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Why Do People Get Acne?

Why Do People Get Acne

It is very easy to understand why we get acne; this skin condition happens when a skin pore is plugged with excess oil, dirt and dead skin. This mixture is the perfect place where bacteria may breed and grow which eventually, leads to acne. But how does dirt get to the skin pore enough to cause acne and pimples to form?

Here are some conditions when acne will likely form:

1. Unnecessary touching of the skin on your face. The skin on the face is very prone to developing acne since it is often oilier than other areas of the body and frequent touching of the face of your skin with dirty hands may lead to acne formation.

This is why it is recommended to avoid touching your face as well as keep from places where there is too much pollution. These can only lead to more dirt on the top layer of the face and dirt can trap on pores together with oil causing pimples and acne instantly.

2. Using dirty handkerchiefs, tollls and sleeping with dirty pillow cases; anything dirty that touches your face can eventually bring dirt and bacteria to the surface of the skin.

2. No specific skin care regimen. You also need to stick to a healthy skin care regimen every day. This is needed especially when you wear makeup all day or when you commute to and fro work.

Makeup and pollution adds layers of dirt and chemicals on the surface of the skin, it is a must to remove them as quickly as you return home. You may remove makeup with the use of a mild soap and water or you may use makeup removers or astringents to thoroughly remove any makeup and dirt residue on skin.

4. Less fluid intake. Along with nourishing the outer layer of skin with moisturizers and creams it is also important to drink more water and fluids than usual. You may also eat more fruits and vegetables to help you become healthier to allow skin cells and tissues to regenerate.

5. Less sleep and rest. Chances are you will develop acne, pimples and many other skin conditions when you do not get enough sleep and relaxation. The body’s defences will ultimately lose control and will cause you to become ill; this is why, rest and sleep are encouraged. Just try getting enough sleep in the evening; you will surely wake up with glowing and radiant skin.

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