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Severe Acne Treatment

Severe Acne Treatment

Severe But Treatable – The Best Acne Treatment Systems

Acne is a well known skin disorder that is caused by excessive secretion of oils called sebum which along with dead skin cells blocks the pores of the skin resulting to formation of pimples, zits or spots. Acne could also be classified on the mildness or severity of the problem which treatments are mostly determined.

One type of this common problem is the cyst, which is known to be the severe form of this dilemma. Cystic acne is sometimes called “modular acne” and got its name from the cysts that form on the surface of skin when acne starts breaking out.

Acne cysts are characterized as hard swollen bumps containing pus and that they are painful to touch. In fact, this type of acne is considered as the harshest and the sorest form of acne. It may also bleed and discharges may cause unpleasant smell. Cystic acne is usually associated with teenagers but may also affect anyone regardless of age, sex or race.

Treatment of this acne cyst is normally considered a long-term procedure which takes an estimate time of about six months to accomplish. Proper treatment of these cysts should be follolld to avoid scars after.

What are proper things to do if you have Acne Cysts?

Proper hygiene is very important if you have acne and most especially these acne cysts. The affected area should always be clean and touching it frequently or unnecessarily should be avoided. There are cleansers available on the market for this purpose. Squeezing, popping or pricking the cyst is no-no because it might lead to further infection and spreading of bacteria. Proper diet could also help maintain and restore healthy skin, detoxify our blood getting rid of toxins thus removing acne cysts. Diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains, seeds and nuts.

What are the treatments available for acne cysts?

For the inflammation and bacteria, skin experts prescribe antibiotics such as tetracycline and erythromycin. Also, tea tree oils from Australia and neem paste from India contained in acne treatment products such as soap and lotions are effective remedies for acne cysts.

The use of retinol, benzyl, peroxide, and salicylic acid promotes healing and prevention of the formation of new cysts. Vitamin E supplements also play in healing of the skin as well as the cyst. More advanced way of treatments are micro-dermabrasion, dermabrasion, chemical skin peels, acne surgeries and laser procedures that work for easy removal of these acne cysts.

Severe Cystic Acne No Longer Incurable – A Major Breakthrough

When oil ducts get clogged, infected and swollen abscess form and are known as cystic acne. More commonly cystic acne is found on teenagers and tends to appear mainly on the face. Generally worse than most acne conditions cystic acne stems from deeper skin tissue which results in much more superficial inflammation.

Breakouts of cystic acne tend to be more aggressive and painful, which can lead to deep scarring. Severe cystic acne is referred to by a majority of dermatologists as the worst. It can be treated and more recently cystic acne remedies have had a major breakthrough. Normally cystic acne can take a long time to heal due to the condition being located deep under the skin.

In most cases there has been limited treatment available for the cystic acne condition, and any resolution generally resulted in a dermatologist becoming involved. The light at the end of the tunnel now means that there are several measures and remedies that can clearly fight against cystic and severe cystic acne; in fact holistic remedies for the entire acne spectrum have proved exceptionally favourable for sufferers.

The normal range of physician prescribed treatments all tend to focus on the external reduction of cystic acne and tend to fail in meeting the true acne condition head-on. In many cases some prescribed and recommended treatments almost seem barbaric, but with such a volatile human condition as cystic acne, attacking it with any real effect and producing respite for the sufferer required drastic measures.

In every case of cystic acne that is treated by physicians, acne patients are always required to pay special attention and take care of their health; this includes the skin, which is what they will predominately focus on. With good reason of course because bursting cystic acne can and does result in producing scars Common sense should always be taken with any facial condition, such as not touching the face with your hands and always maintain top hygiene by cleaning the face at least twice a day.

In some circles there has been mention that science has the technology to completely clear anyone fully of any acne condition including cystic acne and even severe cystic acne, but due to a hefty financial loss that would be produced from losing revenue from sales of over the counter acne treatments such as pills, creams etc.

Fortunately for acne sufferers some dermatologists themselves have suffered from the condition and brought forward their own complete cures. Fighting and beating the acne condition can be tough at the best of times, but beating cystic acne was in most cases thought to be almost impossible, that is until now. It can be treated and cured a lot easier than most sufferers are aware of and as simply as following A, B, C, with C standing for Cured.

There are a multitude of websites that claim to be able to cure and provide remedies for acne, but very few claim to be able to cure cystic acne. The best natural acne treatment skin success system online has helped thousands of cystic acne sufferers Worldwide so far, and is well worth you reviewing.

Ways on How to Cure Severe Acne

1. One of the most common and most effective treatments on how to cure severe acne that can be easily done is to use Isotretinoin. It is a medication taken orally that could help in treating severe and even cystic acne. Isotretinoin is a retinoid drug that fights the major factors in the skin that makes the person prone to acne such as overproduced sebum, clogged pores and inflammation.

This drug, however, needs prescription before you can avail. A pregnant or a nursing mother is not advised to take Isotretinoin since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recognized this as a medication that may cause potential birth defects. There can also be other alter effects such as chest pain, headache, nausea, depression and even hair loss while taking Isotretinoin.

2. There are also antibiotics taken orally that does not need doctor’s prescription. Oral antibiotics specially made for severe acne have been circulating for years and years. Probably it is one of the oldest ways on how to cure severe acne. Look for oral antibiotics containing tetracycline, erythromycin, minocycline and doxycycline.

3. Hormonal contraceptives are not only for birth control purposes but also a drug that proves to treat acne, from mild to severe. Contraceptive pill is an affordable way on how to cure severe acne and how to achieve clearer skin. You may also use birth control patch and still get the same benefits. Hormonal contraceptive suppresses the sebaceous glands and prevents it from being overactive. However, women who smoke, pregnant and have a history of migraine are not suppose to use these unless prescribed by a gynaecologist.

4. Topical treatments are also available for curing severe types of acne. Look for creams, lotions or ointments that has salicylic acid, resorcinol, benzyl peroxide or sulphur as an active ingredient

5. Aside from these inexpensive ways on how to cure severe acne, there are also dermatological procedures often performed by dermatologists or an aesthetician.

Treatments such as light chemical peel, comedo extractions, and phototherapy, microdermabrasion, and corticosteroid injections are only a few options for curing severe acne with the help of professional practitioners. You might want to save up a few dollars though since most of these treatments are quite expensive. But definitely within 4 to 5 sessions, depending on the severity of the acne, you may see faster results than any other remedy.

With all those mentioned ways on how to cure severe acne, who would want to have those embarrassing breakouts still?

Cystic Acne Treatment For Severe Condition

Acne exists in different stages. Cystic acne is a form of severe acne and it usually is in a form of big and red swelling bumps. Most of the acne sufferers are clueless about how to get rid of cystic acne. This causes them to suffer from this severe type of acne that can lead to severe scarring if not treated. Continue reading and I will show you some cystic acne treatment tips you can use.

1) Don’t follow the crowd opinion

It is usual for people to rely on medicines such as antibiotics or acne creams to help cure their acne. However, these are ineffective methods because acne appears because of the symptoms inside our body. Using creams to treat the external surface of our skin is like using band-aids to treat a crack in a glass.

Another usual way that people use to treat their acne is to take antibiotics, which is a very bad method because it can kill healthy bacteria in your digestive tracts that lead to more health problems. You have to start taking things into your own hand and learn the best methods you can use to get rid of your cystic acne.

2) Stop taking refined carbohydrates and sugar

When you eat foods that have high amount of sugar in them, you cause your blood sugar level to spike. A huge increase in your blood sugar level will cause your body to produce huge amount of insulin to get rid of them. The high amount of insulin will indirectly cause your skin cells to turnover faster, which means your pores, can clog more easily. Your oil glands will also become hyperactive and churns out more oil on your skin.

When you have oily skin and huge amount of dead skin cells on your skin surface, it is very highly possible that you will suffer from a an acne breakout.

3) Drink enough water

Your body is made up of mostly water. Water helps your body to function properly by transporting nutrients to all parts of your body and it helps to remove toxins from your body. When you do not hydrate yourself adequately, removing toxins and supplying nutrients to all parts of your body will be difficult.

When toxins are stuck in your body, your body inner balance will be affected. Toxins that are supposed to be removed are now staying in your body and it may be discharged as cystic acne on your skin surface.

You need to acknowledge that the core problems that cause your cystic acne to appear are found in your body, only then you can start to get to them. When you are able get to these root problems and eliminate them, cystic acne will only be a thing of the past.

Discover an Effective Severe Acne Treatment

#1 Exposed Acne Treatment is one of the best products available on the market. It offers those struggling with acne a real alternative without harmful or dangerous steroids. The 4 part system works to not only clean and rejuvenate the skin, but also boost the immune system response that helps fight acne.

#2 Clear Skin Max is a leader in acne cleansing and offers users a tremendous alternative to the usual run of the mills pills and creams. Like Exposed, Clear Skin Max utilizes your skin’s natural defences to clean and heal the skin infection that causes acne and even has a signature Tava Tea treatment to boost immune response.

#3 Acnezine is another one of the safest and most effective treatments for acne we were able to track down. This simple system offers an incredible and effective way to manage your skin’s health while curing your acne. It has one of the best guarantees available and is a reputable company that offers it.

Should You Choose The Right Treatment For Severe Acne

Everyone suffers from pimples from time to time in their life. It is quite annoying to have blemishes growing on your face for a few days to a week and then have it disappear as if it was never there. However, you may be lucky if it disappears as fast as it does. There are many individuals out there who suffer from extreme cases and are looking for the right treatment for severe acne.

There are different types of blemishes. Pimples, whiteheads and blackheads are less serious. The more serious types consist of nodules, pustules and cysts. Some folks will experience pain and discomfort when it comes to these diseases and other people will even scar. So, how do you choose the proper treatment for severe acne?

You can find a suitable treatment for severe acne by doing your research first. There is tons of information found on the web. You need to be aware if left untreated, blemishes can continue to grow out of control. Eventually they can scar the face and make it a constant reminder of the breakout. Therefore, you will want to choose to go to a dermatologist, use over the counter antidotes or find a holistic remedy.

An over the counter antidote includes cortisone to help dry up the problem. This medication also comes in a shot prescribed by a doctor. When the corticosteroid is injected it will melt the cyst away within a few days. It is not a painful procedure, but it is not comfortable either. Many dermatologists will give you some numbing medicine to take some of the discomfort away before you are injected.

Treatment for severe acne may also come from natural ingredients. You may be able to use simple remedies which will dry up the blemish with less chance of scarring and pain. There is no injection and there are no side effects which makes it the best treatment for severe acne.

Important Facts When Considering Severe Acne Treatment

If you suffer from acne, then you may be frustrated and feel helpless in your fight against a breakout. In addition, you may have low self esteem and miss out on many important occasions because you do not want to face people. Blemishes can happen between the teen years and long into adult life. If your situation is beginning to get the most of you, then it may be time for severe acne treatment.

Even a couple of pimples can grow into a serious case. Therefore, it is important to head them off as soon as you notice them. A severe acne treatment can consist of natural ingredients to prescription medication from your doctor. Most extreme cases usually cause scarring because it becomes too overwhelming to treat with simply washing in the mornings. A bad case can include the formation of nodules and cysts.

When an outbreak gets bad enough you may want to implement a faithful routine which will help heal your skin and rid the disease. It will take cleaning your face, applying medication and moisturizing two times each day 7 days a week. Do not take weekends off because you are on a mission to get rid of those pimples and it takes persistence to accomplish. Remember, it will probably get worse before it starts getting better.

You can find severe acne treatment over-the-counter or in your kitchen cabinet. When your skin is suffering from a serious situation, then you will want to fix it with the proper products. The more natural the ingredients the less likely your body will react in a negative way. These solutions will give you more positive results and speed up healing because you are basically replenishing the skin with what it needs to fight bacteria.

Blackheads and whiteheads can appear overnight and can spread quickly which is how you may end up with a serious condition. When you notice a few pimples beginning you can begin an aggressive remedy so they do not get out of control. The severe acne treatment you choose may or may not work. Give it at least one week to decide if you need to switch. If you have an allergic reaction, then you need to stop using that product immediately.

Using holistic ways as remedies can aid the breakout right away and will begin to work effectively. This method will give your body the pollr it needs to fix the problem area. Once the natural ingredients are in your body they will improve the way you look and that will make you feel better. Therefore, you want fast relief as soon as you see your first pimple.

While using the severe acne treatment you want to watch what you eat too. Avoid chocolate, refined sugars, greasy and oily foods. Get enough rest, drink plenty of water, decrease the amount of soda you drink, exercise and get some fresh air. These simple tips along with a severe acne treatment will address the problem immediately and begin healing the skin so you can feel better about yourself.

Important Tips On Severe Acne Treatment

Acne is an inflammation or swelling of the skin which is sometimes made up of bumps, also known as pimples. It can be found on the face, back, chest and other critical parts of the body. It can lead to the disfiguring of the body and make the body have more than one complexion. It makes the carrier lose face in public and it is a very terrible thing. We must understand that severe acne treatment must be considered seriously.

Some people have this belief that acne can only be gotten when eating a particular kind of food; food like groundnut, fatty foods and excess carbohydrate. But through researches and doctors advice, it has being observed that it can be gotten genetically, through improper care of the skin, wrong mode of bathing, using the wrong soaps and skin treatments, not taking enough water, not exercising and having adequate rest and also applying heavy makeup.

Heavy makeups are not suitable for the skin because it closes the skin pores and makes it difficult for air to seep through and for excess oil and water to be removed. We will learn more as we read further. Types of Acne There are two types of acne: the common acne and the severe acne.

Common/Mild Acne: This is seen mostly during puberty stages in teens and it can be treated by using natural resources. It comes in various forms.

White Heads: This is caused when the skin/sweat pores are being blocked thereby stopping the removal of excess skin oil, which is called sebum, germs and bacteria from the skin. It is also caused by dirt.

Black Heads: They are caused as a result of a pore not being blocked completely, thereby allowing some of the bacteria, germ and skin oil to seep through. It takes a while before it clears off. It is not really caused by dirt. There is a substance found in the body tissue called melanin that causes black head. Papules: This kind of mild acne has no head. It comes as a red, soft swell on the skin. When squeezed, it worsens the situation.

Pustules: It is also either white or yellow with a red circle.

Severe Acne: It is categorised into two; the cysts and nodules.

Nodule Acne: It comprises of spots that are larger and more complicated than mild acne. They last longer than common acne. Squeezing it aids in complicating issues and it should not be treated by the individual. A dermatologist should be consulted before more harm will be done.

Cysts: It is the same as nodule but has a slight difference. It can hurt badly and sometimes produce a terrible smell because it contains a substance called pus. People say,”when a bump is squeezed, it heals faster”. I totally disagree with that saying because it has being confirmed by dermatologists that when a bump is squeezed, it makes matters worse and it might damage the skin totally. Doctors give the patient cortisone shot which is a steroid injection to reduce bumps.

There are other forms of acne such as;

Acne Conglobata: It which is common in male. It can be found on the face, back, buttocks and thighs.

Acne Fulminans: It is mostly found on white male (caucasians) and it sometimes leaves a permanent scar that disfigures.

Symptoms: Fever, aching and itches.

Gram-Negative Folliculitis: This is caused by bacteria and it is similar to cysts.

Finally, Rosacea Fulminans affects only the female sex ranging from 22 to 44 years. The pain is unbearable. It doesn’t last long but can inflict more damage on the sufferer.

Tips On Severe Acne Treatment

  • Eating of fresh fruits like apples, oranges, pawpaws, berries and vegetables like carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and okra before, after or between meals is very important. Before eating the fruits and vegetables, you must wash them thoroughly in order to remove dirt and germs.
  • Exercise and rest should also be considered as a fact for severe acne treatment. They must be proportional to each other.
  • Reduction in caffeine intake should be considered. Excess intake of toxins can worsen the situation.
  • Enough water should be taken to help remove excess skin oil (sebum) from the body.
  • Sunshine and fresh air helps in the opening of skin pores and the removal of dirt from the body.
  • Use of antibiotic and antiseptic soap aids in severe acne treatment. The skin should be scrubbed lightly and a harsh sponge should not be used. It will make the skin irritable.
  • If the condition is worse, a laser therapy which will be done by a dermatologist will be performed.
  • An acne surgery can also be performed. Severe cases sometimes take a long period of time to heal. Squeezing leads to infections.

Side Effects During Surgery

  • Fever can occur in the process and it can be reduced by bathing cold water and taking painkillers like paracetamol.
  • Vomiting can also occur and it can also be reduced by taking drugs like avomin and other prescribed drugs.
  • Depression
  • Pain in the joint and muscle
  • Dizziness sometimes leads to fainting. Such patient with that kind of problem should be hospitalised.
  • Dryness of hair, skin and other parts of the body can be experienced.

Severe Acne Treatments

Several things must be remembered regarding acne treatments for mild and severe cases. One of the most important is that acne must not be popped or squeezed, as this may trigger the spread of infection to other parts of the skin. It will also aggravate the skin condition and create a trauma in the area affected. This, in turn, can cause bacteria to invade the affected areas, causing the immune system to release white blood cells, and ultimately resulting in increased infection of the area. This is one of the major causes of acne scars.

Acne treatments for cases of mild acne may include topical and homeopathic treatments that are available over-the-counter. These acne medicines are generally topical medications that are applied on the skins surface. Natural and Homeopathic acne treatments, like the ZENMED Derma Cleanse System may target the same result, but are normally available without a prescription.

Additionally, soap and water or antiseptic wash may aid in the treatment of the mild inflammatory acne, although it must be remembered that the maximum prescribed washings are twice a day. Also, the affected area should be gently washed, not scrubbed, to avoid the further spread of infection. A gentle acne cleanser (i.e. ZENMED® Facial Cleansing Gel) can also help clean and remove excess oil while removing dead skin cells. Other acne medicines may include topical treatments for more severe forms of acne. These may be in the form of minocycline, doxycycline, tetracycline and erythromycine. All of these acne medicines must be taken under the strict supervision of a physician to balance the side effects against the benefits of these drugs. Moreover, antibiotics may supply the more systematic treatment for the skin disease. But certain bacteria may develop resistance to certain antibiotics and may lessen the potency of the acne medication.

For females, estrogens are usually prescribed as acne treatments while anti-androgens are given for males. Estrogens may effectively neutralize or decrease the androgens. These are typically found in the oral contraceptives. Androgens, on the other hand, are produced during puberty and are found to stimulate the extra production of sebum.

Other acne treatments for severe nodular or cystic acne may include a therapy called intralesional corticosteroid therapy.

This is a relatively painless procedure where diluted cortisone solution is injected into the cystic lesions, thus relieving the pain from the inflammation.

Another option for the more severe cases of acne is acne surgery. This acne treatment significantly improves the healing process by means of manually removing whiteheads and blackheads through surgery.

A natural acne treatment program can be effective in many cases and is the preferred method of treatment by many holistic, homeopathic, and natural practitioners. Using botanicals and other proven natural ingredients can be less irritating to the skin compared to the harsher acne medications.

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