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What You Do Not Know About Back Acne Treatments?

What You Do Not Know About Back Acne Treatments

The back acne is a disease that affects both men and women especially during the adolescent stage of one’s life. It is likely to last for a long period of time, maybe until you become a grown adult and sometimes does not affect some people, it could also be hereditary.

Before knowing the treatment for back acne, it is important you know the causes first. There are different causes for back acne.

When there is excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous gland, this will result to the sebum clogging pores and the hair follicle with oil and dead cells which attracts the bacteria that leads to acne and this leads to further inflammation of tissues and brings about the occurrence of back acne scars.

The hormones can also lead to acne when it is not balance; hormones play a vital role in human body and therefore, will function very well when it is imbalance. The cause of hormone imbalance is as a result of menstruation and pregnancy in the woman body. Any woman who experiences back acne during pregnancy, the child is likely to inherit it from her especially during the child’s adolescent stage.

As mentioned earlier, back acnes are hereditary, it is either passed from the father to the children or from the mother to the children but in most cases, it is usually from the mother to the children.

Some people are use to some certain foods especially to dairy product they cannot do or stay without them, for instance; cheese, milk, to mention a few and this oily foods can go a long way in causing trouble to the skin, it is therefore advisable that you ditch them and deal with food of lesser calories.

Are you aware that back acne also appears on the skin as whiteheads, blackheads and pimples? Although in most cases, cystic acne is the most severe acne. To prevent back acne you must maintain a good hygiene.

It will be nice if you have your bath at least twice in a day, apply cream that has antiseptic in it, use any acne cream product to massage on the affected part, use any anti-bacterial soap as your bathing soap, avoid scrubbing the affected place hard, this can result to scaring.

When choosing you antiseptic cream, choose carefuly as not all cream that claims to have antiseptic in them really does, preferably use natural oil cream like lavender oil, tea tree oil or the jojoba oil afterwards, do not go under the sun as Sweating is not good for back acne; keep your body away from hot places especially the sun.

Maintain a good hygiene as it is also one of the best treatment for back acne. Do not also forget that healthy diet contributes a lot in the maintenance of the skin and drives back acne away from one’s skin.

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