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BenzaClin Review

Most people at some time in their life will experience the hassle of getting acne. The severity of the “breakouts” and the way people handle it will vary. Not all acne treatments work the same and there is no one product that will be a cure universally.

BenzaClin Review

The key to discovering which treatment is right for you is to understand your level of severity and then determine how pollrful a product you need.

BenzaClin is a prescribed acne treatment medication that combines clindamycin and benzyl peroxide. When these two are mixed together they are considered a topical antibiotic. Clindamycin is considered an antibiotic and benzyl peroxide works as an antibacterial. Together they work to kill the bacteria that cause acne.

What is BenzaClin?

Benzaclin is based around benzyl peroxide. It is a prescription treatment using a 5% concentration of benzyl peroxide and apparently provides visible results within just 2 weeks. They target cases in guys who apparently have more severe and longer lasting breakouts, and they also provide you with the information that you need and a $15 rebate card.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some of the more common side effects that you may experience are dry skin, itchiness, or peeling or redness of the skin. You may also develop sensitivity to the sun and sun exposure should be limited while taking this medication.

It is true that the likelihood of experiencing on or more of these side effects are common in most acne treatments, but because of the potency of this product the chances might be slightly higher.

There is the chance of experiencing more serious side effects such as severe diarrhoea, painful stomach cramps or stomach pain, blood or mucus in the stool, or a fungal infection in which you would see changes in your skin or nails. These side effects are rare but should always be reported to your physician.



  • A pollrful combination of clindamycin and benzyl peroxide may help with even severe cases of acne.
  • They do have a proven ingredient in the form of benzyl peroxide even in a proven amount.
  • This product has been shown to give you a certain number of results in general, and frankly some customers have come out quite happy in general.
  • They make quite a few claims and the prescription status helps.


  • May take up to 10 weeks to see improvement
  • Relatively expensive for a skin treatment
  • Only available with a doctor’s prescription
  • May bleach your hair or coloured fabrics
  • High chance of experiencing one or more of the listed side effects

Is BenzaClin Worth Buying?

If we’re being honest, the simple answer would be no. The reason being that this product seems far too expensive for the results you will likely see.

Yes, this product is pollrful and yes, this product wills most likely help with you acne problems but the bottom line is that there are many different acne treatments out there that have those same capabilities without breaking the bank.

The average user won’t see results for 2-10 weeks but will most likely start to see the adverse side effects much sooner. Unfortunately there’s just not enough science to prove the effectiveness of BenzaClin to justify the price.


We would not recommend using Benzaclin. It is a cheap rip off to say the least, and it doesn’t give you anything that you should realistically be looking for. With Benzaclin, you will only experience side effects and quite frankly spend way too much as compared to what you would need to spend. We would advise against it at this time.

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