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Burt's Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment

Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment.

  • ACNE TREATMENT: Control, target and get rid of acnes with Burt’s Bees Natural Solutions Acne Spot Treatment for oily skin
  • FACE CARE: Scientifically shown to enhance the appearance of acnes in 48 hours, this acne spot treatment reduces soreness and promotes healthy skin
  • NATURAL SKIN CARE: Developed with tea tree, calendula, yarrow, and parsley extracts, this acne solution naturally reduces skin soreness and breakouts
  • GENTLE TREAMENT: Created for acne prone skin, the Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions 99.9% Natural Targeted Spot Treatment is non annoying and relieves struggling spots
  • SKIN DOCTOR EVALUATED: Reduce and enhance acnes with the scientifically evaluated noncomedogenic acne spot treatment for clear, smooth looking skin

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment.
Design Call: Spot Treatment Keep acnes at bay with Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot TreatmentCream It’s scientifically revealed to help in reducing the appearance of acnes in 48 hours. Developed with tea tree, calendula, yarrow, and parsley extracts, this 99.9% natural acne treatment assists calm and reduce soreness while borage extract promotes healthy skin. This targeted acne treatment goes on simple and likewise includes salicylic acid, obtained naturally from willow bark, to permeate stopped up pores, reduce acne and aid avoid future breakouts. For best outcomes, target acne with the whole line of Burt’s Bees Natural AcneSolutions Offer your skin the best nature needs to use with Burt’s Bees.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment.

Question Question 1

Does This Product Contain “Scent” Or “Parfum” In The Active ingredients List?

Yes “scent” is among the active ingredients.

Question Question 2

Does This Work Well With Teenager Acne?

Functions for our child

Question Question 3

What Is The Fragance In It? Is It Natural Too?

The smell advises us of fruit loops it’s not a natural smell. It can be frustrating without having other products on top.

Question Question 4

What Percent Salicylic Acid Is It?

The box states 2. 0%

Question Question 5

What’S The Expiration Date Or Production Date?

The expiration date is marked on the leading front joint. We do not see a production date. The one we just purchased states aprill 2016

Question Question 6

The Product Image Points Out Non-active Active Ingredients As Linalooll And Limone.Is That Expect To Be Good For Acne Skin?

Those 2 active ingredients are substances of essential oils (or scent oils) that are controled to be within a specific portion of a cosmetic formula, since they can be skin irritants, or cause allergies. From the essential oils in this product,these are more than likely naturally obtained. Hope that assists.

Question Question 7

Does This Clear Acne?

Yes, however we do utilize the entire acne solutions kit and it stopped our adult acne, can not promote adolescentacne/

Question Question 8

Does This Work For Oily Skin?

Hi larissa. Our pore refining scrub is scientifically shown to exfoliate dead skin cells while refining the appearance of pores without over-drying or annoying skin. If you have more questions, please offer us a call at 1-800-849-7112 monday-friday 9: 00 am-5: 30 pm est. When you call, please offer the representative wi … hwe larissa. Our pore refining scrub is scientifically shown to exfoliate dead skin cells while refining the appearance of pores without over-drying or annoying skin. If you have more questions, please offer us a call at 1-800-849-7112 monday-friday 9: 00 am-5: 30 pm est. When you call, please offer the agent with this referral number 161003-000496 Have a terrific day. -burt’s bees customer services

Question Question 9

We Are Utilizing This Kit And The Toner, However Our Face Is Feeling Really Really Oily.Is This Normal And What Can We Do To Eliminate This?

It left a waxy sensation on our face (since it’s made with beeswax) and didn’t assist our acneout It was a complete waste of cash which was frustrating. We are taking cod liver oil now as a supplement and it’s working. We would attempt thatout Alot of individuals swear by it. Hope this assists.

Question Question 10

Do You Apply This On Your Entire Face Or Just In The Issue Locations?

We would just put it on issue locations. It is much to drying to put all over your face. Considering that it is a liquid and not a cream, it would be rather challenging to top your entire face. If you desire something for complete protection, we would advise the burts bees natural acne solutions daily moisturizer.

Question Question 11

What’S The Expiration Date Or Production Date?

This is a stopped product so most are ended or have dates ready to end on that note we looked into and as long as it has not been opened we found out that it benefits 1 year after opening we hope this assists make sure

Question Question 12

Will This Clear And Avoid Our Acne For Hood Or?

This is what clients are stating. We personally have not attempted this productit works fantastic for cleaning up acne quite quickly however it’s never ever avoided it from returning. However if you’re searching for a fast repair this one works fantastic. We like it for it fasts albeit short-lived repair. Another clients stated this: this worked … this is what clients are stating. We personally have not attempted this productit works fantastic for cleaning up acne quite quickly however it’s never ever avoided it from returning. However if you’re searching for a fast repair this one works fantastic. We like it for it fasts albeit short-lived repair. Another clients stated this: this worked well for the very first 2 months then our skin returned to the method it was. We did observe though that we were consuming alot of water at that point so perhaps it was a mix of the 2 that made our skin clear?we hope this assists you.

Question Question 13

Can We Utilize This With Body Shop Tea Tree Oill Face Cleanser Or Do We Need To Buy A Burt Bee S Cleanser?

Yes, we utilize this with a cleanser from the drug store-neutrogena product

Question Question 14

Is The Product Oill Free?

We believe it is, nevertheless, we find for ourself as we have oily skin, that it makes it moreoily We have had more luck with neutrogena oil free delicate skin or mix skin moisturizer.

Question Question 15

We Know This Is A Dumb Question, However Can You Usage This After Your Acne Is Gone? Im Guessing You Can Lol?

Thanks for your question. We advise utilizing our burt’s bees natural acne solution regimen kit daily as it’s scientifically shown to reduce and avoid acne. For more questions about this product. Please reach out to us at 800-849-7112 and offer this referral number: 190508-000771 Have a terrific day. Kim from … thanks for your question. We advise utilizing our burt’s bees natural acne solution regimen kit daily as it’s scientifically shown to reduce and avoid acne. For more questions about this product. Please reach out to us at 800-849-7112 and offer this referral number: 190508-000771 Have a terrific day. Kim from the burt’s bees group

Question Question 16

Are The Active ingredients The Like The Herbal Blemish Stick?

Thanks for reaching out to us about our natural acne solutions targeted spot treatment. Please keep in mind that this product shares the exact same active ingredients as our herbal complexion stick. Ought to you have additional questions about this, please offer us a call at 800-849-7112 so we can assist. Emma from the burt’s bees group

Question Question 17

Does This Aid With Dark Spots?

We are unsure since we do not have any ourself:( however, we do feel that our skin is more clearer and not so oily looking:-RRB-

Question Question 18

Is This Efficient For Pimples On Your Butt?

Hmm, never ever utilized it for that just on face. However we are quite sure it ought to he. This is natural, excellent. Good luck

Question Question 19

Does This Product Bleach The Face And/Or Hair, Tollls, Pillow Case And So On. We Are Looking For A Product That Avoids Acne W/Out Taking Color From Face?

We have not discovered any lightening. We utilize it in the shollr so it never ever makes it to our tollls/pillow cases and so on

Question Question 20

How Do You Apply This?

We use a few drops utilizing our clean hand or a cotton wooll ball.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Targeted Spot Treatment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

It’s had to do with 2 years of loyal usage of this product and we though it was worthy of a favorable evaluation. At 21 years of ages we had the outright worst acne. We had cystic acne to start with and on top of that we are on some quite pollrfull state of mind stabilizers that just overdid the acne. We attempted proactive, oral medications (we can’t utilize numerous medical grade topical solutions as we have exceptionally delicate skin and a lots of topical allergic reactions to might medical grade cream bases), we attempted several other acne cleans too however we dislike pine sterols which wind up in a great deal of ocproducts Our papa, did some research study for us one day when we called house weeping since our face injured excessive to even put our face on our pillow to sleep. He found a few article about this product assisting other young people with medication triggered acne and sent this to us overnight. We shit you not it cleaned up all our acne, cystic consisted of, practically entirely in 6 weeks, and in 2 months our face was entirely clear. We have been utilizing this for 2 years now, and it has truthfully conserved me. We now just utilize the gell cleanser 1-2 times a day, plus a bi-weekly facial scrub (not burt’s bees product) and our face is soft and blemish free as a turning barbie doll. Prior to images with a full face of comprise (we didn’t take a great deal of images without a full face), 2 months after images bb cream and bronzer (grey t-shirt), 2 years later on without any comprise (green t-shirt).

We have never ever had skin concerns until we turned30 Now we have cystic acne on our chin. They are extremely painful and you can’t pop them since absolutely nothing occurs. We got this bottle, and we were upset since half of it had dripped out and soaked the box. We got in touch with and they reimbursed me. We kept the bottle they sent out and began utilizing it. Ever since, we purchased a 2nd bottle. As quickly as we feel a pimple coming, we use this treatment. It does not get as huge and red and it appears to come to a head where we can then pop it. It recovers quickly too. We saw some examines that stated it didn’t assist them, however everybody’s skin is various and to me, this was economical adequate to attempt. If it does not work, you’re just out $9. However if it does assist, it’s something you can utilize frequently. We have extremely delicate skin (we dislike band help) and we have no concerns with this treatment at all. And we like the odor. We would advise providing this a shot.

This is among our preferred burts beesproducts It constantly works for us. We just put a bit on our finger and put it over an area where a pimple will appear after cleaning our face, and it avoids it from ever coming. We have never ever had a product work so well for us.

We have been more happy with this face wash than any other. We fidgeted attempting it since salicylic acid has dried our skin prior to however it was greater concentrate. We have never ever had bad acne, just random breakouts around our mouth and forehead. We have been utilizing this daily for practically 2 weeks. We have had a few spots turn up and typically it takes a week or longer prior to they’re entirely gone. Considering that utilizing this they’re 100% entered 2 days. We were surprised. We utilize to dab clearasill on spots as a teenager (in the 90 s) and by early morning they ‘d be practically gone however that product hasn’t operated in ages for us. We are extremely relieved to have found this and the reality it’s practically 100% natural is the highlight. It’s not drying and we like that it smells how you ‘d anticipate, we dislike scented faceproducts Update: december 15, 2015 we can’t keep in mind the precise date of our evaluation above, however still utilizing the above product without concern. We have bought a few times currently and do not intend on changing as long as it continues assisting. It keeps “would be” acnes at bay for us.

We wished to wait on making an evaluation on this kit until we had a handfull of months utilizing it under our belt. The gell cleanser has become our preferred go-to cleanser. It smells great, it’s not severe on our skin and it’s not incredibly drying. It lathers perfectly and a little goes a long method. When we utilize this up we will certainly be purchasing it once again. The daily moisturizer is great. It likewise smells good. We tend to utilize it in the evening prior to we got to bed and it is a smidge greasy, however it does hydrate well. We would buy this once again, however practically simply since of how good it smells. Lastly, the spot treatment. Ho young boy. We have just utilized this a couple times. It’s extremely extreme. We are not rather sure if it even works or if it’s too severe for our skin (which is extremely fragile). It burns going on, both on the skin and in our nose and eyes. It’s extremely drying. Maybe watered down with water it would work better/ not be as extreme, however we would not go out of our method to get this once again. We question we will even go through the entire bottle of the one that included this kit. All-in-all we like the cleanser and the moisturizer. We feel like this whole kit is at an good cost for what you get, specifically for something as high quality as burt’s bees. The spot treatment just wasn’t for us.

We enjoyed this product it worked so well for rather a very long time more then most products ive tryed. Infact no other product has worked as well as this one for our acne. Sadly after a while we need to change our skin is unusual we feel it develops some kind of tolerance to things however we will return to this one ultimately for sure. We enjoyed it. We would certainly advise. So delighted with our purchase. Bear in mind everybody is various & you might not develop a tolerance like us & it works completely for u. It is a fantastic incredible product. Ive never ever had one that worked this well befor.

Out of no place came a horrendous breakout of acne on our face just recently, being that we had absolutely nothing in the house and with just little cash to spare we right away purchased this online. This is our very first time utilizing this scrub. We need to state, we definitely like the odor, it is extremely soothing, as are numerous other products by burt’s bees that we have attempted. At first we were not too keen on the cream itself, appeared a little unpleasant however we provided it a shot anyhow; it certainly scrubbed away a great deal of dead skin and our face started to heal after the very first wash, the wonderful smell that we might seriously smell all day long remained for rather some time, it made us feel extremely calm, clean and healthy. We discovered that our skin was much softer, which hardly ever occurs for us, and our skin began to look far better overall in condition, in spite of the spots of acne, which is unusual for us to experience in a product. We had several small pimples under our nose/ throughout the top of our lip which started to dry up and exfoliate after the very first usage – not “dry up” as in our skin ended up being exceedingly dry, it is rather the opposite really – our skin feels extremely well hydrated yet not at alloily We have just been utilizing this product for 3 or 4 days, one or two times a day and our skin feels so fantastic. After cleaning we dab just a little bit of moisturizing lotion and we are good to go. With how soft this product has made our skin, it makes using our foundation and concealer far more quickly, and as a new day comes we can enhancement in our skin, which implies needing to utilize less comprise (no, our makeup did not cause the break out, have been utilizing the exact same stuff for a very long time with absolutely no concerns, we believe it was triggered by increased stress. ). This product appears extremely appealing for us, we might need to buy more if this continues to work as well as it has been. We understand it is maybe prematurely to inform, however never ever have we ever utilized a product that has provided us these type of outcomes. We certainly advise it.

We do not have issues with acne on our face as much as we have concerns with eczema. We were reluctant to attempt something that stated acne since those products are typically a lot more drying however we read it was a good scrub and that’s what we required. With our thirsty skin we get dry and scaly so we need something with a little bit of a scrub however not excessive or it makes our face additional flaky all day and we feel like a lizard. It’s extremely difficult to find scrubs that are really hydrating. This is rather good. The smell does not burn our face like a lot of other products, the scrub is gentle however reliable.

After years and years of attempting to remove blackheads, this product really works. The only thing we didn’t like about it is the extreme camphor odor. The product likewise leaves a residue. To resolve these concerns, we merely use the product in the evening and place on early enough that it does not keep us awake. Considering that it’s the just product that has resolved the blackheads, we provided it 5 star and extremely advise.

We like this stuff. We initially began utilizing this cleanser about 8 months earlier, and, after a month of usage, our skin was the clearest it had ever been. About 3 months ago we started breaking out and we just immediately presumed that it was because of this face wash, despite the fact that we had never ever had any issues prior to. We chose to change to la roche-posay effaclar medicated gell wash. Bad choice. We utilized that face wash for about 3 months and it appeared like every day our face became worse and even worse. We started to get many pimples that we were humiliated to enter public. About a month ago we chose to change back to burt’s bees natural acne solutions cleansing gell cleanser, and after just a day our face had substantially cooled down. Ever since we have not gotten any new pimples, and the ones that we had have either entirely vanished, or continue to reduce in size. Our face is practically back to looking fantastic. A number of weeks ago we found out that the original issues we were experiencing (the issues that triggered us to change to another face wash) was because of issues with our menstrual cycle, not the burt’s bees cleanser. We extremely advise utilizing this wash, specifically for hormonal acne. We now know to never ever change to another kind.

We have attempted almost every acne skin-related product out there and this in mix with the burt’s bees delicate skin cleanser is the just thing that keeps away both our acne and eczema flare. We want the beads in this scrub liquified since we certainly get them stuck in our hair. We would not state it has minimized the size of our pores, which is regrettable since they are big. Nevertheless, if it really helps in reducing our acne and keeps our big ass pores clean, then we are here for it. We have utilized this for most likely 4 years now and am still extremely delighted with the smooth skin outcomes.

We would have liked for this to have a connected applicator so using is much easier in putting on the spot locations. Otherwise, the ethical ground we base on against all animal screening and abuse makes any product with the “jumping bunny” accreditation a winner in our book. We want he had not offered the business so he and his successors might gain the benefits of seeing that numerous others follow the natural line of product he began and in addition to his stand against animal screening.

Our child got this from somebody else and utilized the entire bottle. She stated it worked and desired us to get her another bottle. Fortunately we had the ability to purchase it here for a better cost than most, despite the fact that we believe it is high. She’s utilized a few various products however this is the just one that made a distinction.

This product assisted dry out new acne that would appear and likewise ones that were currently emerged. It likewise assisted clean our face and eliminate any sort of dirt or makeup on our face. We utilize a cotton round and we include 3-4 drops onto it to utilize all over our cheeks and it works. It does have a small tingling feeling when using however it disappears after a number of seconds. We advise utilizing this a minimum of every 2-3 days since it can dry your skin a bit, however overall it is a good product.

Excellent to integrate into your regimen for combating acne prone skin. Especially well if you have an oily skin type. Does not leave you feeling extremely sticky. If you use it while you have acne or have acne ready to form, the toner does not aggravate. If you are mix skin type, you might wish to utilize a moisturizer of your choice after using toner.

Fantastic product. It is light-weight and does not leave a heavy aim to the face. It has s. A. Which assists cells turn over and produce new ones. It does not eliminate germs however it benefits rapid new cell development. We utilize it prior to bed for numerous months and it keeps our face perfectly hydrated. We do not utilize this in the daytime since it provides no other benefits. We like to utilize a moisturizer that has spf for sun security.

Our hubby was utilizing an astringent that was not alcohol free and though it worked, it seemed drying out his skin a lot it was producing more oil to compensate. Our choice has constantly been natural products, so we purchased this as an alternative for him to attempt. He really liked it more than his previous one as it had the ability to get the remaining daily accumulation and dirt just as well, however without the severe responses. He’s ended up being a burt’s bees transform and now utilizes the toner in addition to bb’s cleansing gell cleanser. The only drawback is that it tends to leakage when taking a trip, so would certainly attempt to protect the cap or move it to a leakage proof container.

Fantastic its cleaned up all our acne. Keep this one on hand at all times. We had acne when we were 13 it cleaned up and we didnt need to use make up to cover any pimples or spots. Now at 21 we have an issue with acne once again. Ive attempted every product. Actually every product. So we have made the change to all naturalproducts We have burts bees pore scrub we utilize that in the shollr after the health club. We have a clarisonic and we utilize the burts bees acne cleanser prior to bed after that the toner and acne spot control on, then lastly we put this product on and it aids with all our issue spots.

Given, neutrogena acne wash is two times the dosage, at 2% acid, however it’s oil-free and holds on to the skin. Harder to wash off. This product we are examining does not get stuck in your hair as much. It has more viscosity. It’s much easier to utilize. It carefuly exfoliates, so the pores secure free of blockages, which assists avoid blackheads and whiteheads.

After 50– yes 50 years of coping with ‘bad skin’, we have lastly found a product that works. This stuff heals existing acnes overnight most of the times. Our only factor for 4 stars and not 5 is the product packaging. Once you get below the dispenser tube you need to dip into the small opening with a q-tip or something to get at this wonder product. Please alter product packaging to a capture tube or something less inefficient.

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