blackhead remover gel/cream on your skin for 5 minutes to totally open your pores initially to make sure the best efficiency of the product. For some difficult- to- remove blackhead, we recommend you to utilize blackhead remover gell and kit tool together for best efficiency. 2. This product might not appropriate for thin, delicate or spider veins skin, please make a test usage for small part of your skin prior to very first usage. 3. When utilizing the product, please move its suction head in circular or direct instructions gradually on your skin, and ensure it remains no more than 2 seconds for each skin area, otherwise it might injure your skin and make it purple since the suction pollr is strong. 4. It is normal that your skin might have red spot after first time of usage however it will vanish immediately within 1- 5 days and will not have red spot for the 3rd time of usage. Actual outcome might differ due to various skin problem. We recommend you to utilize say goodbye to than two times each week for this device.

Question Question 2

Can It Draw Out The Acne Successfully?

This facial vacuum cleanser draws stuff out good and cleans up the face well. After a few utilizes, you will see a clear various in the face. It’s not a fast repair however as long as you utilize it continually, you’ ll see the distinction and the impact is good.

Question Question 3

Can This Be Utilized On Your Face (Cheeks) Or Just Your Nose? We Have Large Oily Pores And Wondering If This Will Aid.?

Yea you can utilize it on you face however do not utilize it on gental locations like corner of your eyes or mouth. It features information and it specifies that there. You must be good.

Question Question 4

Which Head Best For Suck Out The Blackhead? How To Avoid The Red Spot?

We utilize the tiniest circle bit and it works terrific. And to avoid red “spots” do not hold it in one location for too ling. Sort of just keep gradually dragging it over the skin

Question Question 5

What Is The Greatest Kpa?

Not as high as you ‘d like

Question Question 6

What Is The Clear Elastic Band For? It Came Inside The Bag For Our Sponge Filter?

This tape is special to avoid air leak from the sides of the head when utilizing it

Question Question 7

Mine Came Without Recommendations In English. Where Can We Find Them?

Sorry to bring this inconvonvenient to you. May we resend a new set to you?

Question Question 8

Need To Order Replacement Battery Charger?

The model we got the battery charger appears like a kind of android battery charger

Question Question 9

Do We Charge It When We Get It? It Reveals Completely Charged However Not Drawing Tough At All. Perhaps We Need To Return Bc It ‘S Breakdown? Sos.?

What setting do you have it on?gave our child a small contusion it drew so difficult. Mine did not included instructions

Question Question 10

Where Can We Purchase Replacement Tips?

Here on.

Question Question 11

Do All The Color Options Come With The Exact Same Devices? In The Images It Appears like There Are Additional Tools With White.?

The color alternatives are based upon the level you pick not the suggestions.

Question Question 12

Lost The Silicon Pointer, Where Do We Purchase More?

The business will have these

Question Question 13

How Long Does This Require To Charge? It’S Been Charging For 4 Hours And It’S Still Dead.?

It need to have come completely charged.

Question Question 14

How Typically Change Filter?

It looks as though the filter sponges can be cleaned up (cleaned).

Question Question 15

Do You Need To Charge It Prior To Utilize? It Won’T Switch on At All. Smh?

Anything that is battery ran new in the box need to constantly be charged prior to usage. It will aid the battery life down the roadway. We attempted my own when we purchased it out of the box and it worked, that does not imply they all have charge

Question Question 16

What Is The Suction Pollr Measurement In Hg For This System?

Idk however it draws good it has 3 various settings

Question Question 17

What Size Are The Filter Sponges? Aiming To Purchase More Filter Sponges.?

Here is a link to replacement ones https://www. Com/s? k= blackhead+ remover+ vacuum+ replacement+ filter & crid =32 fy9k34 vdbez & sprefix= replacement+ filters+ for+ blackhead+ eliminators% 2caps% 2c210 & ref= nb_sb_ss_i_1 _42

Question Question 18

The Product Went Well In The Beginning, However The 2nd Time Utilizing It Stop Working, What Should We Do Now?

First as a dependable seller on, we are so sorry to bring this troublesome to you. When you got a problem product, no need do others, other than utilizing your emailto contact with sellers by detailing your order number and the issue you encounter. We will reply to you and fix your issue within 1 service days.

Question Question 19

Is This The Exact same Thing As A Microdermabursion Device?

No it is not. This is a vacume apparently however we returned it instantly it’s a waste of cash. Microdermabrasion maker gets rid of dead skin cells the leading layer of the dermis, this vacume is expected to draw out zits. It not does anything.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on XIKEO Blackhead Remover – Pore Cleaner Vacuum Electric Suction Facial Comedo, these may be helpful for better understanding.

This works so well. We have attempted pore strips and masks and scrubs and this was a lot better. You can see it truly got the gunk out of our pores. We need to have checked out the guidelines in the past just turning it on and putting it on our face haha the suction is so strong with the biggest nozzle and we utilized it more than suggest and we got a contusion on our chin so for sure read the guidelines prior to putting it on your face. Love how well it exfoliates our forehead and makes our skin feel so smooth. Would suggest to good friends for sure.

We enjoy this. We have constantly fought with blackheads since our skin is sooily We utilized this right after the shollr and it works terrific. Our nose has never ever looked so clean. We utilized the big round headboard initially. It works well in the most affordable setting however it does scrape the skin. We then utilized the oval head and it worked truly well on the difficult to reach corners of the nose and on more delicate skin. Our face was truly red later on however we placed on some jojoba oil and vitamin c serum later on. The next early morning the inflammation decreased greatly. Exceptional product we will contribute to our regular skin regimen.

We have had blackhead and white head concerns for several years. We have attempted them all specifically tbose painful charcoal peel off thingy however it never ever worked. For years, we now have a clear skin. We just utilized it for a bit since we didn’t wish to exaggerate it. The furst picture programs the excess oil with our blackheads and whiteheads. You need to ensure that once the blqckheads and whutheads are being drawn that you need to pull the vacuum up amd that appear to work for us. We will offer this more 5 star if we can. So worth the cash. Thank you.

We are truly amazed on the suction pollr of this product. We truly believed we were taking truly good care of our face nevertheless this sholld us incorrect. On the greatest setting this pulled out a lot grease and black heads it appeared like ear wax the inner tube was filled was so gross. Our face feels smoother then in the past. We will state be carfull not to pull up when drawing as you ‘ ll get a hickey on your face got a few nevertheless they disappeared next day. Delicate skin beware. This is usb pollred one button operation certainly suggest it.

1 this pore vacuum cleaner shows up extremely extremely quickly. The order was put the other day, and it got here to our front door today. What a surprise. 2 we attempted this pore vacuum (particularly big round hole and oval hole) right now. We have serious blackhead problem, stubborn problem. This pore vacuum is extremely reliable, more reliable than lots of other methods we have attempted. So we wish to share some experience: initially, usage the cleaner after opening your pores completely, by methods of warm tool or othermasks It can draw some blackhead even without the pretreatment, however will suck method more after the treatment. Second, it will be more reliable to move the cleaner while it’s still drawn on the skin. And it works likewise great on the jaw. Last, it injures. Well, to be sincere, we do not believe there is one manner in which it will not harmed to remove the stubborn blackhead or any other efforts for beauty. So we highly recommend to take some methods to relax the skin after usage. Extremely suggested.

We had better luck with this after taking other customers ‘ guidance to utilize it after a hot shollr. It does get all the gunk out of your pores. We believe it will take some trial and mistake to figure out the ideal speed to move this over our skin and the ideal suction to utilize, given that we mistakenly triggered some bruising on our chin. Once we figure that out, it will certainly do its task.

We delighted in a beautiful weekend on the beach, however while strolling in the soft sand, we entered something sharp. It would not washout We might feel it with our fingers (and most definitely while strolling), however we could not pull it out no matter how hard we attempted. We were currently believing that we have no other choice however to have it cut out at a local immediate care center. However then we remembered this little gizmo and tried, and it drew the splinter right out of our foot. It’s a cool little thing. Its suction is extremely strong at the greatest level; however it is adjustable. Anyways, we didn’t understand how terrific a buy we had gotten.

We were as skeptical as they come, genuinely- we were stressed over a weak suction and not having the ability to see anything that came from our pores. We are a passionate pore cleaner, we utilize scrubs and treatments, and those metal hooks and pokes, every day. We dislike there being stuff in our pores. Well, we believe this device is our new fixation. It’s truly high quality, we feel like we own a tool from a specialists workplace. Beyond pore sucking, it has treatment lights and a timer, and so on You ‘ ll be thankful you purchased it.

It was our very first time utilizing a blackhead remover so we were certainly on the lookout, thaaanks god this product not let our expectations down, we enjoyed it. Several months ago our nose began getting a great deal of blackheads and we utilized cleasing strips however it didn’t assist at all. Attempting this product and seeing real outcomes make us truly pleased (it resembles maaan our skin appears like it utilized to be, our child face lol). Likewise the manual gavee us all the information required for a simple usage (we likewise saw videos on youtube). So yeah whoever requires a sincere viewpoint, we extremely suggest this product, if you are suffering cause blackheads you got ta attempt it.

Truthfully, it worked way better than we anticipated it to. We got this as a splurge purchase to attempt to reduce blackheads, particularly on our nose and figured that as rough as our nose looks often, even a small enhancement would be visible. Turns out, it works like it states it does– however as other customers have discussed, you truly need to check out the guidelines thoroughly prior to usage. Our very first usage, we didn’t check out anything since we were too delighted to figure out if it would work. We utilized the difficult plastic suggestion on thinner/more delicate skin and wound up with a hickey. Figuring that could not perhaps be working as meant, we really go the brochure out and review what every suggestion is utilized for and wound up having real outcomes. We believe more enhancement will accompany additional utilizes, however it appears terrific at this moment.

We do not think about ourself to have extremely delicate or extremely reactive (do not get red quickly) skin so we rejected the cautions about the vacuum triggering inflammation. Bad ideaaaa – be extremely careful with this thing, it can quite be the reason for numerous face- hickeys extremely quickly. My suggestion ** you truly need to dig the nozzle into your face for this thing to draw up anything out of your pores while at the same time keeping it moving (lest you wish to challenge your capability to contour a face hickey from your peers). We would avoid sucking over a pimple or zit cause you truly need to keep this thing moving and while digging into your face, that’s just requesting for abstruse discomfort. Do not do the very same succ stroke two times over the very same area in a row, now we have a huge line- hickey decreasing the side of our face. Hearken our words. Do not make the very same errors we did, we wish to you to be better. We are offering 5 stars cause the product is everything it assured and it works truly well. We feel like if you’re dissatisfied with the results cause you wind up red or with face- hicks thats more of a human- mistake thing. The product is precisely what is offered to you – a face vacuum.

We were a little skeptical of bought a blackhead vacuum, however we are so thankfull we picked this one. We have had issues with our skin after we had our child however this does the technique. Our skin is sooooo clean and soft. You can see all the gunk it pulls out of your face instantly. Certainly order this one.

It does get our pores unclogged.

We checked out a great deal of the examines prior to getting this product, we believe we ignored how strong the suction pollr sensible. The very first time we utilized it are utilized it on the side of our nose and wound up bruising it quite severely, we believe that was because of the skin they are being soft and us discussing it consistently. We do not suggest discussing the very same spot consistently or it will cause inflammation or bruising. The product appears to charge with the usb battery charger which appears extremely good. We likewise like that there is numerous accessories for various things,the 2nd time we wound up utilizing the product it went a lot better we moved extremely gradually however didn’t stop throughout our cheeks and nose, it appear to pull out a great deal of gunk however it appears like an extremely small quantity. Overall we believe this is an excellent product, it just takes some time to get utilized to and find out how to utilize.

Been wishing to attempt among these for some time, and we are thankful we bought this one. Its got good strong suction and 3 settings. We likewise like the light therapy it does, although we have not utilized it enough time yet to see any benefits of that yet. We would offer it 2 thumbs up.

Hmm. Ok so first of all, we are quite sure this tool has more suction pollr than our vacuum. We utilized it on the most affordable setting and it was certainly reliable. We are bit puzzled on the actual strategy however, as the manual does not offer lots of specifics however the description points out utilizing it at an angle rather of flat on the skin.? however slanted at an angle, we feel no suction at all no matter the level. Held flat it does what they state it will and suctions to your body quite extremely, particularly if you move it throughout the skin. So im truly not exactly sure which is the proper method to utilize it, however it did clean out the blackheads near our nose in any case. Approved, we have constantly been relatively fortunate to not have a lots of blackheads, however our nose area does get them. It truly didnt do much for our wrinkles however possibly its so subtle we would need to take truly good prior to and after images and usage for an extended period of time? there was likewise a little baggie that included it with extremely small little cotton circles and 2 rubber rings, however they werent recognized in the list of contents or diagram of parts in the handbook. In the guidelines about how to clean however, it states to remove and wash the sponge filter, which we need to presume are those cotton disk things. Theres no reference of how or where they enter the top place. In any case, we are relatively specific it got all our blackheads no matter whether we utilized it right. It would be helpful to have a more comprehensive though.

Cons: specific angles lose a little suctionpros: pollrfull suction when held properly, numerous modes readily available, rechargeable, long battery lifell have never ever utilized among these in the past, so we didn’t understand the suggestions were really made from difficult plastic. We were anticipating them to be vinyll and a bit soft, however they are quite stiff and stiff. We have been utilizing the angled head on the greatest level for the best outcomes, however we will state this likewise injures the most. We were stunned by the quantity of material it’s pulling out of our pores. We have constantly had concerns on the suggestion of our nose, and this has been terrific at keeping it clearedout We like that the suggestions are clear so you can see where it is and if it’s cleaning appropriately. The only negatives (that are required) are the discomfort associated with specific locations, and there is swelling later on. We have brown skin so we have not had the problem, however you might get inflammation in your skin too. We have not utilized the lights to open our pores yet, we primarily utilize this after a shollr so the steam has opened our pores currently. It’s simple to utilize and the battery has lasted a while for us. The system is a little heavy after holding it for a while, however it’s okay. In general, we would certainly suggest this to keep those pores clear. Usage the various suggestions to find which works best for your particular locations of need.

This is a terrific sets. It features 2 heads so our relative and we can both utilize it. It likewise features a great deal of metal tools for removing black heads by hand if the maker does not deal with the stubborn ones. We are thankful we got this. We have a great deal of black heads that were eliminated in just 15 minutes.

This product is terrific for cleaning out your pores and skin, and making it soft. The suction pollr is incredibly strong so please beware. Nevertheless, why we provided it a 4/5 stars is since it is proficient at cleaning, the blackheads currently present it has a difficult time sucking out (a minimum of for us). We have been utilizing the product every 3 days for about a week now and while it has drawn out a good bulk of the blackheads, some of them still stay. In general, it is an exceptional product for getting a through and deep cleaning of your facial skin that face masks and cleanser just does not get to.

It works. Initially we weren’t sure if we need to buy this vacuum however chose to offer it a shot. After shollring we utilized it to remove blackheads on our nose. This vacuum did a good task clearing our pores. We have not seen our nose so clean in a while (and we utilized other products prior to). We might feel some tingling on our nose the following day. It resembles our skin might feel the distinction and it was softer to the touch. The only issue we had was that we attempted to remove one whitehead closer to our eye and it bruised our skin in one spot. Just do not utilize it closer to your eyes or delicate locations.

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