Clearasil Ultra Acne

Clearasil is one of the most popular skin care product. It is available in a range of products like v ultra-Acne+ Marks spot lotion, ultra four hour treatment, Ultra Overnight Serum, BLUE LINE 3-in-1 Deep Cleanser and many more products. It suits your needs and removes all unwanted spots from your skin.

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Clearasil has grown to be one of the popular skin care product in the medication of acne or pimple since its invention in 1950. It was first invented by Ivan Combe in the United States.

It is available in a range of products to suit your needs. Be it you want to remove the acne rapidly, slowly or constantly, it will give you your desired need. They include ultra-Acne+ Marks spot lotion, ultra four hour treatment, Ultra Overnight Serum, BLUE LINE 3-in-1 Deep Cleanser and many more products.

Ingredients In Clearasil

The product is made of different components that act as re agents to achieve its function. Basically, it is composed of:

  • Benzyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Triclosan
  • Sulphur and
  • Resorcinol.

Benzyl peroxide makes sure the skin is free of any toxic substance and it will remove ideal environment that could entertain acne bacteria which are the prime causing agent of pimples. It may lead to dryness and itching on first application but within few days the skin will adapt. Salicylic acid acts like an anti-acne active agent while Sulphur is known to get rid of dead skins.

Other components like water are used as solvent while glycerine is used as a cosmetic ingredient. Dehydroacetic acid is used as a preservative.

Different Clearasil Products

The range of these products varies according to your skin complications. The daily acne control helps get rid of blackheads, removed redness and treat blemishes.

On this product line, we have menthol-enhanced Ice wash Gel Cleanser and the tinted acne cream. Ultra are products that guarantee a clear skin within three days. They remove any existing scar and prevent others from occurring. Daily Cleanse are used to remove oil and dirt debris from your skin. They are available in wipes and facial washes for convenience.

Men are not also left out, the Energizer Acne scrub and the after shave balm are convenient in getting rid of redness from your chin. We have Oil Control product line that is mostly used by those with oily skins to get rid of the excess oil from their skins.

These products are available in most stores and they have been marketed all over the world. The essence of beauty requires you to take good care of your skin.

Clearasil dries your pimples and removes the spot of your skin. The different composition of its ingredients works best for any skin complication. Did I mention the pleasant scent that it has? Maybe I forgot to inform you that apart from the easy to apply cream and the effectiveness on dealing with pimples, the product is made of a good attracting scent.

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