Proactiv 3-Step Acne Treatment

Proactiv is a famous skin care treatment that deals with mild to moderate acne. This product consists of a 3 part system that is considered as a combination therapy. The three parts within the system are renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner and repairing lotion.

Proactive solution is so simple; it’s amazing how nobody thought of it before. It is a multi-stage acne treatment launches acne benzyl peroxide with the first step in treatment.

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Clear skin is something that all of us want. After all, the condition and appearance of your skin can affect many factors in your life from your ability to land a date with those hotties you’ve had your eye on for a while now to your overall level of self confidence. However, not everyone was blessed with that coveted peaches and cream complexion we’ve all always wanted.

That’s where acne products like the much talked about Proactiv solution can help. Proactiv is a celebrity-endorsed, full acne treatment program that’s been making headlines and causing a buzz for a while now. However, does it really work… and if it does work, is it really worth the price tag?

Here’s a Proactiv review to help you decide whether or not this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

How Did The Product Develop To Be The Number One Anti-Acne Solution?

Two great dermatologists, Doctors Rodan and Fields, spearheaded the development of Proactiv Acne Solution eight years ago. As medical practitioners, they found out about the serious case of acne not just in the teenage years, but in adults too.

Is It Like The Other Skin Care System Available In Stores?

The first thing needed to be clarified as early as now: Proactiv Solution is not like over-the-counter medicines. Why? In the first place, the Proactiv system is not available in stores, but in infomercials.

Proactiv Acne Solution goes against traditional way of treating acne: curing the acne when it already there without thinking much on how to prevent it from coming back. It also promotes care for the entire face, not just in the spots that have blemishes.

How Does Proactiv Work?

The Proactiv acne program actually utilizes a lot of ingredients that are commonly found in similar products – for example benzyl peroxide, sulphur, and salicylic acid… all famous for their ability to put a stop to acne, heal skin, and help prevent the recurrence of troublesome breakouts. Proactiv also contains these ingredients in higher than average amounts for improved results.

What’s more, the Proactiv program is relatively comprehensive. It includes not only the standard deep cleaning wash, topical blemish treatments, and cleansing tools you’d expect, but also a number of different finishing and refining products as well.

For instance, there’s the Proactiv repair treatment, exfoliating peel, special green tea moisturizer, and Clear Zone body pads. There’s even a special moisturizer available that includes sunscreen and a medicated cover-up as well. In other words, Proactiv covers all the bases when it comes to healing acne and helping your skin recover from breakouts and look its best.

What Does The 3-Step System Involve?

1. Renewing Cleanser:

This is a soap-free and oil-free medicated exfoliating cleanser designed to kill acne-causing bacteria using benzyl peroxide (BPO). The ultra-fine micro-crystal BPO penetrates the pores and the tiny exfoliating beads gently remove impurities, dead skin cells, and excess oil to help prevent the pores from clogging.

Use warm water to rinse off and then pat dry. Proceed to step 2.

2. Revitalizing Toner:

This is an alcohol-free toner designed to refine and purify pores. The glycolic acid exfoliates your dead skin cells, helping to keep your pores open while a botanical-rich formula soothes and hydrates acne-prone skin.

Using a cotton ball or pad, you must apply a thin layer over entire face. Do not rinse off but allow drying before going to step 3.

3. Repairing Treatment:

This is a light, invisible medicated treatment that kills acne-causing bacteria using U.S. prescription-grade benzyl peroxide as an antimicrobial. You must apply on the entire face. Do not rinse off. Allow to dry.

That’s it . . . 3 simple and easy steps and you are on your way to a clean and clear complexion. Each part of this 3-step routine, which is to be completed morning and night, builds on the step before causing a break in the acne cycle, clearing up any existing blemishes while preventing new breakouts.

Pros & Cons


Proactiv has a 3-step process that has proven highly effective for mild to moderate acne: a cleanser, revitalize and clearing system.

The ‘holistic’ approach from Proactiv has proven highly successful with users based on wide-ranging review of user comments and objective reviews published.

Proactiv has adopted salicylic acid instead of Benzyl peroxide, which can create side effects for some users.

It provides different combinations and sizes depending upon usage and requirements and which can negate the need to ‘subscribe’ to Proactiv use.


It is ineffective against severe cases of acne (and to be fair it does not generally claim to be effective in such cases).

Some claims of its effectiveness stretch credibility, but regard it as a ‘mild-to-moderate’ acne cure.

Any Proactiv still using Benzyl peroxide should be used carefully because it can lead to skin irritation and dryness for many users.

How Effective Is Proactiv?

Proactiv works like a charm for a lot of people and it’s easy to see why when you really start looking at what the product line as a whole has to offer.

The mere fact that it’s so comprehensive allows for a better rounded skin care routine overall, which is always a plus. Also, the high levels of active ingredients in most of the products help accelerate healing and facilitate the appearance of results sooner rather than later.

However, there are potential drawbacks to the Proactiv system as well. People who have sensitive skin may find that the high levels of effective, but potentially irritating ingredients like sulphur or benzyl peroxide dry out the skin, cause redness, and perpetuate irritation.

This can defeat the purpose of using the product in the first place for many who are ordering it hoping to wind up with a near flawless complexion as a result.

As many a Proactiv review out there will tell you, this skin care program is no doubt both powerful and effective. However, whether or not it’s ultimately for you will depend a lot on what your budget is, how sensitive your skin is to commonly found active ingredients for treating acne, and other factors along those lines.

As is the case with any such product, there are side effects to be considered that must be weighed alongside the benefits in order to make a sound final decision.

How Safe is this Product?

The Proactiv skin care line is made with the purest botanicals and most effective medicine available to you in non-prescription form. These products do not contain any fashion cosmetics or household cleaning agents but instead they are 100% dedicated to healing and preventing acne safely.

What Is The Proactiv Promise?

The founders of Proactiv want you to feel good about yourself and like what you see whenever you look in the mirror. With commitment to apply the 3-step process twice a day on a daily basis, they promise to provide the opportunity to get acne out of your life or get money back if you are not satisfied after 60 days.

Final Thought:

Proactiv is a well-known and well thought of product that has been very successful since it came on the market in 1995. It contains benzyl peroxide, known as one of the most effective acne treatment ingredients, so you will likely see results with Proactiv.

It is considerably less expensive than some other adult acne products on the market. Begin fighting your adult acne today with Proactiv.

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