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What You Need To Know About Acne Treatment?

What You Need To Know About Acne Treatment

There are dozens of products for acne treatment that do not need a prescription. Over-the-counter products sometimes prove to be effective especially if your acne is mild to moderate. Sometimes, even those with severe acne will respond well to over-the-counter acne treatment products, depending on how the skin reacts.

As such, it is important to check the active ingredients in any acne treatment product. Benzyl peroxide remains one of the most common acne treatment products available without a prescription. It works by reducing P. acnes and preventing comedones by removing dead skins cells.

Benzyl peroxide is known to cause excessive dryness, so it is usually used in tandem with a moisturizer. Also, it can bleach fabric and hair, so much care is to be taken when using it. Benzyl peroxide is available in lotion, cream, gel, and washes forms. Benzyl peroxide should be used continuously even after acne clears to prevent new lesions from forming.

Salicylic acid is another common ingredient in most acne treatment products. It is commonly used for acne lesions which are not inflamed. Salicylic acid works by correcting the abnormal shedding of skin cells and helps to unclog pores to prevent further acne lesions. Salicylic acid is available in lotion, cream, or pad forms. Similar to benzyl peroxide, it must also be used continuously.

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