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Neutrogena Skin ID

Neutrogena Skin ID

Neutrogena Skin ID

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Neutrogena Skin ID Review

Acne is amongst the leading skin problems of the time. It is painful, unattractive and incredibly distressing and therefore is unwanted for obvious reasons. A significant number of acne remedies are in the market. Among many, Neutrogena could be the newest to launch into the acne treatment market with Neutrogena Skin ID acne solutions. Here is a comprehensive write-up on the item and just how it works.

What Exactly Is Neutrogena Skin ID?

Neutrogena has recently launched acne treatment solutions underneath the category of Neutrogena Skin ID. It is made from an overall total of ten items that may be split into three types – cleansing agents, acne treatment cream/solution, and cleansing pads.

The procedure consists of an assessment questionnaire that customers are asked to fill. The evaluation ID happens to be created, bearing in mind that each and every individual has different skin and differing skin troubles. It is made from questions about the users’ lifestyle, type of skin (oily/ dry/ combination), current product usage etc.

Based on the answer, a mix of three products is prescribed into the user, according to their demands and type of skin. A complete of 25 different combinations is possible while the one best suited into the users based on their Skin ID evaluation results is prescribed to them.

So How Exactly Does Neutrogena Skin ID Work?

Neutrogena Skin ID is comprised of three products prescribed to the user by using their Skin ID evaluation results. These three products include a cleaner, a treatment or solution for acne, generally a cream called the “Anti- Acne treatment”. First, users have to cleanse their face with the types of cleanser they get, i.e. gel, facial foam etc.

After cleansing the facial skin, the acne treatment is usually to be put on affected areas and then moisturize with the accompanying moisturizer or cleansing pad. The therapy is useful for acne as it dissolves the oil build up so that the salicylic acid can reach inside and heal from within.

Clinically Proven to Be Effective

In clinical studies, Neutrogena skin iD® performed very well. It was twice as effective as the leading acne treatment system in clearing acne, doing the work in half the time. Within eight weeks, 100 percent associated with the participants when you look at the study have been using skin iD® had clearer, healthier skin. 16 signs and symptoms of acne were evaluated, and Neutrogena skin iD® outperformed both the placebo (which contains no active ingredients) and also the leading acne product in every 16 areas.

The Good

  • Users of Neutrogena skin ID® have now been quite satisfied with it.
  • Neutrogena Skin ID is a unique and popular acne treatment system today.
  • It has a nice smell and does not leave the skin greasy.
  • The steps are simple and easy the treatment works quickly.
  • There is clinical evidence of the effectiveness of skin ID.
  • It fights acne during the first breakout.
  • You could get a totally free skin ID evaluation to determine the formula which will work best for your individual skin.
  • This product is cost effective, as it should work very well and last longer.

The Bad

  • Skin ID doesn’t work for everyone.
  • The evaluation is completed online by filling out too many details in questionnaire.
  • The consistency of the skin ID is simply too thick.
  • It is not good for sensitive skin.
  • The ordering process is cumbersome.

Product Details

Neutrogena backs up its products with a 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee (less shipping and handling). It offers a toll-free number for customers to ask questions regarding products.


Neutrogena Skin ID removes about 70% of blemishes in 2 months. This might be a credible figure. It’s much better than most prescription treatments and most likely the best of all of the over-the-counter products.