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Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash with Salicylic Acid

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash with Salicylic Acid

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash with Salicylic Acid.

  • 8.5-fluid ounces of Neutrogena Body Clear Pink Grapefruit Acne Body Wash with salicylic acid acne medication specifically created for acne-prone skin to assist deal with and avoid acne breakouts
  • This revitalizing body wash battles acne & breakouts on your back, chest and shoulders with Micro Clear technology that works to cut through oil, permitting acne medicine to permeate to the source of acne & breakouts
  • The efficient acne-fighting formula consists of salicylic acid and a naturally-derived grapefruit extract along with Vitamin C antioxidant
  • Our lathering acne body wash unblocks overloaded pores while removing dirt and pollutants, and washes clean without leaving a pore-clogging residue for skin that feels clean and revitalized. Paraben free
  • Assistance battle acne and avoid breakouts without over-drying your skin with this revitalizing citrus acne body wash from the # 1 skin doctor advised acne brand. Consider this product if you have liked body washes from Mountain Falls and AcneFree

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash with Salicylic Acid.
Size: 8.5 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 3)|Design: Wash, Pink Grapefruit Product Description Clear up acne body breakouts as you cleanse with Neutrogena Body Clear Pink Grapefruit BodyWash Created for acne-prone skin, this revitalizing citrus body wash battles acne and breakouts on your back, chest, and shoulders. Its efficient formula consists of salicylic acid which deals with and assists avoid breakouts without over-drying skin. With Micro Clear technology, this body wash works to cut through oil, permitting the acne treatment to permeate to the source of acne and breakouts, unclogging overloaded pores while removing dirt and pollutants. From the # 1 dermatologist-recommended acne brand, our bubbly, lathering body wash consists of naturally-derived grapefruit extract plus vitamin C antioxidant to deal with the skin without compromising your shollr experience and washes clean with no pore-clogging residue. Deal With and avoid body acne with Neutrogena Body Clear Pink Grapefruit Body Wash, similar to Mountain Falls and AcneFree body wash. From the Producer Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash Pink Grapefruit is a rejuvenating, clean-rinsing body wash that deals with and assists avoid body breakouts with an uplifting blast of pink grapefruit. This distinct formula functions the maximum strength skin doctor advised acne medicine Salicylic Acid improved by oil-blasting MicroClear technology. It’s specifically established to deal with body breakouts such as those on your back, shoulders and chest without over-drying. The bubbly lathering formula consists of 100% naturally obtained grapefruit extract plus vitamin C and deals with skin without compromising your shollr experience. Salicylic Acid MicroClear; Oil- free Non-comedogenic (will not obstruct pores)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash with Salicylic Acid.

Question Question 1

Does This Have Plastic Microbeads In It?

We wished to know the very same thing, so looked it up. The micro-beads free waters act of 2015 was signed into law by president obama. That law forbids circulation of cosmetics and personal care products including artificial plastic micro-beads starting january 1,2018 Johnson & johnson (moms and dad business of neutrogena) n … we wished to know the very same thing, so looked it up. The micro-beads free waters act of 2015 was signed into law by president obama. That law forbids circulation of cosmetics and personal care products including artificial plastic micro-beads starting january 1,2018 Johnson & johnson (moms and dad business of neutrogena) now utilizes jojoba and cellulose beads rather, which are obtained from plants and will naturally biodegrade after usage. Some business, nevertheless, might still have old stock which contains the plastic variations. Imo, your best possibilities are to either ask the particular supplier you will order from, or wait to buy until after 1/1/18 to be sure you get the new stock without them.

Question Question 2

Does This Body Scrub Have Microbeads In It?

Since today may 28 th 2020 exist still plastic beads in this grapefruit body wash? anybody know?

Question Question 3

Does It Have Benzene Peroxide?

No however it has a variety of components and we have no concept if any of them may be a code word for benzene peroxide. We would not acquire this once again due to the fact that of the variety of unidentified components within.

Question Question 4

Can It Be Utilized As Shampoo?

No, the small beads will get stuck in your hair

Question Question 5

Is The Smell Long-term? Does It Smooth Your Skin?

The smell is shortly enduring. We utilize it with a back scrubber brush & it does appear to keep our skin smooth. We do not utilize it everyday. Would most likely be better if we did.

Question Question 6

Is This Antibacterial?

Not exactly sure

Question Question 7

Would This Be Thought about A “Scrub” For Exfoliating?

It’s a moderate scrub not too rough for us and we have delicate skin.

Question Question 8

Is This Good For The Face? Have A Scrub To It?

We would not. Just to be safe. If your facial skin tends to be more delicate we would not utilize this product on the face. We utilize a various facial scrub by neutrogena

Question Question 9

We Have Back Acne, How Long Will We Notification The Impact Of It Vanishing?

It works after a number of weeks. We utilized it with the netrogena acne spray.

Question Question 10

Will This Eliminate Strawberry Legs?

This will assistance integrated with other treatments. We do not think this alone will work 100%.

Question Question 11

Is This Good For Ingrown Hair Issues On The Body?

We are unsure as we did not utilize it for this function. We would not anticipate big outcomes though; it may assist a little.

Question Question 12

How Lots Of Bottles Is This?

Our company believe it was 6 bottles if we keep in mind properly.

Question Question 13

Can We Utilize This On Our Face Too?

No no no, this is for body, there are lots of other products that are fantastic for your face else where like other neutrogena products or elemis

Question Question 14

Is It A Pack Of 3 Or Just One Bottle? It States 8,5 Oz However That Will Be Just One Bottle So We Are Baffled?

If you click the arrow beside 2 sizes it will tell you either a 3 pack or a 6 pack depends upon which you desire each bottle is 8. 5 oz. Hope this assists.

Question Question 15

Does It Eliminate Blackheads?

We believe it does eliminate blackheads however eventually makes acne even worse. It might reduce blackheads however make red pimples more widespread.

Question Question 16

Do The Plain Or Grapefruit Wash Have Microbeads In Them Or Is It Just The Body Scrub?

We just inspected and there are small littlemicrobeads in the pink grapefruit body wash

Question Question 17

Can Youuse It To Assist The Ance On Your Face?

Yes Functions effectively.

Question Question 18

The Beads Dissolve In Water? Anybody Bought This Just Recently To Verify?

We didn’t observe much liquifying

Question Question 19

Can This Be Utilized As A Regular Daily Body Wash?

Just if you shollr daily.

Question Question 20

Why Is This Product $12 More Than In The Store?

Retaill costs appear to be more at various locations

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash with Salicylic Acid, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Hi real individual here. This product smells good and repaired our acne in a week. The concern about the environment and the beads other customers are discussing stands, however if you need a fast low-cost repair to your acne this is what you wish to buy.

The neutrogena body clear acne treatment body wash with salicylc acid was good, nevertheless with the new pink grapefruit fragrance this product is remarkable. Fantastic to utilize when shollring after a long exercise at the fitness center to avoid breakouts. Fantastic odor, clean and crisp, not mediciney, the pink grapefruit is the best fragrance to include a clean surface to your shollr. Love the micro scrub in the wash also, seems like you are carefuly exfoliating a well. This body wash isn’t made to hydrate however it does not dry your skin out either so we provided it 3 stars, however not due to the fact that it’s doing not have in anything. Summer season is quick approaching with heats, exercises, backyard work, and sweating. This product will assistance keep your skin fresh and unblemished. We extremely advise it.

Might need a few cleans and your body to react to the salicylic acid. Bought for light upper back acne and truly kept breakouts at bay (primarily from summertime heat, unclean hair, or after exercises). Saw an enhancement and didn’t need to repurchase after the 3 bottles.

We truly enjoy this product. We have struggled with back acne considering that we were 13 (?). We do not keep in mind when we initially observed our back acne however we understand we have had it for a long time. In 2015 possibly? we were strolling through the store and encountered this body wash. We do not know why it never ever crossed our mind that there were products produced our particular issue and we never ever asked due to the fact that we repented and ashamed to have back acne and we still am. We believe just due to the fact that our buddy and household appear to have good clear backs and everybody we see so it makes us feel alone and like it’s too taboo. However we lastly purchased this body wash and it truly did see to assist. We attempted the other one we found with this brand the orange one however it didn’t appear to work as good as this one did. We in fact believe our back acne is nearly gone now.:d just a few swellings her and there on our upper shoulders and the center of our middle back. We can’t assist put to pop them so that’s still an issue however we are dealing with keeping our hands off our acne. Feeling our back does not make us unfortunate any longer and we do not feel as unusual using tank tops or t-shirts that have more of an open neck line. We are hoping that by november i ‘ ll be 100% backne free. Our buddies marrying and we hope the gowns do not reveal excessive back. We dislike revealing our back. We began on this body wash once again due to the fact that our acne began getting bad once again when we stopped utilizing it. However this product does work for us, personally, and it smells truly good. We believe you must provide it a shot if you read this and aren’t sure. (for referral our backne wasn’t insane bad however you ‘d absolutely see the acne. It likes to appear on our shoulders and back of our neck and when touching our back we would never ever faill to find lots of lots of lots of pimples to squeeze or scrape at and have a good quantity of white gunk under our nail. ).

We definitely enjoy this product. We have been utilizing it for nearly 2 months now. We fought body acne for several years with all type of various products that didn’t work. This product eliminated all our body acne and faded some of our acne marks. We will be rebuying this each time we runout This is our new body wash. The one bad thing is it is extremely drying to the skin. We have oily skin so it works extremely well for us. We do not know how it would be for dry skin. We utilize this everyday and then hydrate as quickly as we get out of the shollr with an oil free moisturizer.

We have been utilizing this for a couple weeks now and have seen big favorable modifications in our skin.

We exercise 5 early mornings a week. The neutrogena body clear wash keeps any body acne away. We are prone to shoulder and under sports bra break outs (yes, even at40 ). We began utilizing this body wanted exercises on our back, chest, and legs for a year. We have not had a single breakout Extremely advise.

We have utilized neutrogena considering that we were 13 and now that we are 32 we still utilize it. It assists control the acne we still get as a totally grown man and we do not indicate facial acne, we indicate back-ne, the rubbish that, lets be frank, no-one wishes to dealwith It is gross, harms your skin and is awkward to boot. Set this stuff with a good stiff brushed back scrubber and you stay in business.

We have currently been utilizing this product for several years due to the fact that it has assisted enormously with the acne on our chest. Nevertheless, it lasts us about 2 months for a single bottle so we feel like we are constantly purchasing them. With covid-19, we have not wished to delegate go buy it at the store so we chose to acquire this online. We found it in a 3 pack here on at a higher deal than purchasing single ones at a cvs or walgreens, and so on. Good deal, we can’t think we didn’t believe to buy this on here prior to.

Functions well on body acne. Has assisted considerably reduce the quantity of acne on our back. Odors good. Fantastic rate better than in shops.

The product is working good. It had eliminated the majority of our acne on our back. A few spots are taken longer however we will see how it goes as we continue to utilize it. We utilize it everyday.

Good body wash however it didn’t work for us and we in fact believe it made our body acne even worse however this is most likely due to the truth we didn’t hydrate later on however we rank it a 4 stars due to the fact that we have heard fantastic features of it.

We attempted this kind for our skin prior to. We remember it having more scrub however that’s ok. If you have bothered skin concerns like breakouts bumps or whatnot this kind is amazing. It assists keep it down. We are hopefull it still works.

We have delicate skin that is a little acne prone on our back. We can likewise get small bumps on the back of our arms and legs and this stuff truly works to reduce those. We enjoy the smell and how it lathers. This is the just body wash we will usage. We likewise utilize it to shave our legs and it works well for us.

This is the 2nd purchase of this product. The very first time we purchased a single bottle to pursue our child’s acne on her back. It worked extremely well so this time we bought a 6 pack of it. With her regular usage, her acne has enhanced substantially. Thank you neutrogena.

Was never ever a fan of grapefruit cent however this one smells truly good and we like the little things it entered loll excellent have utilized it eveyday for the last 3 days and our chest and back e getting smoother( we have alot of small pimples ??).

Assistance to clean up a small skin problem we had on our arm. Wasn’t for particular about it considering that it was not a prescription however it worked, and it was economical.

Good odor, works well to avoid and heal body acne. Just thing is it can be drying to the skin so make certain to hydrate. Otherwise, we enjoy it and will be purchasing once again.

This clears the “chicken skin ” we get on our arms. We utilize just a little on our arms every day and our skin remains clear now. It smells good too.

Can’t utilize any other soap. Extremely adverse other ones and this bulk buy is fantastic.

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