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IMAGE Skincare Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion

IMAGE Skincare Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion

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    More Info:

    Here are some more information on IMAGE Skincare Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion.
    Product Description In this targeted treatment, fast-acting benzoyl peroxide attacks acne-causing germs to deal with blackheads, imperfections and clogged up pores at the source. This pollrful anti-bacterial representative likewise assists to control excess oil that can end up being caught in pores and cause new breakouts. A special complex mixes acne-fighting peptides and botanical extracts to target issue locations without inflammation. Botanical brighteners fight soreness from existing and previous imperfections, assisting to fade the appearance of acne marks and decreasing inflammation from active breakouts. Anti-oxidants protect against the results of free extreme damage. Matched for all grades of acne, from moderate to severe, and as a spot treatment for active imperfections. brand story IMAGE Skincare is a clean and professional line backed by clinical outcomes. Developed by an esthetician, created by a cosmetic surgeon, IMAGE is devoted to assisting its clients Age Later on.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on IMAGE Skincare Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion.

    Question Question 1

    The Image Reveals The Scrub And The Listing Is For TheLotion Which Is It?

    It should be the lotion we are remembering our product to checkthank you for the question

    Question Question 2

    Is This The Lotion Or The Scrub?

    It is a lotion that you use in am and pm. We really blend it 50/50 with dcl non-drying cleansing lotion and leave it on all day as directed by our skin doctor.

    Question Question 3

    Is This Product Moisturizing By Itself Or Do You Need To Use A Moisturizer?

    No, certainly not for moisturizing. You need to use a moisturizer prior to utilizing this product. This product is a spot-treatment for acne and pimples, so the puts you use it on your face will tend to feel drier in the early morning.

    Question Question 4

    Is It Okay To Utilize Under Makeup?

    Yes, definitely

    Question Question 5

    Did The Formula Change?Wondering Prior To We Order. Does The Formula Still Include Benzoyll Peroxide And Salicylic Acid?

    Just benzoyl peroxide

    Question Question 6

    What Is The Expiration Date? Thank You.?


    Question Question 7

    Approximately How Long Does The Bottle Last?

    Depending just how much you utilize 6 to 8 weeks

    Question Question 8

    How Numerous Ounces Is The Product In The Bottle.?

    It’s not 4oz, it is 1. 7oz

    Our Insights:

    See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on IMAGE Skincare Clear Cell Medicated Acne Lotion, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

    We have had bad hormonal acne because we were a teen and had been utilizing clinique’s acne solutions benzoyl peroxide lotion two times a day together with a salicylic face soap and salicylic toner to assist control things for almost a years. Nevertheless, we would still get a couple of cystic zits monthly utilizing clinique, however it was better than anything else we had attempted previously. Clinique just recently stopped the benzoyl peroxide lotion, which caused the worst break out of our adult life when we attempted to cope without it. We bought this (which is 5% benzoyl peroxide, compared to clinique’s 2%) and not just did it right away dry up (like overnight, the distinction was visible) the bulk of the cystic zits from the break out, however our skin has lastly cleaned up entirely after utilizing it for 2 months, something the clinique lotion never ever rather attained. It does leave dry patches when it’s dealing with beating a huge zit, however that’s no various than other peroxide solutions and can be handled with a gentle exfoliant or utilizing a face lotion, and there is a somewhat sweet smell from the peroxide, however it likewise has a great slightly peppermint smell too, so that balancesout 5/5 stars and we are certainly buying once again once we run out of our existing bottle.

    We have attempted a great deal of products and this one is fantastic. Products with benzoyl peroxide normally assist us with break outs nevertheless numerous have a strong odor. The other downside of other products was as a wash you would dry your face after usage and bleach your tollls. Given that this is a lotion we can use in the early morning and not need to fret about our tollls being bleached and it has extremely little odor. We might tell a distinction after 2 days of usage. A member of the family had a blemish under their skin that was triggering swelling, soreness and discomfort so we used some of this to the area and the next early morning had less soreness and discomfort. This might not work for everybody however it works fantastic for us. We thought about other choices as this isn’t the most inexpensive nevertheless one little pump of this will cover our whole face so this bottle will last some time.

    We found an evaluation on clinique’s website (as they were out of products, surprise. -_-) that recommended this and we took the gamble and we are liking it. Certainly worth the switch. Didn’t even take us a full bottle to see clear adult skin. We didn’t have numerous zits as an adult however when we did they were big things and we suggest big (like they were completely preparing a transformation kind of big.) and they recently. Not an indication of one anywhere. Being asked by our hair girwe (who looks fantastic however invests method more time and cash on products then we ever would) what we had been utilizing was the icing on the cake. Hoping it returns to as that 2 day ship has to do with as good as clear skin.

    We like the image product and have utilized it in the past. This product came and it had a various texture than when we have formerly purchased it at beauty salons. It was far more liquidy this time that made it harder to use. Still appeared to aid with acne. It will bleach your tollls.

    The only product we have attempted up until now that assists eliminate our spots of acne and pimples. We typically use it as quickly as we see/feel a pimple growing and when we do, the soreness lightens/goes away by the next day (application is carried out during the night prior to bed). The bundle took some time to get here (the delivery would enter the opposite instructions of the location point) so that was a little irritating to observe however it sholld up in the end.

    Image acne cream (we called) is pollrful. Functions well, does not burn skin, hormonal acne killer. As a long period of time user we advise use it just on the acne bumps however not to full face due to the fact that it is too strong.

    Yea, it stinks that this is no longer offered with both benzoyl peroxide and salycilic acid, however we called the producer and obviously this is a new fda requirement. We utilize it in mix with their acne wash which has the salycilic acid and the combination works better than anything we have ever gotten from a skin specialist, prescription products consisted of. It has bleached out and blemished our pillow case and tool (we believe we clean our fingers after we use???) however completely worth the results. We are 35 years of ages and suffered from acne all our life until we found these products about 10 years earlier.

    This product assists a lot with our acne breakouts. Just beware. Some locations may be a little too delicate for it. For us it is around a specific area of our neck. It can develop a scratchy rash. We just do not put quite because area and am good to go. Otherwise it works fantastic.

    Love everything about this product. We have been utilizing it for over a year and was advised by our esthetician. Actually have not had any breakouts and we likewise advise the face wash.

    This stuff works insane well. We have been utilizing it for several years, and it’s the just thing that genuinely works for us. We extremely reccomend it, and it’s certainly worth the expense.

    Lastly a product that works for our acne prone skin. Couldnt be better. Seriously attempt this stuff specifically if you have oily skin and breakout on your forehead.

    This product is fantastic. We have attempted every acne product under the sun and lastly after 2 weeks with this one, we have clear skin. Please do not ever alter the formula. This not just cleared our acne however is assisting to clean up the red marks left from old acne. We do not find it drying at all (however we have been utilized to utilizing tretinoin). It seams like everybodies acne reacts to various medications however we extremely advise offering this one a shot. We have had moderate hormonal acne for 25 years and this stuff is magic.

    This stuff is fantastic generally the very same thing as proactive however with a bit more of benzoyl peroxide. Functions quickly and reveals outcomes. We have been utilizing it for more then a year and just recently we ran out and though we would be great without out it however began breaking out once again on our forehead which is our problem spot. Never ever letting it run out once again.

    We would state among the best products we have ever utilized. It is incredible and avoids acnes effectively. We enjoy the smell and texture. We have utilized skin doctor offered practically different creams, plus other costly brand names; nevertheless, this is the just one that was efficient and we utilize it for practically a year. Certainly worth it.

    On our 3rd bottle currently, this is a should have in our skin care regimen. If you utilize it with other products like a drying lotion for acne it might dry out your skin, however we just wash our face, utilize a toner and put this on during the night. Has assisted our skin.

    Buy this amazing acne wash. It is the just thing that operates in twenty years of attempting all examples. Usage in combination with the acne lotion.

    Wonderfull for breakouts.

    Given That our 14- year-old begun utilizing this product daily, her skin has cleaned up entirely.

    Functions good.

    Wonder stuff. We buy and buy once again when we are out.

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