Murad Acne Treatment

Murad is one of the leaders most mentioned in acne product as the best acne treatment and which has garnered a lot of attention with more natural ingredients. Murad strays away from commonly used Benzyl peroxide towards Salicylic acid as its main ingredient.

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The Murad Acne Complex is an award winning formula that is purported to have helped millions of people with their acne problems.

Murad is a Los Angeles based dermatology practice founded by Dr. Howard Murad, M.D. Murad focuses on an inclusive health philosophy that was shaped by the real needs of Dr. Murad’s many patients.

Murad focuses on salicylic acid which is a good alternative that helps to exfoliate dead skin cells while renewing at the same time. There is also a touch of retinol which is commonly used for clearing up discoloration and the after effects of acne.

The three key focus areas for Murad products include:

  • Cleanse/Tone
  • Treat/Repair, and
  • Hydrate/Protect

There is a specific product to do each job. It’s a similar three-step process that you find with Proactiv, but of course, the main chemical ingredients are different. The system also focuses on antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce the appearance of redness and raised bumps on your skin.

How Does It Work?

The Murad Acne Complex has been formulated to deal with most skin conditions that are related to acne. The basic concept behind this product is that it reduces the build-up of cells, lessens excess oil and soothes inflammation.

Below are the Active Ingredients in the various Murad Acne Complex products and their pros and cons.


This ingredient is found in the Acne Spot Treatment as a 3% concentration and it works to reduce the frequency and severity of acne breakouts, whiteheads and blackheads. Sulphur is a vital component of all human cells and can be found in many personal care products.

Salicylic Acid

This is the main ingredient in both the Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel and the Clarifying Cleanser. Salicylic Acid is a beta hydroxyl acid and it works mainly to exfoliate. It comes as a 1% concentration, which makes these products a decent choice for adult acne as this amount is enough to do the job but not so much that it will cause irritation or over-drying.


All of the Murad Acne Complex products contain citrus oil in some form and it works as an anti-fungal treatment to kill many of the bacteria and fungus that cause acne. Tangerine oil is found in the Exfoliate and while it is fine in small doses, it may cause skin irritation if over-used, so people with mature skin should be careful.

Butylene Glycol/Propylene Glycol

The former is used as an agent to decrease viscosity to break down many of the essential oils. The latter is great at attracting moisture and it also stops the skin from flaking. These ingredients are organic and mild, which makes them great for both teen and adult acne.


This is a naturally occurring form of vitamin A which is great at reducing inflammation and redness as well as retaining moisture. Retinol is a common ingredient in adult acne products as it works great at repairing acne scars.

Tetrasodium EDTA

This ingredient comes from the salts of ethylenediamine tetracetic acid and is mainly used to keep the product fresh. If you are looking for a 100% organic natural product this ingredient might turn you off.

What Do You Get?

The Murad Acne Complex Introductory Kit costs $29.95 and comes with a 2.0 oz bottle of the clarifying cleaners, a 1.0 oz bottle of the exfoliating gel, a 1.0 oz bottle of the skin perfecting lotion and a bonus 1.0 oz clarifying mask.

When you purchase the introductory kit, you are automatically signed up to be a member of the Murad Healthy Skin Club. After 30 days, you will receive a new 60 day kit that also includes the bonus Acne Spot Treatment. You will continue to get these kits every two months, and you will be billed $29.95 monthly.

Is This Product Right for You?

Whether or not this product is for you depend on the type of acne you are experiencing as well as your skin type and age.

For people with mild to moderate acne, which don’t have overly sensitive skin, this product is great. It doesn’t contain benzyl peroxide, which has been known to irritate even non-sensitive skin, which makes it okay for both teens and adults. If you have sensitive skin, Murad Acne Complex may not be right for you.

It has been known to cause irritation and burning in sensitive skin and it may even make acne symptoms worse in those cases by causing the skin to over-compensate by creating an abundance of oil. This product also has a strong citrus smell which may irritate consumers with sensitive noses.

Final Thought:

One of the best things about Murad is a nice range of supplementary products to go along with their core system. Of course, you’re going to have to pay more for these, but when used together you get a much more comprehensive treatment.

If you take a look at some of the reviews for Murad, you’ll notice a common theme: either people really love it or they really hate it. For those who have had bad experiences with Murad, their most common complaint is that it actually makes their acne a lot worse.

But Murad is quite open about the fact that their products tend to have a “purging” effect in the initial stages of usage. That means that your skin tends to get worse as it speeds up the process of bringing pre-existing pimples or clogged pores to the forefront.

Overall, Murad is accurately price and offers a good alternative to other common treatments on the market. There are downsides which is why you need to read instructions carefully and pay attention to proper application. It might not be worth it to some people who see it as a gamble when there are products out there who have fewer negative reviews.

But if you’ve tried everything else, then this might be an alternative, or could be time to finally see a dermatologist for a more powerful long-term solution.

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