What Acne Treatments Work For You?

What Acne Treatments Work For You

So, in all seriousness do you know the right kind of treatment for your skin? Well, most people do not which leads to them buying random acne treatment products that might not work for them even if they have great reviews.

So, the whole point of this article is to first, find out the right kind of acne treatment to go with your acne and then two, find the best way to treat it. Treatments for acne are everywhere and many have acne treatment reviews, but this does not mean that they are going to fix your acne!

Acne has been around forever, even when humans started, acne began just the same time, so do not think that this is some sort of disease. So when you consider acne treatment you want to know the type of acne that you have. And the different pimples on your skin can be because of what you have been exposed to, what you ate, or even through genes, which was never your fault to begin with.

The acne that comes on your skin is just a signal that you are growing and should not be mistaken for disease, or even what some people think as Cancer, it is not that bad. It will come and then go eventually.

Slight Acne Treatment

The first kinds of pimples are usually whiteheads and they are the worst kind, surrounding a whitish spot with redness illuminates that spot and really diminishes your ability to have a social life. Of course, you can work around that part of your life and work on it.

The next kind is just as bad but only some people get them, blackheads, they are similar to the whiteheads in that a small dot appears but this time it is black. Also blackheads are slightly easier to deal with because they are not surrounded by the redness that many other pimples have.

Now, the worst kind of acne problem that you can get is, cystic acne, although some may say other kinds are worst this is by far the most damaging. Cystic acne goes through your initial layer and keeps on growing deep into your layers of skin. This eventually causes big problems when and if you decide to remove it.

Acne Treatments for each kind of acne!

Now, here is a little list of acne treatment techniques that has worked for some people and for others it may have failed. I believe that since you know what sort of acne you have you can find your own treatment to treat it. Again every person is different which makes it harder at times to find a treatment for acne that works for everyone.

Whitehead acne treatment are the easiest, they involve a preventive treatment of washing your face daily. If you face is covered in oil from the previous days these pimples start to develop and then eventually turn into the full thing which would cause more and more problems later down the road.

So, take action is the first thing and since whiteheads are mostly made out of oils from your skin, taking that out will leave you with a whitehead-free skin. Also note that popping your whiteheads are a terrible idea as they tend to leave decent size scars, if you have scars you can check this out to help with those kinds of treatment.

Blackheads, likewise, are slightly easier to deal with as well; they tend to harden as the air comes into the nodule as it develops. This results in an easy and clean break-off when the acne is fully matured, however before that happen, you must think about not touch it or else it might become something worst.

Oh right, about touching your pimples, this is something that should be on your forbidden list. Touching your pimples simply transfers the oil, grease or anything else from your skin into that area. This then results in either the formation of more and more acne or increase in size of your original one.

Cystic acne is the other type and for these I have a sad story to tell you. Out of all the acne’s that are treatable you can find a way to help treat them and even increase the chances of preventing them in the future. It is completely different for cystic acne, it is recommended that you simply try and prevent them from occurring. This means keeping your face washed and your pores clean.

If you do happen to get a bad case of cystic acne, do not try to pop or touch it. Let it go away on its own, this is due to how bad of the scars that comes from cystic acne. If anything you can apply some products on it or lemon as it has natural acne fighting chemicals.

Different acne treatments work for different people and not one treatment will work for everyone. This is trying for literally 99.9% of all treatment for acne; however, the one thing that might help everyone is keeping their faces clean. You cannot have acne unless things like sebum, dust and dirt accumulates on your face.

What Acne Treatments Work For You?

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