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What Acne Scars Treatment Is The Best?

What Acne Scars Treatment Is The Best

Acne usually leaves behind ugly and unwanted scars. Getting rid of the scars is not an easy process. However, acne scars treatment can be summarized to be a both preventive and curative process. Just because you have acne that you are treating does not mean that you must have plenty of dark spots on your face. You can minimize the amount of scars as you treat the acne.

Let us look at both ways to prevent scar accumulation and ways to get rid of the present scars.

Preventive Treatment Of Scars Caused By Acne

Ultraviolent rays:

The sun is a rich source of ultraviolent rays. Exposing the skin with dark acne scars to the sun only makes the scars darker. This means that the healing process will take longer than the case would have before exposure.

What the sun does is stimulate cells that are responsible for pigmentation. Thus if you have dark spots, it will darken the discoloration. This means avoiding the sun when it is at its peak. This usually occurs at around 10 am to 3 pm. You can also choose to wear sunscreen if you must go out in the sun.


Many love to pick and squeeze on the pimples and other swellings, with most seeing this as the best form of home acne treatment. This action however only leads to a further infection and causing deeper scars.

Since acne scars may leave a dent due to loss of collages, you should leave the skin to heal on its own. The collagen formation will occur and the dent fills up. Tampering may cause irritation and fresh swell on the scar area.


Nutrition is good for proper healing of scars and the prevention of new scars. The advice is to eat healthy and let the skin repair itself in case of slight damages. Healthy eating will hasten the healing process.

The application of topical vitamin E on the scar may have once been perceived as an enhancer to healing scars. However, this is not the case and the action can derail the healing process.

Curative Acne Scars Treatment

Using creams:

When you have treated the acne and have dark unpleasant spots left on the face or other areas, you can use top quality creams to clear off the marks. Cortisone creams are good at reducing inflammations and makes a fantastic acne treatment they use hydroquinone on the dark spots to lighten the pigment of the skin on this particular region.

Laser treatment:

You can choose to book an appointment to get laser treatment to remove the scars. The laser treatment process has technology that is used to remove the dark blemished skin and stimulate the growth of new cells.

In this manner, it gets rid of the dark spots on the skin. It smoothes out the acne damaged areas. Depending on the laser treatment taken, the skin will be repaired using different processes.


Patience is another form of acne scars treatment. As time goes by, blood vessels resurface to the skin region that was damaged by acne; check out the following article from WebMD to see how this works. They will encourage the growth of new cells to replace the dark dead cells.

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