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Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer

Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer.

  • Efficient moisturization; this face moisturizer formula includes natural aloe vera and jojoba oil that naturally hydrates your skin and instill skin with incredibly hydration to provide it a healthy appearance.
  • Skin nourishment; this daily essential moisturizing solution nurtures your skin, day or night, by improving skin hydration levels and bring back a healthy, glowing radiance.
  • Natural scent; this skin care product has a naturally enjoyable and uplifting scent that comes from the fragrant essential oil of geranium utilized as a component.
  • No oily residue; has a non-oily texture that gets quickly soaked up in the skin without leaving any type of oily residue, that makes it a perfect choice for application alone or beneath cosmetics.
  • Regular utilize advised; when utilized regularly, this skin moisturizing cream assists you supply hydrated skin with a glowing vibrant radiance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer.

Question Question 1

Where At Do It Reveals That It’S Not Evaluated On Animals?

Below the part of the label that has the components it states, and we estimate, “no animal obtained components or animal screening. “

Question Question 2

What Is The Ewg Ranking?

Environmental working group. Https://www. Ewg. Org/skindeep/faq/

Question Question 3

What Is The Expiration Date( S) On This Pack Of 3 Jars?

We have a sneaking suspicion that the business utilizes the julian calendar system. The 5 digit code follolld by ae would be the day of the year, follolld by the last 2 digits representing the year.

Question Question 4

Exist Gmo’S In This Product? We See It Has Corn And No Non-Gmo Confirmation.?

Mine has a “non gmo, licensed by nsf ” label on the container.

Question Question 5

Does This Product Have Progesterone? We See A Ca Caution On The Page?

Here is a good site which notes all the components and toxicity. It is rather low danger. It does not have progesterone, uncertain what the ca caution is about?https:// www. Ewg. Org/skindeep/product/701414/ desert_essence_daily_essential_moisturizer/

Question Question 6

Is This Cream Non-Cosmogenic?

As far as we understand the answer is no. We have been utilizing the product for over 5 years and we like it. We utilize it after our shollr on our face, our elbows and arms and legs. We are 66 years of ages and it has kept our skin looking young and revitalized.

Question Question 7

Does This Moisturizer Have A Pleasing Fragrance?

It has an extremely moderate fragrance to it. No additional fragrance contributed to it. Just an extremely natural odor.

Question Question 8

Would You Usage This After Utilizing The Desert Essence Face Wash?


Question Question 9

Does It Consist Of Any Tea Tree Oil?

No, this product does not include any tea tree oil according to the components panel. Hope that assists. … no, this product does not include any tea tree oil according to the components panel. Hope that assists. Just nutrition product professional

Question Question 10

We Have An Issue With Face Creams That Burn Our Eyes Towards Completion Of TheDay Does This Lotion Do That?

We do not put it on our eyelids. Wash your eyelids off, natural skin oils make our eyes burn towards the end of the day.

Question Question 11

Curious, Why Exists Salt Hydroxide In The Product? That’S Utilized In Chemical Relaxers To Completely Correct Hair.?

Well, we expect that’s a question for the maker of the product. Although, we see this is utilized not just in chemical relaxers, however all sorts of household products, consisting of soaps and cosmetics.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Desert Essence Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are prone to acne and our face breaks out if we put anything on it which contains any kind of oil. We just recently moved from a damp environment to dry one. We never ever needed to utilize facial moisturizer in the damp environment, now our skin is drying out a lot. We have attempted various facial creams and creams and they all make us breakout Then we found this desert essence product. This moisturizer goes on efficiently, take in quickly, leaves no oily residue, and most importantly, hydrates our face without making it breakout We use it moderately both early morning and night, and we are so delighted that we lastly found something that works for us.

We are italian. We state that to let the reader know that we have oily skin. Truly oily skin. Whenever we find a face moisturizer it breaks us out like insane and obstructs our additional oily pores a lot more than they are. We utilize all desert essence products and we like them soll figured we would provide this one a shot too. The very first time we utilized it our face did have a response to the lye. Do not fret- it disappeared within fifteen minutes and after a few weeks of utilizing it our skin changed and now it’s clearer than ever. We lastly found a face cream that hydrates our face without making itoily This works as a fantastic guide too. Love that this is a vegan product not checked on animals – the entire line of skin care is wonderful specifically for those like us who have incredibly oily skin.

Attempted this a few years ago and we personally didn’t take care of the texture and scent of this product. So we offered it to our good friend and he’s been utilizing it for several years, he likes it. He has rosacea and this moisturizer appears to assist the appearance of his skin. We have been purchasing it for him since due to the fact that he does not like to shop online. We understand that’s an odd review-we do not like it, our good friend does. We believe the truly huge deal is that his skin isn’t constantly red any longer and that deserves it at any cost. However has a good cost.

We have been utilizing this cream for several years, and it never ever lets us down. We are entirely pleased with it. We are elderly person with fragile reasonable skin that has a strong propensity towards dryness now, however in our youth our skin was oily and didn’t need assistance. As time passed and our skin started to lose its own natural security, we found this cream and have felt no need to attempt other moisturizers for daytime usage. Its primary tourist attraction for us– besides the really essential truth that it keeps our skin soft and flexible– is that it isn’t oily. The cream has a light texture and spreads out quickly. And, it soaks right up into the skin, so that you can use makeup practically right away if you want.

We should state that we were happily amazed by this product. We were trying to find a new moisturizer for our acne-prone skin that might adequately hydrate our skin in the dry southern ca environment. We were likewise trying to find a product that is more natural and has the least quantity of “bad” chemicals without breaking our wallet. This moisturizer is precisely what we were trying to find. It did not block our skin or cause us to break out and it hydrated our skin well. We have been utilizing this now for a few months. It likewise assisted that it is really economical. We would extremely advise this product. And for the cost, why not attempt it? we did just that and was happily amazed.

We like this stuff. We will not rework all the information, however in addition to the info noted on the packaging/in the description, we like that it does not include silicone. It’s not that silicone is bad for our skin, however it does not do much in a moisturizer besides include slip for less expensive than utilizing more oils and fats, which supply their own slip. It states it’s fragrant with natural geranium essential oil, however do not fret if you can’t stand the smell of geraniums. It’s a rather moderate, faint, practically brown sugar odor. It’s not the smell of the stalks and leaves. It is so faint that if they didn’t tell us it was fragrant on function, we would just believe it was odorless. It’s a good size container for the cost, more affordable than other face creams we have utilized. We utilized to utilize the welleda infant face lotion with calendula, however it’s so oily compared to this. The desert essence is light and sinks right into the skin, without leaving a sticky residue or finish of oil. We utilize it during the night and in the early morning, after we were our face. We will continue to utilize this until they stop making it or modification the formula dramatically.

After months of looking for a facial moisturizer with natural components, we lastly found a product that works well, does not feel greasy, does not aggravate our skin, and permits simple application of makeup over it. And at this cost, it’s a take. Hoping that desert essence keeps making this product for several years to come.

This product, like all other dessert essence products, is incredible. We have severe adult acne and utilize numerous prescription medications that dry out our skin. This cream includes wetness and promotes a healthy radiance without annoying our skin. Moderate and efficient and non oily.

We purchased this due to all the stuff that is not in it. The moisturizer we were utilizing was practically 10 times the cost and had some doubtful components. However we should confess we weren’t anticipating much. It’s not as thick as the costly stuff and it’s odorless. We had truly dry/flaky skin, around our eyebrows and nose. It took a few weeks when we initially began to utilize it to see a distinction, however we need to state that we have been flake and dry-face free for the last 5 months:-RRB-. This stuff works, which we can’t state for the other “expensive ” products we had attempted.

We have purchased this several times and we simulate it a lot. It goes on really light (in the winter season, we might need to use two times, however we do not mind that). We removed a star due to the fact that the last time we purchased, the product was significantly more watery/not as thick as in the past. It still appears to hydrate the very same method, so it suffices.

Our skin is really delicate so we need to be choosy about what we utilize as moisturizer. The components are brief and clean. This stuff truly lasts a long period of time considering that you just need a small bit and the container is big. It’s not heavy on your face and rubs in well. Extremely advise.

Our preferred face lotion. We have dry, delicate skin and am delicate to scent. This is the just lotion we have have found that is moisturizing enough and does not trouble me. So thankful we can get it on now.

Fabulous product, consists of natural components and it’s extremely moisturizing however never ever feels oily. We have incredibly delicate skin and we have never ever had a bad response. Discovering a natural product like this, made by an ecologically accountable business — at this cost — is excellent. We hope it’s constantly readily available on.

This is a wonderful lotion. It’s really odorless. Scent free creams constantly have some fragrance from the components, however this one has no smell. It feels good on our skin.

We utilize this after we cleanse our confront with dessert essence’s completely clean face wash. We have been utilizing it permanently. It hydrates our face without leaving a movie of oil or making our face feel greasy. It’s light-weight and appears to be doing it’s task. We like that it’s scent free and you do not need a great deal so the bottle lasts us a while. We like it.

The very first time we utilized this moisturizer, it stung our face a bit. Hasn’t took place considering that, though. We have been utilizing it for about 6 months now. We like that it has really natural components, and it does not feel greasy. We utilized olay moisturizer for our entire life prior to now. This one feels matte on our skin, which is great. And a bit goes a long method.

Love this stuff. It is so creaour and non-greasy. Perfect for our delicate, mix skin. Please do not cease. We utilize it all year. Likewise, we put it in an old clinique pump bottle that we cleaned up out and it works completely. That method we do not need to stress over germs developing from continuously dipping our fingers in it– no matter how clean they are.

We constantly shop organic/natural products prior to taking a look at anything else. Desert essence is silky smooth, and we would advise it to anybody. Our only problem is that it’s not as thick as we like throughout the cold weather in new england, a time when our skin can get really dry. However this cost is so good, and that’s just for winter season. We supplement with strong organic argan oil on the dry spots and our skin’s pleased. Truly, this is such a wonderful cost. We were surprised after searching. We enjoy with our purchase.

We find moisturizers with sunscreen too annoying for our skin and do our best to stay with natural components for anything that touches our skin. Our stepmom makes an incredible homemade lotion, however we have been out of it for a while. This is the next best thing.

This is such a fantastic product- isn’t oily or oily sensation at all. A little goes a long method and it goes on creaour and takes in quickly leaving you skin sensation incredibly soft. Likewise has an extremely light enjoyable odor. We truly like this product- will absolutely buy it once again.

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