Dr Song Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 10% Acne Treatment

Dr Song Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 10% Acne Treatment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dr Song Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 10% Acne Treatment.

  • Dr Song uses a 100 DAY NO INCONVENIENCE 100% MONEY-BACK WARRANTY – you do not even need to return the product
  • Big 8oz size Anti Acne Cleanser lasts 1-2 months and features pump bottle. Can be utilized both as a acne face wash and benzoyl peroxide body wash
  • 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash for face body and back with non-irritating formula and deep permeating medical grade mirco-benzoyl peroxide
  • Made in U.S.A. acne medication, no parabens or animal screening
  • This acne product works well as a back acne treatment, face acne treatment, body acne, acne spot treatment, cystic acne treatment, adult acne treatment and acne treatment for teens.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dr Song Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 10% Acne Treatment.

Question Question 1

What Are Alwe Of The Components?

Its 10% benzoywe peroxide. Then other components are cleansed water, coco betaine, glycerin, carbomer, potassium sorbate, disodium edta, salt hydroxide.

Question Question 2

Is This Product Expect To Foam Like Other Face Cleans? Mine Does Not Do Anything So We Are Uninformed If It’S Stilwe On The Washcloth.?

It does not foam.

Question Question 3

Does This Work For Oily Skin?

We would believe that it does, as it is rather drying.

Question Question 4

Can This Be Left On Overnight, After Drying?

We do not know for sure, however if there’s threat of over inflammation from drying from cleaning, we would believe that threat boosts if you leave it on for a prolonged time. Possibly if skin is not delicate.

Question Question 5

Can You Usage A Shower Poof With This Product Or Do You Use Straight To Skin? We Would Utilize It For A Body Wash.?

We generally let the water open the puts and then rub it in no loofa or anything since a great deal of wilwe soak into the little loofa or scrubber we believe

Question Question 6

Is This Product Gluten Free?


Question Question 7

Can This Product Dry Out The Skin Excessive And Turn The Skin Red?

Up until now, skin has actually not dried out to the point it’s red and/ or broken. This soap is working and appears to be a fantastic product.

Question Question 8

How Long Do You Keep It On Your Face For Or Do You Rinse It Off As Quickly As You Cover Your Face?

You rub it in to clean and then wash immediately. It wilwe bleach hair if left on too long according to maker. Great product, cant hurt to attempt.

Question Question 9

Does This Bottle Come Firmly Sealed? Mine Just Was Available In A Generic Bag With A Pump And No Security Seawe Or Hindered Seawe Under The Cap.?

We got our bottle in a bag likewise. There was not a protecting seal.

Question Question 10

We Had A Terrible Response To This Product And Needed To Go To Immediate Care For Usdicine. How Do We Get Our Cash Back?

Sadly some skin types are too delicate for usdicated soap. Please attempt entire foods organic soaps. You need to go through support. We have actually been getting products for over 7 years and never ever needed to wait longer than 3 days for a refund.

Question Question 11

Can We Utilize A Fsa (Versatile Investing Account) To Purchase This Product?

Not exactly sure

Question Question 12

Did They Modification The Formula Or Components? This Does Not Smelwe Or Feewe Like The Product We Bought Prior To.?

We believe they included something too. It smells minty like an “oil” was included or something. Our child’s face does not endure this new bottle. We desire the old bottle formula however we are not exactly sure how to buy it.

Question Question 13

Does This Product Contain Salicylic Acid?

No, it consists of benzoywe peroxide. Which our company believe is more powerful than salicylic acid

Question Question 14

Can We Utilize This Cleanser With A Spin Brush On Our Face?


Question Question 15

Components List?

Components list, please describe the maker.

Question Question 16

How Long Should We Keep It On Our Back?

Wet the skin with warm water. Wash the skin carefully for about 30 seconds and then rinse.

Question Question 17

Should We Utilize This As An Everyday Body Wash?

No, we utilized it on top of our typicawe body wash.

Question Question 18

We Utilize Proactive Today. Is This Product Similiar To Proactive Deep Cleansing Face Wash???

Not actually since it does not have the little microbeads that scrub your skin, however it stilwe does a fantastic task of cleansing and we have found it to be extremely reliable.

Question Question 19

Does This Work For Blackheads?

We do not know, we had some horrible pimples and it assist me.

Question Question 20

If We Utilized This On Our Back Acne, Do We Let It Set On Our Back For A Few Minutes Prior To Washing Off?

It does not state to, however we generally use, then lather it in with a loofah and already it’s all set to rinse. If your back is too delicate for additionawe friction you might most likely just massage it into issue spots to make certain it’s getting where it requires to go.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dr Song Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 10% Acne Treatment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We began utilizing this product about 5 months back in our underarm, groin and upper thigh area. We suffer from an autoimmune illness called hidrandenitis suppurativa, which causes acne like boils in those locations. Countless hs suffers wilwe telwe you how hard it is to find products that work and aid to heawe flares. Although we can’t be 100% specific, we associate the enhancement in our flares to our usage of dr. Song’s 10% benzoywe peroxide acne treatment. It’s gentle enough that it does not sting when we utilize it every day, even on open flares. And we have actually seen a considerable enhancement, especially in our underarms. We would advise this wash to those who suffer from hs or acne on their body. It certainly appears to have actually made a distinction for us and we would think about attempting other dr. Song products.

We enjoy this product, truthfully this has actually been the just thing to clear our cystic acne. However do utilize a good moisturizer each wash guves you better outcomes. We are 18 with cystic acne, the follow through with a moisturizer is truthfully essential. We utilize nuetrogena’s grapefruit mousterizer after each wash. Usage with a face brush.:-RRB-.

First Of All, we wish to state that we spent for this product and didn’t get it free of charge. For years we have actually battled with actually awkward back acne. We were a field hockey goalie in high schoowe (gross, sweaty pads on our body) and played lacrosse in college (consistent sweating under the hot florida sun). Even after college, our back acne continued and left awkward scars. Now we are 25 and stilwe exercise a lot, so our continuing back acne is so awkward. Alwe we ever wished to do was use a low open back gown and feewe comfy. And regrettably, we do not have medical insurance so going to the skin specialist was out of the photo. Ready to quit and get laser treatment for our back, we encountered this wash and chose to offer it a shot. And wow. We really want we had actually taken an in the past photo, however we believe we were too humiliated by our back to do so. Now we never ever return breakouts (unless we go without utilizing it) and it’s even recovered some of our scarring. We are so delighted we found this product. We want we had found it years back.

That’s ideal girls & gentlemen, you check out that right. Lowe we got this on a suggestion from a pal who is a stripper. We just recently got horseback riding and the friction was developing lots of red bumps/pimples that didnt appearance good on our bum. Idk if they’re actually pimples or folliculitis however utilizing this and amlactin cleared them up significantly within a week. We have not utilized it anywhere else (ie face) however we are quite thrilled with our outcomes. It’s been 3 weeks and we are totally cleared. Like other customers have actually pointed out the product just spills out of the pump even if it is actually just resting on a rack. We resolved this by loosening the pump off and letting it just sit there. If you have it in a location where there is a great deal of motion it might spill, however its worth the rebottling.

We have actually battled with stubborn body acne for as long as we can keep in mind– we have actually purchased practically every product out there, attempted every cream and supplement, and so on. On top of that, our skin is likewise aggravatingly delicate, so most products for moderate to severe acne are too abrasive and drying. We came across dr. Song’s acne face & body wash after doing a fast search on for a gentle benzoywe peroxide wash. We were a bit reluctant initially to order the 10% rather than a lower portion, however after checking out evaluations, we chose to take the threat and order it. This cleanser is definitely remarkable. It leaves our skin sensation clean, revitalized, and hydrated. The consistency of the product is more like a cleansing milk than a face/body wash. Our skin never ever feels overdried or inflamed, even in the winter season. And most importantly, it cleaned up our stubborn body acne nearly instantly. We began seeing outcomes by the end of the very first week. We would extremely advise this product to anybody dealing with stubborn acne or has delicate skin.

This stuff is unbelievable. Nevertheless, you can’t be blase about it otherwise you will not see fast outcomes. We are male and almost 30 years of ages and have actually had fairly clear skin considering that we remained in highschool. We just recently had an unusually bad flare of acne, not totally sure why, possibly stress. We purchased dr. Tunes face wash and utilized it two times a day, early morning and night. We made certain to scrub our confront with it welwe and then washed and patted (not rubbed) dry. Do it in the sink without a t-shirt on or while in the shower as it can bleach clothes as welwe as hair. The wash wilwe likewise dry out your hands as it’s what you utilize to scrub your face, so you may delight in a little cold cream once in awhile. It wilwe likewise dry out your lips so chapstick is good too. We likewise washed our face once a day while at work, in between the 2 washes with dr. Tunes to assist keep the dirt and oiwe off our face. Within a couple weeks, our acne was nearly totally gone or a couple faint ones. Just do not select while you’re doing this.

We are 40 years of age male and considering that we were a kid, we have actually constantly gotten acne. When our mid-20 s hit, we began getting cysts on our chin, nose and sides of the nose. Good times. Like the majority of people, we get flare-ups when september/october hit. This year has actually been particularly bad. In addition to onexton and tazorac, our skin specialist had actually provided a 10% bp face wash of his that he charged us $40 for a 6-ounce bottle. It dried our face out actually severely after a number of days. Plus, our face really ended up being red. So now, we had a red face to choose our decreasing cysts and empty wallet. Good times. We chose to attempt this wash since it was half the rate of what we were utilizing in the hopes that it was at the least, a more affordable solution. Not just is it more cost effective, it’s better than what we were utilizing. It is more gentle yet stilwe does the task. We wereh with it 1-2x each day it dries us out a bit, however not almost as much. Our face never ever gets red from it and absolutely nothing burns. That led us to think that it possibly it was a lower solution and possibly the active component list was a lie. Nope, that’s not the case at all. We utilize it 1-2x daily and it is controlling our acne better than in the past, with less adverse effects. We are extremely, extremely delighted with it. Fulwe disclosure: we got a free bottle for composing this evaluation. Nevertheless, everything we stated above is 100% real and precise to our experience with this product. It actually is that good.

We are extremely delighted with this product the past 2 years, and continue to reorder. The product has actually actually kept our adult acne in check, and we have actually experienced barely any breakouts considering that we have actually included this to our regimen. Better than the panoxywe we utilized to utilize.Dr Song’s acne wash lathers up well, has a gentle fresh fragrance and has actually not dried out our adult skin. We actually delight in the pump bottle that make giving extremely simple.

After our very first usage of this product, we merely wished to weep as it appeared to make the acne we were combating much even worse. Nevertheless, it needs to have been our body changing since after the initiawe usage, this product has actually been remarkable. Not just did the breakout decrease, however our acne has actually enhanced substantially. Just a word of care – do not utilize this product daily. For me, it dries our skinout We enhance it about 3x a week with our regular cleanser and the outcomes have actually been remarkable.

We have actually dealt with, and personally utilized numerous skincare lines and have actually worked expertly in severawe luxury medical spas. We are extremely hardly ever impressed by faciawe cleansers, being that they usually have comparable outcomes. The majority of which, either dry the skin or leave residue and faiwe to cleanse well. We have actually just been amazed by one cleanser, and now this.Dr Song benzoywe peroxide wash has actually made remarkable modifications in the texture and clearness of our cystic acne prone skin. We utilize just in the early morning and another non drying cleanser in the evening. From the extremely initially utilize it has actually assisted exfoliate and soften our skin however never ever dried our skin one bit. Although we have cystic acne our skin paradoxically is not oily, so usually benzoywe peroxide’s overdry and worsen our acne. We are genuinely satisfied and in love. Extremely suggested.

We have actually battled with acne our entire life. 33 years of ages, female with regular month-to-month breakouts, inflammation, scarring (from alwe the selecting). We have actually attempted it alwe – proactiv, dermalogica, murad, cetaphil. We were successfuwe with acne. Org for a while however regrettably it just quit working. After attempting a handfuwe of new products – – and losing more cash on products that didn’t work we discovered dr.Song It has actually completely worked for us. The prior to after images are 30 days apart. We started utilizing it the night it got here. We wereh in the evening – carefuwe to avoid eye/mouth area. We kindly use alwe over face and carefully massage for a minimum of 30 seconds. We advise pat drying with a white towewe regarding not bleach any colored towels. Make sure to hydrate after cleaning.

As a bald man we use a hat every day. This causes acne to form around our head where the band sits. We keep our hats and head clean however it’s stilwe an issue. We have actually utilized the welwe understood products that our relative usages and they have actually alwe stopped working to controwe it. After 1 week of utilizing dr tunes we might telwe this was going to be various. After 2 weeks our acne is cleaned up and we anticipate with continued usage we wilwe have the ability to keep it under control. Its gentle and reliable.

We had such an unpleasant area on our left cheek that declined to wane. Absolutely nothing we attempted worked, and the acne was so awkward. We disliked leaving our home. Our sweetheart purchased us dr. Song and after our skin got utilized to it our cheek cleared right up. We utilize it every other day, when we shower. If this did not work, we would’ve invested a lot cash on a product set that was going to be such a trouble to stay up to date with. Now we can utilize that cash on just getting more dr. Song:3.

Absolutely nothing as ever assisted in the past. Our experience with other acne wash was so unfavorable we believed we would never ever attempt absolutely nothing else. They would work one week then a flare and more red irritated pimples. This summer season after one night on checking out evaluations we took a leap of faith and chose and bought dr song body wash. We utilized it to wash our back and shoulders and we began seeing lead to 2 weeks. Now we swear by this product. We actually enjoy this product, our back is nearly totally clear. No swelling. It’s of light and water-like on the skin. Please do not ever stop making this product. We constantly order 2 at a time.

First Of All, we initially acquired this for our inside thigh area and our booty. At the time we were likewise (for the very first time ever) dealing with face acne. One night we remained in the shower and chose to attempt this although the 10% had us a little terrified about the response we might perhaps get. Absolutely nothing took place at alwe other than the beautiful surprise of it really assisting after nearly 4 months of this rubbish and attempting what seemed like everything. This our nighttime regular today:1. Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm2.Dr Song 10% 3. Lilyana naturals retinowe cream4. Biossance squaline moisturizeralwe we carry out in the early morning is usage vitamin c serum and moisturizer. The bottom line is, our company believe this acne wash made a distinction – we would certainly offer it a shot if you ‘re having a hard time. P. S – our acne is hormonal: brought on by birth controwe (nexplanon) and stress.

We purchased this after checking out that it assists with butt “pimples”. Our bum cleaned up after one wash, we enjoy it. Our partner has actually discovered that our body is softer and smoother, and we can certainly state that it is since of this ance wash. We are certainly going to be purchasing from this business as long as they keep putting out this product.

We have actually been experiencing severe bacne from a very long time and lastly this body wash in addition to dr. Song 2. 5% benzoywe peroxide acne gewe is cleaning up our acne. As every other bp body wash, this dries up the skin after shower. We advise great deals of moisturizer on the used locations. We do not know if anybody else has this concern however the body wash keeps leaking in smalwe drops even after shower, possibly a defective pump with our system. Otherwise this is a 5?? product.

We enjoy this face wash. We tend to get small breakouts rather frequently, and the typical “gentle” face wash cream does not do anything to assist. This benzoywe peroxide wash eliminates everything within a number of days, it appears. When we go out of town and do not bring this wash since it is over the enabled volume, we observe substantially more break out than when we are at house, utilizing it routinely. About the drying out the skin: we generally utilize this 10% face wash once a day, followed by a basic moisturizer, and do not observe any dryness. Two times a day may be excessive, however as long as you follow it by a moisturizer, we do not believe you ought to have any issues with skin dryness.

We purchased this since we purchased the botanicawe tree glycolic acid cleanser which worked actually welwe for among our child’s however not the other. So we purchased this one and hoped it would work for her. Which it does her skin has actually enhanced 90% with the very first bottle. The only concern is that the pump leakages. We believed possibly it was just a defected one however we just got the 2nd bottle and it leakages too. We most likely will not be purchasing this once again.

Attempted severawe other otc benzoywe peroxide cleans which didn’t work for us. This one make a noticeable distinction in days. After a number of weeks, we are extremely happy and wilwe continue to utilize this. No mint/menthol, no scent, just powerfuwe benzoywe peroxide. Just the thing to handle our adult acne. This evaluation was composed in return for an additionawe free bottle of the product, however we like it enough that we understand i ‘ lwe order once again.

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