How Effective Is Laser Treatment For Acne Scars?

How Effective Is Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

Acne is not a simple thing to solve. In some cases, for a person with severe acne, the scars are not easy to escape. It does not only lose your confident because it is spotted rightly in your face, but it also will affect your everyday life.

You have to ask yourself, if you often wish to get rigid of your acne scars. Do you feel the scars limit your opportunities to get a job, date, get the better career, of performing well in school? Do you become less social now before you had scars? If you already answer yes in one of those questions, so you need to treat your acne scars as soon as possible. One treatment of it is by laser. However, how effective is it?

The Use of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is effective for raised acne scars. Based on dermatology perspective, depressed acne scars will be effective if acne scar surgery, resurfacing method, fillers by collagen, skin tightening, collagen-induction therapy, and electrodessication are used to treat it.

On the other side, the treatments for raised acne scars are injections, acne scar surgery, laser therapy, cryosurgery, and scar creams and gels, and you can choose one of them, not directly all of them. However, if you want to use the laser in deep acne scars, you still probably use this treatment.

The reason to use laser therapy is that it can treat raised scars safely and effectively. Besides, the treatment with a pulsed dye laser (PDL) can help to reduce the itch and pain. It also can diminish colour, and flatten a raised scar. People with lighter skin will choose this treatment as the choice. Well, if you want to get fast result, you cannot expect too much. It is because you need to be patient to reveal your scars.

Money and Component in Laser Therapy

Since this treatment needs high technology support, you have to notice that you need to spend much money. The result can be seen in some months after, and that is quite faster than other treatment. However, please do not compare it with plastic surgery because it is the fastest result for any skin problem.

Laser therapy will enter CO2 and some of laser therapy will enter collagen to your skin, so the scars can look like hidden. You have to control yourself because, during the treatment, you will feel itchy and little bit pain.

If you want to make the calculation of your money, you can try to calculate it and the result after. You also need to treat your face continuously to avoid the acne re-back. If acne comes again and makes scars again, you can imagine how much that you have to spend only to repair your face.

A thing that you need to remind is that not every treatment can get the best result if you do not change your habit and start to life healthy. If it is possible for you, consume more fruits and vegetables are good for your skin and help your skin to regenerate better.

How Effective Is Laser Treatment For Acne Scars?

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