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Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash

Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash.

  • One 8.5-fluid ounce bottle of Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash with Salicylic Acid
  • If you like Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash, we welcome you to attempt Solimo Clarifying Body Wash
  • Developed with 2% salicylic acid acne treatment to assist combat body breakouts and gelatin beads for gentle exfoliation
  • Skin specialist evaluated. Not evaluated on animals. Polyethylene bead free
  • Made in the U.S.A. with U.S. and foreign elements.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash.
Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash is developed with 2% salicylic acid acne treatment to assist combat body acne and breakouts. Enjoy your shollr with the uplifting grapefruit aroma and cleansing foam. Skin specialist evaluated. Not evaluated on animals. Polyethylene bead free

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash.

Question Question 1

Are You Good Product?

Yes good product

Question Question 2

Will This Remove Acne Scare From Your Back?

Regrettably we found that product does not work well at all for acne. The aroma is enjoyable however ineffective.

Question Question 3

Any Neutrogenia Users Attempt This? Is It The Very same?

We can’t state it’s the exact same we have utilized neutrogena products prior to however this is a great product. We enjoy the solimo products quite.

Question Question 4

Will This Remove Acne Scare From Your Back?

Regrettably this product does not work well for acne. Pleasant aroma however ineffective.

Question Question 5

Would This Make Our Body Skin Dry?

This does not make our skin dry at all. We enjoy it.

Question Question 6

Will This Eliminate Strawberry Legs?

We are sorry, however we do not know what that is. All we can state for sure is that it will assistance to clean up body acne.

Question Question 7

Can You Usage This With Other Body Cleans?

We had some back pains (not severe) for that reason we didn’t desire danger dry skin. So we rotated this body wash with another body wash. We had no response and our back pains did disappear. We were so happy with the results that we purchased another pack.

Question Question 8

Is This Ruthlessness Free?


Question Question 9

Any Neutrogenia Users Attempt This? Is It The Very same?

The neutrogena brand has a more citric smell and works terrific. The solomo brand feels milder however it does the task. Remember our back pains was not severe. We like bothproducts However considering that this is a better offer, iam sticking to it.

Question Question 10

Does This Have Plastic Micro Beads In It?

No, no plastic beads, it is soap made to appear like grapefruit peel. It’s liquifies under water & extremely little pressure. It works miracles. It do not need to utilize skin cream in the winter season any longer

Question Question 11

Does This Contain Micro Plastic Beads?

We instantly went and inspected, we took just the pink “beads ” from a capture of the gel,the beads smooshed when we pressed on them. We likewise attempted liquifying the beads in water and they did liquify, so we are sure the beads are product and not micro plastics however we would like to answer this question beca … we instantly went and inspected, we took just the pink “beads ” from a capture of the gel,the beads smooshed when we pressed on them. We likewise attempted liquifying the beads in water and they did liquify, so we are sure the beads are product and not micro plastics however we would like to answer this question since micro plastics in productsare likewise very worrying and disturbing to me.

Question Question 12

What Are The Beads Constructed out Of?

Noted on components: acrylates copolymer. Seems like plastic. We looked it up. From google: microbeads are made mostly from polyethylene and acrylates copolymer, and, according to federal government regulators, they’re thought about safe when undamaged.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Solimo Clarifying Pink Grapefruit Body Wash, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Terrific for pilaris, body acne, and guyswe abuse our skin by residing in an area with extreme weather condition, working long days at a desk, and going house to shollr after workingout None the less, the acid in this low-cost body wash has changed our rough skin totally smooth, and it reduces body acne brought on by germs and obstructed pores. We have utilized this product periodically, 3 times a week, and as a spot treatment after utilizing more affordable soap with the exact same outcomes. It is the simplest method to keep your skin looking terrific. Although it is pink, this body wash is strong enough to wash the abuse and dirt of people who are active and low upkeep. Usage lotion after, and or avoid locations that will be inflamed by the acid. We have skin that is not delicate nor dry- our skin is healthy tooily If you have dry skin, understand that it will make your skin more delicate, so sunscreen and lotion would be a must. You might likewise avoid utilizing it all over, and concentrate on particular issue locations –(************************************************************************************* )best technique for university student. Likewise, the smell is not very strong and does not last long after you shollr. The body wash does not contravene our perfume. In all, utilize this product since it makes your skin feel and look incredible without a great deal of effort. This product works the like the name brand product. We can not tell the distinction.

We dislike grapefruit however this is aromatic extremely well and not too strong. Just fresh citrus aroma. Got rid of our body acne in 2 weeks.

No es de un tamaño grande, es tamaño regular, ell olor no es muy agradable al menos a mwe no us gusta, swe he notado que ell acne se ha ido principalmente en la espalda ya que por ell entrenamiento en ell health club us ha brotado, en otras locations como las piernas tambien ya se ven desapareciendo. Ewe resultado es positivo y entiendo que ell olor es lo de menos swe ell producto cumple con lo que promete.

Have not been utilizing it enough time to assess how efficient it is, however it’s 2. 0% salicylic acid so you must know whether that will work for you based upon your experience with acneproducts Our just significant problem is that it takes a great deal of this in a washcloth to clean efficiently clean your entire body; the soap is extremely minimal. However for this cost point, the just thing equivalent is most likely walmart’s correspond brand. However you do not need to go into walmart for this.;-RRB-.

Like many are thinking we can nearly ensure you this is a rebrand of a popular commercial product. Probably dove or dial or old spice. The aroma is extremely familiar. Having operated in lots of production plants, we can’t start to stress how simple it is to alter product packaging and just keep making the exact same product. It’s extremely typical and most likely what’s been done here. Does certainly appear to have some kind of moisturizer in it. We have quite dry skin and this more or less does the exact same task as a name brand body wash. Odors good, like some sort of neutral, fresh and stylish aroma. Not overtly girly or manly. Would wonder to see what the “for usn” variation of this smells like. A little thin to put, however a little goes a long method. Lathers up well and plays well with rather difficult water. Our skin absolutely feels softer later on vs something like barsoap. Our woman buddy concurs. For the cost, this completely exceeds any huge brand product. It’s just as good as anything we have utilized. Have made a wise relocation here that significantly benefits the customer. Quality product wholesale for dirt cheap.

Functions as we would hoped. We work outdoors and sweat a lot so body acne is an issue throughout warm weather condition. We utilize this a couple times a week on issue locations just, since it does make your skin dry. It’s salicylic acid. Thats what its expected to do to deal with the acne. If you find it dries you out excessive just utilize a light moisturizer (otherwise you’ ll just obstruct your pores once again and be back where you began). As far as the aroma, we believe some folks need to have gotten bad batches or something since mine smells precisely like pink grapefruit. Personally not insane about grapefruit in basic, however its okay.

The aroma is faint and does not smell anything like pink grapefruit. We believed it was just me. However, out- of-the- blue, our hubby articulated what we currently believed. What we do enjoy about this product, for this reason it’s 4-star score, is that a little goes a long method. We do not need to utilize much of this body wash to get and feel clean. It lathers well. We enjoy the product’s impact and soap, just not the non-grapefruit odor. We will attempt other fragrances to see if we find one we enjoy even if the product transcends to others on the market.

Our kid asked us to buy this for him to utilize until he might go to the skin specialist. We did and then the dr informed him to utilize something else. We completed utilizing it and enjoyed the fresh aroma and just the overall product. Our hubby and we have purchased this several times now and will keep utilizing it. We have a water conditioner and some of the other bath products we have utilized make the tub too slippery and difficult to wash off. This product lathers well and then quickly rinses well, too.

We are going to be truthful – we have a little acne on our chest area, and we have a routine of making it much even worse. Utilizing the incorrect soaps, utilizing too rough of a luffa, utilizing exfoliator. We utilized to utilize the neutrogena grapefruit acne bodywash, and it really made it even worse for us. However this. We didn’t utilize a luffa– just our hands. Early Morning and night. We awakened the next early morning and it was currently clearer. Definitely enjoy it.

Smells incredibly good and leaves our skin sensation good. We purchased it to assist control body acne and it functions as a face cleaner. It suds up real good (a little goes a long method). However oddly enough it does not remove mine or our hubby’s body smell totally. We do not comprehend that element. Will we buy it once again? we are not exactly sure. Perhaps just to assist control acne. However we believe we will need a various product to remove body smell.

Does what we need it to do. Dries up breakouts on our shoulders. We rub it in and make certain to leave it for about a minute and then wash it free. We constantly pull our hair out of the method and utilize it as our last step in the shollr prior to getting out.

Smells good, great on delicate skin. Is visibly assisting to clean up a little acne on our back. Good product.

If you have ever utilized the name brand then this product will not have the exact same strong aroma. Likewise we feel like the acidic acid is less than the name brand. We generally buy the target brand of this soap and had no issue. This one just does not appear to get the task provided for acne.

Smaller Sized than anticipated however that’s our bad for not checking out. We enjoy this body wash and it does not cause any dry or scratchy skin problems.

If you need to eliminate back pimples, this body wash is a good location to begin. Ensure to utilize a loofa and leave the wash on your body for a minute or 2 prior to washing to offer the salicylic acid time to do it’s task.

We just utilize once or two times a week, however it has assisted keep acne on our thighs at bay throughout this hot damp weather condition. A little pricey, however it appears to last. More Affordable than the neutrogena alternative.

Practically everything makes our delicate skin burn after we shollr, even organic soaps, this didn’t, which was an enjoyable surprise. Our skin feels clean and hydrated and we like the light aroma.

Love grapefruit aromatic bath products and this product did not dissatisfy. We have purchased it a couple times and enjoy it. Produces just adequate suds, good clean aroma, does not dry out the skin.

It’s just a good as clean and clear or any of the drugstore-type brand names. It’s not expensive, just body wash with salicylic acid, however for $3 it’s terrific. The grapefruit smell is good, however extremely weak. You can just hardly smell it.

This is a terrific body wash if you exercise like we do-and wear sweaty clothes-its likewise a better cost than our previous product -= which was specifically the exact same ingredients-at two times the expense.

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