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LiiHot Unlimited Activator - Light Therapy Acne Mask

LiiHot Unlimited Activator – Light Therapy Acne Mask

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of LiiHot Unlimited Activator – Light Therapy Acne Mask.

  • POWER CABLE TELEVISION FOR YOUR ACNE LIGHT THERAPY MASK WITHOUT 30 USAGE LIMITATION: Utilize it as often times as you desire, whenever you desire from any USB source of pollr. You are worthy of to look good and feel good.
  • DEEP DOWN INSIDE YOU KNOW DISCARDING ACTIVATORS AFTER 30 UTILIZES IS CRAZY AND WRONG: No more anger and regret. You can impress individuals with your incredible skin without damaging the world.
  • NO ACTIVATOR HACK REQUIRED, 100% WARRANTY: Do you have time to take apart an activator, figure out wires, switches and tinker toxic lead soldering This product just works or LiiHot will reimburse your cash.
  • NEVER BUY ACTIVATORS OR BATTERIES EVER AGAIN: Needs a USB source of pollr such as a laptop computer, phone battery charger, or rechargeable lithium ion pollrbank.
  • THIS IS NOT A LIGHT THERAPY ACNE MASK DEVICE: It does not include treatment LEDs, lasers, or makes any medical claims. This is not planned to be a medical device.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on LiiHot Unlimited Activator – Light Therapy Acne Mask.
Light therapy is an advised and scientifically tested approach of acne treatment. The technology has remained in usage for over a years. For incredible outcomes you need regular costly skin doctor check outs. Popular acne masks enable simple house treatments however are hardware locked to 30 uses.Disposing of light therapy devices after 30 utilizes is inefficient and unneeded. It creates a remarkable quantity of electronic waste contaminating our lovely world. If you choose to recycle the device, it takes some time and energy to deliver to recycling, melt down and produce into a new device. Why not just reuse the device you have Why must you purchase this pollr cable television for unlimited acne light mask activations 1. You like your light therapy acne mask since it works. It provides you lovely skin, an increase in self-confidence and additional attention from the opposite sex. The treatment is chemical free and makes you incredibly delighted.2. Light therapy LEDs last 30,000 hours and there is no reason your activator must not last just as long. You feel upset and upset each time you toss out an utilized activator.3. Purchasing this product sends out a message to billion dollar corporations. You desire them to reevaluate inefficient and greedy product styles that damage our lovely world. Will this pollr cable television work 1. A light therapy mask is simple. Our product materials the specific very same pollr as the initial producer’s activator. Just link it to a USB port to provide pollr.2. Set your phone or watch timer alarm for 10 minutes. Disconnect the plug once completed. Describe mask’s directions for appropriate direct exposure time. Contribute to haul and make the world a better location

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on LiiHot Unlimited Activator – Light Therapy Acne Mask.

Question Question 1

What Brands Of Light Therapy Masks Does This Activator Work With?Neutrogena?

Yes, this will deal with neutrogena’s mask if it has the exact same pollr port as the one in the photo.

Question Question 2

What Is Consisted Of In This Purchase? We Idea This Was A Cable television Just However The Reviews Reference That It Is A Battery Pack.?

This product consists of a usb cable television that pollrs your neutrogena or illumask. Some early orders consisted of a free bonus offer as an initial deal.

Question Question 3

It States “This Product Needs Special Handling And Can not Be Delivered To Your Picked Place.” What Sort Of Special Handling Does This Cable Television Need?

None that we understand — it’s just an adapter cable television and an empty battery pack.

Question Question 4

Do We Need Batteries?

You do not need batteries plug into any base battery charger. Nevertheless the bonus offer for us is, it includes a portable battery charger too, that needs 4 aas, you can even charge your phone with it on the go. So it resembles you get 2 for the cost of one. Up until now we provide it a thumbs up.

Question Question 5

Can We Plug The Usb End Of The Cable Television To A Pollr Adapter That Goes Straight Into A Wall Socket (Like How We Charge Our Iphone)?

We do not in fact have this product. Our company believe, nevertheless that any plug- in battery charger or pollr adapter with a usb output port or cable television would be safe. Usb is completely standardized.

Question Question 6

Can We Plug The Usb End Of The Cable Television To A Pollr Adapter That Goes Straight Into A Wall Socket (Like How We Charge Our Iphone)?


Question Question 7

How Long Does It Require To Ship? We Purchased It Few Minutes Ago(21 April), Nevertheless Approximated Shipment Date Reveals United States One Month Later On(21 May). Is It Right?

Due to covid-19 caused need for products on, it appears like approximated shipment times aren’t revealing properly. If you do not get a shipping verification after a week, attempt calling to verify the order.

Question Question 8

Does This Work For The Great Fairness Modell Which Was Launched Our Neutrogena Too?

Yes, if it utilizes the exact same pollr plug as the other masks then it will work fine.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on LiiHot Unlimited Activator – Light Therapy Acne Mask, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Functions just as explained, although the cap to the battery holder part was quite hard to return on once we included the batteries. However this thing is terrific. It deals with our neutrogena mask just great, and it’s method less wastefull than purchasing the “activators” every 30 utilizes.

Remarkable. This works completely with our neutrogena light mask. We didn’t wish to need to buy another activator and this guarantees we will not need to. Worked completely, just plugged it into an portable battery pack we need to charge our phone on the go. Perfect.

Functions completely when usb is plugged into our laptop computer. Nevertheless, we would choose not to be connected to the laptop computer when we are utilizing our mask, however we can’t figure out the battery compartment. Initially, it took us permanently to figure out how to get it open. Then, when we put the batteries in, we can not move the leading back in location, as the top of the batteries remain in the method. Possibly one day we will figure itout However for that misstep, we provide 4 out of 5 stars.

Absolutely nothing to do not like. It’s a one time purchase and it works completely with “the ” light mask therapy. Terrific purchase. Thank you.

Functions as explained. This was the just pre- made pollr cable television that was offered for the neutrogena acne mask. As an alternative, we thought about purchasing part to construct something on our own however provided the trouble, chose to opt for this cable television. Likewise, purchased an usb cable television switch as the pollr banks typically do not included a pollr switch.

We utilized it for our mask. Conserves a great deal of cash rather of purchasing the activator on a monthly basis.

Functions completely. It in fact ships with a battery pack like the branded variation; nevertheless, all you need is the adapter cable and an external pollr bank.

This product lets us plug in our light mask. We then plug the opposite end into our computer system or usb battery charger.

Precisely what we required to keep our light therapy mask running. Easy to plug into usb, particularly into our laptop computer.

Functions remarkable for our neutrogena face light. May be a little more pollrful than the activator however with unlimited usage, we will not grumble. Suggest utilizing a timer to not over usage it.

A fantastic purchase.

Functions completely.

Worked terrific with our neutrogena mask.

I ‘ ll never ever need to buy neutrogena activators once again. This is best.

Functions completely with our neutrogena light therapy mask. We were so fed up with discarding the “light activator” after just 30 utilizes, what a waste of $$ and plastic. Really pleased with this product.

Functions terrific and conserves a lots of cash.


We were down to our last 2 sessions on our cherished mask. Bought this and it works. Super thrilled. Thank you.


It works. Conserve us a great deal of cash.

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