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What May Causes Adult Acne?

What May Causes Adult Acne

For many people in the world, the question of what causes adult acne has been a tireless quest in search of an answer to a problem which plagues many individuals. For example, 90 percent of all adolescents and almost 25 percent of all adults are acne sufferers. In terms of gender, approximately 50% of all adult men and 50% of all adult women have suffered from adult acne.

One difference in gender is the severity of blackheads and zits that form and where the acne outbreak takes place. Males are more often have the severe acne rather than females because of their hormones. Generally, the infected areas that tend to breakout most regularly are more difficult to treat.

The actual cause of adult acne can certainly be a blend of several factors. Generally, there are several steps which lead to blackheads, minor skin blemishes, zits and pimples. The main cause of acne is because of the clogging or blocking of hair follicles that more commonly known as pores.

Unfortunately, the reasons and combination of situations which cause pores to become clogged is not fully known. There are many contributing elements for adults and teenagers alike which can include hereditary factors. Some experts claim that acne also caused by vitamin supplemental intake, hormones and stress related factors.

Other events or forces which can strongly influence the development of adult acne include your body’s normal function of eradicating itself of its dead skin cells. This cycle gets out of whack or becomes irregular because climate and other environmental forces or overall body health at the time. It can cause your hormones and their effect on your own body’s sebum production to increase which is bad for your complexion but outstanding for breeding acne.

As the body’s function of shedding dead skin cells becomes abnormal, the normal dead skin cells that combine with your body’s natural sebum oil while it drains through the skin surface become clogged and cause blocked pores. This thing becomes somewhat sticky and further clogging the passageway. This allows the cultivating and incubating of bacteria that begins to grow around these clogged areas.

As a normal reaction, your body’s white blood cells strike the bacteria by fighting it and pushing it out of the body. The outcome of this battle between the white blood cells and bacteria causes a growth normally within 14-day to 21-days. These growths are referred to as microcomedones which turn into comedones and normally referred to as adult acne.

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