What Causes Adult Acne?

What Causes Adult Acne

If you are well beyond the teenage years and suffering from acne you may be wondering what causes adult acne. The hormonal shifts of puberty are long gone and yet acne remains. Is adult acne different than the acne of adolescence?

The most common form of acne at any age is what is called acne vulgaris. While statistics vary, it is estimated that upwards of 70% of all individuals will be afflicted with this skin disorder at some point in their life.

Acne vulgaris is found on the areas of skin with the highest density of sebaceous follicles including the face, chest, and back. The lesions themselves exist in a variety of forms ranging from non inflammatory comedones (whiteheads and blackheads) to inflammatory nodules (severe acne).

Many adults have experienced for themselves that acne vulgaris is not limited to the adolescent years. Millions of people suffer from adult acne.

Adult Acne can occur due to a host of reasons. This includes standalone causes of acne and instances, when simultaneous presence of different factors causes Adult Acne.

The most common, adult acne causing factors include:

Bacterial Infections

Some people have lollr immunity levels. They are more prone to suffering from recurring bacterial infections, including that of the face. Sometimes, poor personal hygiene and carelessness such as shaving with un-sanitized blades raises chances of bacteria-induced acne among adults.

Hormonal Causes

Adult Acne is largely caused by excessive secretion of sebum. This is an oily substance secreted by the sweat glands of our skin. When sebum is secreted in excessive amounts, chances of acne break-out rise. This is because sebum tends to block the hair follicles. This can be caused by female and male hormones like estrogens and testosterone respectively.

Among men, Adult Acne due to increased hormonal production often surfaces when undertaking strenuous gym training. This is why some dedicated gym-goers beyond the age of 30 also complain about sudden break-out of acne.

Among women, severe hormonal changes are found during per menopause, menopause, Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD and pregnancy. The overuse of birth control pills and suddenly stopping their use too causes hormonal changes capable of causing acne.

Hormonal imbalance might be induced by prescription drugs. Some medications in particular, like strong corticosteroids, are capable of raising secretion of hormones.

Common Adult Acne Causes Among Men & Women

Stress is the common cause of acne among men and women. Due to stress, various metabolic and hormonal activities are disturbed. This can cause temporary flare-up of adult acne.

Secondly, poor scalp health combined with improper self-hygiene can cause acne among adults. For instance, dandruff flakes are known to get impacted among the skin’s pores. If the face isn’t regularly cleaned, traces of dandruff can lead to blockage of sebum, initiating an acne problem.

Other Adult Acne Causes

Many research works suggest that Adult Acne is often induced due to lifestyle and dietary choices. This includes smoking excessively, regularly eating chocolates and drinking milk.

Environmental factors such as presence of toxic particulates in the air due to industrial activity might make your skin allergic and prone to acne break-outs.

Some dermatologists suggest that people with a family history of adult acne are more likely to suffer from the same condition. This is particularly applicable if the parents have had severe, scarring kind of acne.

Many physicians believe that adult acne is often catalyzed by eating foods rich in processed sugars. The widespread presence of refined sugar and carbohydrates in contemporary diets causes insulin spikes, stimulating over-production of sebum.

Adult Acne Treatment Options

When you search for the Best Adult Acne Treatment Options, ensure that you choose a product that has positive consumer testimonials. Secondly, ensure that you use an acne treatment that is specially formulated for adult acne or people of all ages.

Along with finding acne medications that work, ensure you seek products that guarantee safety. Many popular acne treatments are known to contain skin irritants. This is why lots of people have started opting for natural adult acne remedies that doesn’t induce any side effect.

What Causes Adult Acne?

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