ThermaClear TC100 Acne Clearing Device

ThermaClear is the best acne clearing device that uses a pulse of heat to clear the bad acne. The Thermaclear device operates on two AA batteries and heats up in a matter of seconds. Once ready, the device is held to a pimple and a button is pushed. Then the thing ZAPS the zit with heat– as in shocks, fries, and jolts it.

The use of the Thermaclear takes only a second. It is also ready for reuse almost immediately.

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Just when you thought that you had seen all the possible treatments for acne, they come up with something new. This time it’s a device called ThermaClear. It’s a handy little device that quickly and easily zaps existing pimples right out of your skin, and it fits right into your pocket.

Let’s explore what this strange little device is and what it can do for your skin.

ThermaClear is an “acne clearing device” that uses a pulse of heat to clear acne. The device looks similar to an electronic razor, but instead of a blade, it has a circular blue light.

How Does it Work?

Most acne treatments use chemicals (natural or manmade) to exfoliate the skin and kill acne causing bacteria. Compared to this, ThermaClear looks more like space-age technology.

Put ThermaClear on a pimple and press the button. It delivers a precise dose of heat to the inner layers of your skin, right where the bacteria reside. The heat neutralizes the bacteria and allows your skin to heal faster.

The whole treatment takes only two seconds. ThermaClear runs with two AA batteries and is small enough to fit into your purse or pocket. You could say it’s your secret acne fighting weapon on the go.

Does It Work?

But the real question is on how does it work? According to the studies showcased by the manufacturer, pimples treated with ThermaClear heal up to 4 times faster than pimples left untreated. In many cases, pimples were healed the next day.

Of course, you should take these results with a grain of salt. The study says nothing about how effective TrermaClear is compared to other spot treatments on the market. The study only showed that using ThermaClear you can expect your pimples to heal faster than if you didn’t do anything about them.

ThermaClear sounds like an excellent way to stop new pimples. When you feel a pimple forming on your skin, zap it with ThermaClear and you might be able to stop it from ever surfacing.

Of course, no acne treatment works for everybody. You can always find people who say a particular treatment did nothing to them, or even made things worse. And ThermaClear is no exception. Some people complained that the heat it delivered irritated their skin further. A few also complain that the heat zap is quite painful.


As cool as ThermaClear sounds, it’s unlikely to be the answer to your acne. It’s a spot treatment by nature and you can only apply it to existing or newly forming pimples. This may help them to heal faster, but ThermaClear can never keep your whole face free from acne.

ThermaClear is an acne clearing device that’s worth trying if you suffer from really bad acne. I wouldn’t recommend this product to somebody with sensitive skin or rosacea acne because it could possibly cause irritation.

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