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Proactiv Acne Review – 3 Step Acne Treatment System

Proactiv Acne
Proactiv Acne

Proactiv acne items are referred to as best acne treatment. It is a 3-step system that includes cleanser, toner, and a repairing treatment. Recently, Proactiv in addition has begun selling a Refining Mask. As the Proactiv system the most well-known acne treatments popularity will not necessarily translate to being the very best.

  • It is very effective and produces the required results within a very few days.
  • It not just helps to remove the pimples but also give a beautiful, glowing and healthy skin.
  • It also has a broad type of products.
  • No scientific research that includes ever been done to ascertain its effectiveness.
  • Although several tests have been done on Proactiv, one cannot be sure whether it is going to be appropriate for their skin or not.

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Proactiv 3-Step Acne Treatment

Proactiv is a famous skin care treatment that deals with mild to moderate acne. This product consists of a 3 part system that is considered as a combination therapy. The three parts within the system are renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner and repairing lotion.

Proactive solution is so simple; it’s amazing how nobody thought of it before. It is a multi-stage acne treatment launches acne benzyl peroxide with the first step in treatment.

Clear skin is something that all of us want. After all, the condition and appearance of your skin can affect many factors in your life from your ability to land a date with those hotties you’ve had your eye on for a while now to your overall level of self confidence. However, not everyone was blessed with that coveted peaches and cream complexion we’ve all always wanted.

That’s where acne products like the much talked about Proactiv solution can help. Proactiv is a celebrity-endorsed, full acne treatment program that’s been making headlines and causing a buzz for a while now. However, does it really work… and if it does work, is it really worth the price tag?

Here’s a Proactiv review to help you decide whether or not this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

What Is Proactiv?

Proactiv is one of the leading acne medications with arguably the most publicity of any skin care treatment on the market. With countless real life customer reviews and numerous celebrity endorsements, Proactiv has produced quite a buzz in the acne treatment world.

Proactiv is a 3 step process used twice daily to obtain clearer skin for those with mild to moderate acne. Celebrity endorsements and an overload on infomercials often lead people to question a product’s integrity and effectiveness, which is why we’re here to give you the skinny on Proactiv.

How Did The Product Develop To Be The Number One Anti-Acne Solution?

Two great dermatologists, Doctors Rodan and Fields, spearheaded the development of Proactiv Acne Solution eight years ago. As medical practitioners, they found out about the serious case of acne not just in the teenage years, but in adults too.

Is It Like The Other Skin Care System Available In Stores?

The first thing needed to be clarified as early as now: Proactiv Solution is not like over-the-counter medicines. Why? In the first place, the Proactiv system is not available in stores, but in infomercials.

Proactiv Acne Solution goes against traditional way of treating acne: curing the acne when it already there without thinking much on how to prevent it from coming back. It also promotes care for the entire face, not just in the spots that have blemishes.

What’s in it?

1. Renewing Cleanser:

This cleanser is oil-free and is used to exfoliate and refine skin. It contains benzyl peroxide, one of the more potent ingredients used in acne treatments. Benzyl peroxide rids hair follicles of P. acnes, one of the leading causes of breakouts.

It allows oxygen to enter the pores, which eliminates unwanted bacteria that cannot survive in oxygen-rich environments. This treatment is to be used morning and night by gently massaging into dampened skin, rinsing, and patting dry.

2. Revitalizing Toner:

This alcohol-free toner balances skin tone and rids the pores of dead skin cells for more radiant-looking skin. It includes witch hazel which is a strong astringent and provides antioxidants. This gentle and non-drying ingredient reduces the size of pores while cleansing the skin. Aloe and chamomile reduce swelling and soften irritated skin.

Finally, allantoin is included to calm irritated and red skin by healing local wounds and infections. Allantoin is great for those with sensitive skin.

3. Repairing Treatment:

This oil-free moisturizer also contains benzyl peroxide to prevent future breakouts. This treatment is to be used morning and night by applying a thin layer on to face and left on for the whole day.

How Does It Work?

Proactiv is currently one of the most popular acne products care the skin on the market. Proactiv is a system that includes a cleanser renewing, revitalizing toner and repairing lotion. Prescription grade benzyl peroxide is the active ingredient in it.

The system 3 step starts fighting the acne bacteria by removing old skin cells and supports the skin during the healing process. You've probably seen the infomercials, ads and kiosks in maul all Proactiv system and promoting the good image tanned Vanessa Williams or Jessica Simpson.

Proactiv is also what the celebrities use. The cleaner is used with care renewal exfoliating the pores, making the transition easier peroxide Benzoyl skin. The whole recipe combines Proactiv Solution grade ingredients that work together to heal and prevent acne better than many other products.

Proactiv is now in the hands of millions of people who love what Proactiv has done for them. More people opt for Proactiv Solution daily for their pollr to cleanse your skin.

Benzyl peroxide has been the treatment of acne counter-classic for decades, and for good reason: it works. You start with a low concentration usually 2.5% and work your way up to 5% – 10% of low concentrations of this chemical to stop working.

Normally, 10% will stop working but it is dangerous to go to a higher concentration. Proactiv is also an exfoliant that gently removes dead skin cells from the skin.

Peroxide Benzyl is one of the most popular treatments and more effective for mild to moderate acne, and works by killing bacteria that cause acne and helping to unclog pores.

Proactiv Toner is designed to help calm the skin, remove excess fat and remove redness or blemishes with ingredients such as glycolic acid extract Witch hazel and aloe.

Benzyl peroxide works its way deep into the pores, attacking bacteria and healing blemishes. Benzyl peroxide has long been used for remove dead skin cells. Unfortunately, it also can dry the skin causing flaking and itching.

Benzyl peroxide is considered insurance by most doctors. And 2.5% is not even a high concentration of active ingredient. Benzyl peroxide has been developed by a scientist Revlon in the 1920s to treat acne. This chemical is absorbed through the skin and a chemical reaction occur creating free radicals.

What If The Proactiv Acne Medication Does Not Work?

When puberty hits, it often hits hard. This can mean anything from crazy hormones, to random mood swings, to severe acne breakouts. While it’s easier to conceal the first two since they’re more internal, covering up a face full of zits is not so simple.

Your best bet is to battle them right from the start with an effective acne treatment system. The sooner the better it is for you. As many of us learned the hard way, one breakout can lead to many more.

Now, there is some good news concerning this age-old skin affliction. The quality of acne treatments and solutions has improved over the years. Currently, you can find Proactive acne medication all over the place. This particular treatment has been proven effective time and time again.

You probably used to see Proactiv acne medication on late-night television. It was an infomercial with actress, Judith Light. Yeah, I know some folks have to remember seeing these back in the day. Now you typically see Vanessa Williams or Jessica Simpson.

However, there are a number of celebrities who prefer Proactive acne medication over all the rest. If that doesn’t say it works, I don’t know what will.

Generally, our youth tends to listen to celebrities before anyone else. Go figure! Anyway, the Proactiv acne medication is basically a three-step system. You have the cleanser, the toner treatment, and the acne moisturizer to help clear your complexion and prevent new pimples from forming. It’s really quite simple to use daily.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Unfortunately, yes. With the use of so much benzyl peroxide the chances of a user experiencing side effects is high. Some of the more common side effects include dryness, flaking, redness, sensitivity, and slight inflammation, with the majority of users encountering one or more of these adverse effects.

How Safe Is This Product?

The Proactiv skin care line is made with the purest botanicals and most effective medicine available to you in non-prescription form. These products do not contain any fashion cosmetics or household cleaning agents but instead they are 100% dedicated to healing and preventing acne safely.

Pros & Cons


  • Proactiv has a 3-step process that has proven highly effective for mild to moderate acne: a cleanser, revitalize and clearing system.
  • The ‘holistic’ approach from Proactiv has proven highly successful with users based on wide-ranging review of user comments and objective reviews published.
  • Proactiv has adopted salicylic acid instead of Benzyl peroxide, which can create side effects for some users.
  • It provides different combinations and sizes depending upon usage and requirements and which can negate the need to ‘subscribe’ to Proactiv use.


  • It is ineffective against severe cases of acne (and to be fair it does not generally claim to be effective in such cases).
  • Some claims of its effectiveness stretch credibility, but regard it as a ‘mild-to-moderate’ acne cure.
  • Any Proactiv still using Benzyl peroxide should be used carefuly because it can lead to skin irritation and dryness for many users.

Money Back Guarantee

The best thing about Proactiv Solution is their guarantee. You can purchase their product online and try it for 90 days. If the Proactive acne medication does not work, you can return the empty bottles for a money-back guarantee.

You really can’t lose wit this contemporary acne solution. So, if you suffer from severe acne breakouts, or even mild doses of acne blemishes, struggle no more. It’s time to put a stop to the madness of poor looking skin. You can get back that clear complexion and strong confidence you once knew.


If you have the money and are in need of a strong acne treatment, Proactiv is the product for you. Its 3 step process contains a number of pollrful acne-fighting ingredients and numerous customer reviews claim the effectiveness of this product.

Keep in mind that what works for one person won’t work for everyone, and there are a number of users who were disappointed with this product, which you will see with almost any skin care treatment out there.

Don’t get discouraged, though, as dealing with acne takes time and you will likely not be happy in the first week or so with what you see.

Review Video

How Proactiv works on Acne and Pimples?
Proactiv Solution for Acne Treatment provides us with a detailed video which demonstrates how Proactiv works on the acne, internally to cure it from the root.

Does Proactiv Really Work?

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