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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ROUND A ROUND – OLIVE YOUNG Care Plus Spot Patch.

  • Develops damp condition for efficient self- healing
  • Reduce the possibility of secondary infection by hand
  • Avoids secondary infection by strong adhesion with thin edge that does not slip off by external stimuli or friction
  • Thick area that enters contact with the injury, makes exudation efficient
  • Secure movie avoids staying products from contamination (Nicomedical patent)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ROUND A ROUND – OLIVE YOUNG Care Plus Spot Patch.

Question Question 1

What Nation Makes This Product?

Olive young is a store in south korea.

Question Question 2

What Are The Active ingredients?

It is a hydrocolloid. It’s made out of cellulose, a gell like compound that takes in.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on ROUND A ROUND – OLIVE YOUNG Care Plus Spot Patch, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Functions like magic. We put them on our face in the evening after cleaning our face, with no product. Otherwise they will not stick. The next early morning, we can see what it gathered from our skin. We use it for the next few days to get everything out (depending upon the pimple) and it’s gone. You still get a little scar/mark where your pimple utilized to be, however that’s anticipated. It’s way better than the scar you get from selecting it yourself for sure. We have purchased this two times currently and will not be stopping anytime quickly.

These are terrific for the oozy type of pimple – do not truly do anything forblackheads They draw out stuff from whiteheads/zits truly well.

These acne spot patches work terrific to attain overnight healing. They are thinner than the comparable product we can find in our local drug store and hence more almost invisible. We likewise like the product packaging which keeps the patches fresh and secured from humidity in the air. This are our new preferred brand. Certainly provide it a shot.

Bought these for our child who resided in south korea and swears by them. She has pale skin, and these not just cover a red pimple, making it near invisible other than up close, however likewise is medicated and assists to diminish the pimple. Good stuff, and great that it is available in 2 sizes in the exact same plan.

These work quite well for the occasional breakout. We just pop one on our recently formed pimple and presto overnight or about 8 hrs down the line it’s less red and certainly practically gone. Just need to be careful taking it off the plastic, really sticky and it can ruin how flat it goes on.

This is the best acne patch we ever utilized. We attempt other brand names prior to however this is the thinnest and most simple to utilize brand. It draws out the white stuff from our acne and it assists the healing procedure. We would suggest to buddies.

We utilized to buy these all the time in korea. Actually assisted with our occasional breakouts.

These are terrific. Work better than we in fact anticipated. And they ‘re relatively invisible, although we would not use them out in public. We were amazed to see the ‘stuff ‘ that came off onto the patch. Crazy.

We do not know how it works however we like how it conceals the pimples (not entirely however they end up being less noticeable). Not appropriate for a cluster of pimples or acne. It works for pimples that are spread out throughout. We do not believe we will repurchase once again even if it ships overseas for us and it’s unworthy all the additional charges.

Far better than the other brand names, even better than us brand names.

We purchased these all the time in korea and we were soooo delighted to see it here on. There are numerous sheets and there’s small ones and huge ones and they work so well we enjoy them a lot.

Ladies this is the best acne patch we have ever had. Buy it. It’s practically clear and invisible. We have this on our face when we go to workplace. And it can truly draws the stuff out of your acne. This is currently the 2nd time we buy it.

Actually reduces the pimples without the discomfort.

They are thin and works better than other thicker ones. We can even use in the day under our bb creams.

We are really choosy relating to acne products and grateful found this product. It is the best we have utilized up until now.

We utilize them each time, they assist us a lot, we can not envision our skin care without them.

This is the best hydrocolloid patch we have ever attempted. Functions terrific. Actually draws up all the gunk from our cystic acne.

Can not fail with this product. Assists avoid scars.

Excellent it will draw up the puss in our acne and heal in one day.

It’s incredibly simple to utilize and works well as explained.

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