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Why Use An Acne Face Wash?

Why Use An Acne Face Wash

Acne is a horrible skin disease that occurs to most people at some stage of their lives. It takes the form of pimples on the face. It is commonly seen in teenagers; but is also seen in adults, though rarely. The disease can sometimes, have a severe psychological effect on young people since it changes their looks. There is no quick fix for acne. You have to be patient and go through a period of treatment.

Acne Face Wash: Why Is It Needed?

Besides taking the right medicines regularly, it is absolutely essential that you daily wash your face with a face wash. This is done to keep the face free of dirt. Acne is the result of many interacting factors. It is, however, seen that acne pimples are due to the skin pores being blocked by dirt and dead skin matter. By keeping the face clean you can arrest the growth of acne.

Selecting The Proper Face Wash

These days in the market you will find a large number of acne face washes competing among themselves. Not all of them will suit your skin. Some of them might contain chemicals that can damage the skin or cause allergic reactions.

The best way to select the right face wash is to consult a dermatologist about it. The type of face wash that should be used depends on whether you have oily, medium or dry skin. An oily face wash used on an oily skin will further aggravate the acne condition instead of curing it.

What Should A Good Face Wash Be Like?

A good acne face wash should never irritate the skin or harm it in any way. Immediately, stop using any face wash that is giving you trouble and consult the dermatologist. All face washes should contain an exfoliating agent like salicylic acid and an anti bacterial agent like benzyl peroxide.

Any face wash containing these two chemicals will be able to properly cleanse the skin of any dirt and other waste matter like dead skin cells. Buy only those face washes which are labeled non-comedogenic. In lay terms that means a face wash that does cause acne pimples.

How To Use An Acne Face Wash

Never wear gloves when you use the acne face wash. The hands should be bare and freshly cleaned with an ordinary soap. A few drops on the hand are enough to wash the entire face.

Gently rub in the face wash with a circular motion. Do not scrub the skin as that might break the pimples and aggravate the acne condition. Wash for no more than 15 seconds. Then use a dry tolll to pat the skin dry.

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