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What Are The Major Causes Of Acne?

What Are The Major Causes Of Acne

Acne is a skin infection, which occurs due to interaction of excess oil with skin bacteria and dead cells, which blocks pores of the skin. Mainly in teenagers, the causes of acne are the hormonal changes in their body.

At this stage of life, androgen hormones increase in their body and small bumps occurs on their face and other parts of the body. These small white and black bumps are visible to the naked eyes, which becomes the cause of worry.

In teenagers, the main causes of acne are high stress of their studies, peer pressure, anxiety for their body changes and other things, which causes depression in their mind and plays an important role in contributing to acne problems. Their body hormones are more active in depressing state of mind and react with their skin in excess form of oil.

Not only teenagers, but people from 30′s and 40′s also suffer with acne problem due to their imbalanced lifestyle.

Listed below are few major causes of acne in your body:

Hormonal Changes:

At the teenage stage, few changes takes place in your body, which activate your body hormones. Production of sex hormones in your body takes place, which gives common problem of acne among teenage group. Androgen hormones of your body produce extra amount of sebum and it react with bacteria and dead cells of your skin. It also block the skin pores and less amount of oxygen reach to your skin cells.

Heavy Oily Make Up:

Oily make up leads to acne problems as they support the oil already present on your skin and even produce more on your skin surface. It creates acne problem and worsen acne situations of your skin. Oily make up products are main causes of acne and to avoid them you must choose oil free make up products. Heavy makeup also creates the same situations for your skin.

Your Imbalance Diet:

Diet plays a chief role in your health improvement. Improper diet and insufficient nutrition can create various problems to your body and skin. Your diet must include essential vitamins and protein to prevent the occurrence of acne in your skin. Diets are considered as the major causes of acne and rich and healthy diet is the solution for the same.

Cleanliness Problems:

Touching your face after every while, transfer the germs and bacteria to your skin, which are main causes of acne infection. These bacteria react with your skin and leave thousands of unseen bacteria to your overall skin. Exposure in polluted environment also award different germs to your skin and is considered as one of the causes of acne.

Many causes of acne are there which trouble ninety percent of people throughout the world. Your ignorance in your daily life is the major cause of acne and you can prevent them easily.

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