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Paula's Choice CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Travel Kit

Paula’s Choice CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Travel Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Paula’s Choice CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Travel Kit.

  • FIGHT ACNE & CLOGGED PORES– This 3-step system quickly gets moderate to moderate acne under control without triggering dryness, flaking, inflammation, or pain. The light-weight solutions are gentle yet difficult on breakouts with pore-clearing & hydrating benefits.
  • Paula’s Choice–CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Travel Kit is a user friendly 3 step skin cleansing system. Kit consists of travel size bottles of CLEAR Pore Stabilizing Cleanser, CLEAR Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution, and CLEAR Daily Skin ClearingTreatment For typical, dry, oily, and mix skin. It’s even ideal for those with skin prone to cystic acne.
  • Our CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Travel Kit takes the uncertainty out of early morning and night skin care regimens. All the products in this kit work to minimize excess oil, unclog and diminish bigger pores, remove blackheads and aid control acne breakouts.
  • Paula’s Choice CLEAR skin care line includes our Pore Stabilizing Cleanser, an acne face wash, Acne Treatment with benzoyl peroxide, Exfoliating Solution with salicylic acid, Ultra-light Daily Hydrating Fluid SPF, our matte surface moisturizer with sunscreen & more.
  • Paula’s Choice Skincare makes products that work. No scent, no parabens, no fluff. Just efficient, science-backed solutions that target any issue from wrinkles to breakouts.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Paula’s Choice CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Travel Kit.

Question Question 1

Has Anybody Bought This Travell Set From? Exact same Products As The Paula ‘S Choice Site?

Yes we purchased it and they are the exact same.

Question Question 2

How Long Does The Travell Size Last?

About 3 weeks, however the treatment constantly lasts longer than the toner and cleanser.

Question Question 3

Does The Benzoyll Peroxide Cream Function As A Moisturizer?

This is the best product. Ive utilized proactive for years. This prod is the best.

Question Question 4

How Regular Do We Utilize The Regular Strength Products All 3?

We utilize the cleanser and toner each time we were our face and then the treatment during the night. Unless we have a breakout then we utilize all each time we were our face. Love this product and we have been utilizing it for about 5 years.

Question Question 5

How To Utilize?

Two times daily

Question Question 6

Is This 2% Bha Exfoliant The Like The One Offered Separately In The Black Bottle( 2% Bha Exfoliant)?

Not excellent

Question Question 7

How Long Does The Product Normally Last For?

Near to 3 months however we utilize it just about once a day.

Question Question 8

Paula’S Choice Or Proactiv? Has Anybody Attempted Either Products? Which Is Your Choice?

Our boy attempted paula’s choice with bad outcomes. Then pediatrician suggested the cetaphill line, which worked better.

Question Question 9

Functions On African Americans?

Hi – can’t answer that precisely, however i ‘ ll twll you it did not deal with our teen – made acne even worse. Cetaphill oil care is far better

Question Question 10

What Moisturizer Do We Utilize With It?

Any moisturizer is great. However most likely something extremely moisturizing considering that salicylic acid can dry out your skin.

Question Question 11

Can It Be Utilized On The Back And Chest Or Just The Face?

It can be utilized anywhere on the body.

Question Question 12

Paula’S Choice Or Proactiv? Has Anybody Attempted Either Products? Which Is Your Choice?

Paul’s choice not did anything for us. Never ever attempted proactive

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Paula’s Choice CLEAR Regular Strength Acne Travel Kit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We wish to share our experience in hopes it will aid somebody looking for what we were. We are 34 years of ages and have battled with cystic acne considering that intermediate school. Even the skin specialist didn’t assist. Things got a little better in our late 20 s after self-diagnosing that our skin type remained in reality dry, notoily We have attempted a million various products and lastly at the age of 32 attempted unblemish from rodan & fields. It was so terrific. Our skin has really never ever looked better and huge pimples were all however gone. We wanted to pay the rate for a few years however got to believing there needs to be a comparable product out there. After reading, we discovered paula’s choice. Active ingredient lists were comparable so we chose to attempt itout We did experience about a week of shift where our skin was a bit scratchy & inflamed (it appeared to be just at our jawline) however it is now great and our skin is back to that excellent radiance. This regimen does not included a moisturizer, which is a huge should for us, so we have just been supplementing with an oil-free spf moisturizer. Good luck, this was a fantastic find for us.

Ive had acne for the longest time (we have mix skin). And ive attempted all sorts of skincare products such as benzoyl peroxide recommended by our medical professional, neutrogena products, the korean skincare regimen, and keeva (which has a lot of rave evaluations). We have utilized keeva for 6-7 months and ive seen no enhancements. The 2nd picture is when we were still utilizing keeva. We utilized this product for just 6 days and we currently see the results. Our little bumps are nearly gone. We still have a few bumps and some inflammation, however it’s such an enhancement compared to the months ive utilized keeva.

This. Functions. We suffered from severe acne in our teenager years, with the aid of a skin specialist and age our skin cleaned up substantially by the time we turned18 From 18-25 we suffered from occasional moderate acne, big objected to pores and inflammation however absolutely nothing too significant. Around our 25 th birthday we began breaking out even worse than ever previously. We invested a lot cash on high end products, saw several estheticians, altered our diet plan, took several supplements and ultimately visited a skin specialist. Absolutely nothing worked and our acne appeared to be worsening. About a month ago we discovered paula’s choice and in searching the site we found the additional strength acne kit. We chose to buy the travell size to evaluate itout Within 3 days of usage we bought the full size. We were blown away. Absolutely nothing had ever worked as quick and as effectively. Now we are on week 3 and we have absolutely no active acne, our pores are substantially smaller sized and our skin is well balanced and glowy. We searched in the mirror today and seriously sobbed pleased tears. For anybody suffering with acne, please provide this an opportunity, it was life altering for us. Our only suggestion is to begin by utilizing step 3, the treatment just once a day while you discover how your skin responds to it. We started utilizing it 2x a day and our skin was a bit dry, tight and red for a number of days. We cut down to once a day then developed to 2x a day. Thank you, thank you, thank you paula’s choice for producing such remarkable products and for restoring our self-confidence.

We were a regular user of unblemish from rodan and fields. They assisted clear our hormonal cystic acne after coming off contraception. Nevertheless, they just recently altered their formula and it’s entirely inefficient. We purchased this product since it utilizes comparable active ingredients, and we like the 3 product system with a cleanser, toner and treatment. What unblemish could not clean up, this stuff looked after within days and we are over that humiliation of another adult breakout. You can’t beat the rate either for a system that works, particularly if you utilize subscribe and conserve. So if you have attempted every product out there just to be pull down, provide this a shot. We are so grateful we did. Hormonal cystic acne is the worst.

We have horrible acne. This is the just thing that works. We established acne in our 30’s. Think me, we have invested billions of dollars and attempted everything from clinique, murad, proactive to organic natural home remedy. Our skin looks better than ever. We seldom, if ever, get pimples any longer. The caution is that if we run out of this magical elixir, they do return with a revenge.

We have just been utilizing this set for a week however holy smoke has our skin texture enhanced like insane. We separate the products in between morning/evening. We utilize all 3 during the night after utilizing a makeup remover if required. We ocassionally avoid the second step during the night depending upon how our skin is that day, and then just the toner and lotion (step 2 and 3) in the early morning. We constantly follow with a moisturizer, with a thicker moisturizer during the night and light moisturizer in the early morning. Make certain your moisturizer has ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and/ or zinc, this assists considerably with healing and mpisture. It does make our neck itch a little bit, however we have exceptionally delicate skin on our neck, so we just do not pull the products down much past our jawline. Moisturizing takes the itch away. We would advise just utilizing step 3 two times a day if your skin endures it. Otherwise once a day is plenty for outcomes. Turning in an aha (like glycolic or lactic acid) treatment reverse of the time of day you utilize step 2 will provide you even better results as this product includes a bha (salicylic acid). Continue with care initially. See how your skin endures things and move forward from there.

We have been looking for a skincare regimen that will work for our 32 years of age, blocked pore, dull skin and have attempted over 50 various products (consisting of the entire line from dpp), and absolutely nothing appears to assist fix our issue or assist with our concerns. We take excellent care of our skin, consume right and consume a great deal of water however we still suffer from blocked pores, blackheads and white heads. After doing more research study and asking a buddy of mine what she is utilizing, we were resulted in this product from paula’s choice. We bought the trial size to see how it would work for us and after utilizing it for one night, our skin is currently 10 x better than it was the other day. We remain in shock that it might work so well. Our skin is not conscious products, however we did right away discover a small “burn” after utilizing the exfoliator and the benzoyl peroxide treatment prior to we went to sleep last night and we were a little worried we may awaken to a red, rashy face however to our pleasure, we got up to smooth, soft radiant skin. Even the red marks we had from utilizing our extractor were nearly entirely gone. We are follollr. We can’t wait to see what this provides for our skin with continued usage.

Does the teen in your life suffer from acne?pros:- efficient at cleansing skin and preventing acnecons:- pricey- lost efficiency with time (for our boy) summary: our boy utilized this product for over a year. Initially, it worked to reduce his acne. Over time it lost its efficiency and we wound up changing to a prescription. Naturally, we comprehend a prescription will work better than an over the counter solution. Our boy’s case was just too severe for this product to be efficient long term. We advise this product and it did assist our boy for over a year.

Ive utilized proactive for about 7 years. Now. They make it so hard to order and so we began utilizing paulas line. Its the best relocation we might have made. Our skin looks excellent just in the very first wk. The cleansing for backane is the best. This is extremely budget friendly and a fantastic product. Im offered. No more attempting to purchase proactive and the frusteration of “not being a member”. Im everything about paulas line.

We fight with adult acne. We have been utilizing rhodan and fields products however we sufficed to conserve cash. This clear is excellent, it cleared our existing acne, diminishes our big pores and avoids future breakouts. We want we had an in the past and after image for you, we can get bad cystic acne and hormonal acne once a month however up until now this has decreased our acne by a lot. It did dry our skin a little around our chin so we cut down to once a day and utilized regular lotion throughout the day, it is doing great now. We have utilized all sort of products, like attempted them for a few months, and they have not worked out effectively, so we are happy to provide a good evaluation of this product.

Although the bottles are little, this is exceptionally worth it. We purchased this after we broke out bad after a long flight throughout the nation and chose that we required some sort of travell set that simulates what we utilize while in the house. This acne kit works incredibly and keeps our skin undamaged when we travel. It is extremely strong, so we just utilize the benzoyl peroxide once we see that a breakout is taking place, if we utilize it more than that we might get skin burns– which we like to avoid at all expenses. In general, we more than happy with our purchase and will purchase once again when taking a trip. Dec 14 th upgrade: we are removing 2 stars due to product packaging. Over our last few journeys we have basically lost all of the product in step 1 since it leakages all over. We will be calling the brand and will not be purchasing once again until this concern is solved. We got the revamped branding product packaging for those who wonder.

After doing the basic “invest numerous dollars on acne creams that do not work”, we chose to invest a bit of cash and take a gamble on this product, after reading some of the other applauds. It’s been 4 days. Let us repeat. 4 days, and the majority of our shoulder/body acnes are either decreased to a portion of absolutely nothing, or gone entirely. Our skin isn’t dried out, the product does not stain our clothing or sheets, and it does not sting. If you’re done sensation disappointed attempting product after product, provide this a shot.

This product is assisting fight our acne and acne scars. We do have extremely delicate skin though so in some cases it offers us concerns considering that it is a strong product. In general, this product is extremely suggested from us and we like how they do not put any annoying scents in theirproducts Paula’s choice is simple and we like the consistency of the benzoyl peroxide 5% gell which is not too thick and spreads out quickly. We do desire the rate was a little lollr, since we believe we will run out relatively quickly if we are utilizing a correct quantity for treatment, wash, and toner, however we are so grateful this line of product exists as it is assisting us have clearer skin. The treatment in itself has a little a matifying want to it and makes us look better right away. Extremely advise. 5 stars.

Love the cleanser and exfoliator however we needed to stop utilizing the cream so frequently since it was making our skin extremely dry and a little delicate. I ‘ ll most likely just utilize it weekly rather than every day. We will state we saw outcomes within 2 days – utilizing the system early morning and night. We have had acne over 15 years and recently it was clustered to our chin/jawline and our pores were visibly big. Considering that utilizing this system, our skin has felt smoother, the breakouts on our chin/jawline have vanished and we believe our pores have diminished a little. We still get a few pimples here and there however absolutely nothing like prior to we began utilizing this. We have been utilizing it less than a month however we have currently acquired the cleanser in the larger size since we like it a lot.

We bought 2 of the sample loads about 2 months back and we still have yet to open the 2nd pack. We tend to have a great deal of flare ups, so we utilized it 1-2 times a day for 2 weeks and got the leads to the image. Just remain constant with it and it will clear your acne.

We would provide it 5 stars if it wasn’t so pricey. We got the travell size and it didn’t last long, however. We believe it really works. We have stubborn skin and the just thing that has ever worked for us was tretinoin, however then it all of a sudden quit working after a year and we have been freakingout We have utilized the travell size formula for a week to see if it works. We have not had any of our usual acne, so we are gon na shell out for the full size and hope it still works.

Established adult hormonal acne within the last few years. This has been so excellent in helping in reducing blemishes and cysts. Our inflammation has likewise reduced a lot too. We had a great deal of peeling/dryness for the very first week, and now our skin is great. We have extremely oily skin, so it’s tough for it to get dry. This may be too strong for somebody with dry skin. There isn’t a strong scent to any of the products.

This stuff worked remarkably. Our face is lastly cleaned up. We are 30, and for some factor we were struck bad with acne out of no place for the time considering that high school. We utilize to proactive at that timeand We just recently attempted it once again and j swear it made our face even worse. After checking out evaluations we attempted this. And we are so grateful that we did it works. And it we saw outcomes after like 3 usages. We are certainly purchasing the bigger one.

We had heard a great deal of good ideas about the paula’s choice line from a facebook group we remain in. Our skin can be picky, so we acquired the travell sized set to evaluate itout Our skin hasn’t looked this good in a very long time. We have less breakouts and the small little white bumps we had are nearly entirely gone. Our skin is a lot smoother and much healthier looking. We can just utilize the benzoyl peroxide part every other day, since it is a little bit drying, however other than that, this set is incredible. We will be acquiring the full-size set next. The travell set lasts for about a month and a half, so you know.

This stuff is remarkable. And the travell size will go a long methods. In this case, a little goes a long method. We have had acne on our chin, lips, forehead and by our nose. So the opening night we utilized it, we were covering all those locations and in outcome to that we got up with those spots substantially better however they were very dry since we put to much on. So the next night we just cleaned our face and avoided utilizing this and then the night after that rather of putting it all over our face we just patted each product on each individual pimple and when we got up our face wasn’t dry and once again was substantially better. Now the majority of our acne is gone just after a couple utilizes. So we extremely advise.

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