Clinique Acne Solutions Product

Clinique Acne Solutions Kit consists of a cleanser, exfoliation and a lotion. These three things help in solving the acne problems within few use of the kit. With regular use the skin will be clear and healthier again. It manages to cure both moderate and severe acnes.

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Clinique acne solutions consist of a kit of anti-acne product: a cleanser, exfoliation, and a lotion. The manufacturer behind the product is Clinique, a famous and renowned skincare company.

According to the manufacturer’s claims, Clinique acne solutions will give the best results in just 6 weeks of regular use. This works by controlling the hyper secretion of the skin oil and preventing the blocking of the pores that causes acne. Acne bacteria are also eradicated with dead skin cells are peeled for a fresh, flawless skin and acne-free reach.

Unfortunately, Clinique does not present the complete list of ingredients of the product. This allows the consumer to doubt on how the product works by unknown ingredients in getting rid of acne. Nevertheless, they indicate that the product is benzyl peroxide, a powerful anti-acne ingredient found in the lotion that the kit contains.

It will also be safe to assume that this treatment of acne also contains salicylic acid, since these are two of the most common ingredients found in many anti-acne treatments.

These ingredients are considered too harsh on the skin with benzyl peroxide that works in particular, peeling the dead skin cells, killing the acne bacteria and preventing acne breakout temporarily. You are also encouraged to continue using the product, because acne can come back when you stop using the product.

Salicylic acid is believed to be effective and safe, which will not cause serious side effects. It is also more effective when used in conjunction with other powerful ingredients.

The product can also provide quick solutions to recurring acne breakouts. However, the disadvantage is that they cannot offer free samples where potential customers can use to assess whether it is really effective. The length of time needed to see visible results is also very long compared to other acne treatments.

Like other acne treatments, Clinique Acne Solutions is a great product that can be effective in managing acute acne but in severe cases, you may need other acne treatments.

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