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Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil Control Lotion

Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil Control Lotion

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil Control Lotion.

  • One 2 oz. tube of Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil Control Lotion
  • Deals With and avoids acne and breakouts
  • Made with a 2% salicylic acid and willow bark solution
  • Oil- free and pollred by botanicals
  • No parabens, phthalates or artificial scents

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil Control Lotion.
Size: 2 Ounce Take control of your skin with Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil ControlLotion Made with a 2% salicylic acid and willow bark solution, this light moisturizer deals with and avoids breakouts without drying your skin. This lotion assists battle oily and oily skin and leaves your skin clear and hydrated. Our formula is pollred by botanicals like aloe leaf juice and witch hazel to calm the skin. Our 100% vegetarian formula is oil-free and does not include any parabens, phthalates, or artificial scents. It is likewise not checked on animals. Consists of one 2 oz. tube of Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil ControlLotion At Alba Botanica, our product household continuously progresses along with health, beauty, and component understanding and patterns. We ‘re committed to making high quality, 100% vegetarian products that overflow with botanical active ingredients. Do gorgeous– that’s the slogan that inspires our body caring products that nurture the skin, hair and, naturally, the soul.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil Control Lotion.

Question Question 1

Can We Return This If It Doesn’T Work For United States?

We are uncertain. We would contact the merchant.

Question Question 2

Exist Little Fuzzy White Spores In This Lotion Or Has Mine Been Tampered With?

There are no fuzzy white things in mine. It is brown with dark brown exfoliating specks in.

Question Question 3

Can We Use It Under Face Powder?

Hi – we suggest using the alba botanica natural acne dote oil control lotion prior to utilizing the facial powder. We hope this assists. If you have any more questions please call us at 1-888-659-7730 monday-friday 9am-7pm est.

Question Question 4

This Question Is For The Oill ControllLotion How Does This Perform Under Makeup? We Have An Interest In Getting To Utilize As A ‘Guide’.?

It’s quite light and comfy on skin, and most days it did a respectable task of controling oil. It’s not dramatically various from other moisturizers that control oil, however it does a respectable task. And for the rate, it may be worth a shot.

Question Question 5

Can We Utilize The Oill Controll Lotion On Our Whole Face Even If Its Only Our T-Zone That Gets Oily?

We utilize it on our entire face we have some patches that get flaky and others that are truly oily and it stabilizes them out truly well. The flaky parts get hydration and do not flak and the oily parts do not get all greasy.

Question Question 6

Expiration Date?


Question Question 7

Does Anybody Know The Ph Levell Of The Oill Controll Lotion?

We have the acne treatment gel. It’s incredibly gentle. No ph level on it either.

Question Question 8

Does This Deal With Black Skin Too?

Thanks for reachingout Our product deals with all skin types. Hope this assists, if you have any other questions please call us at 1-888-659-7730 monday – friday 9 am – 7 pm est.

Question Question 9

What Is The Expiration Date On This Product?

The ending date on the product we have our stock is july 2017

Question Question 10

Can This Be Utilized On The Neck Area?

Thanks for reachingout We suggest to utilize our alba botanica maximum strength oil as directed on the label. Any alternative usages depend on your own discretion. If you have anymore questions please offer us a call at 888-659-7730, monday-friday 9am-7pm est.

Question Question 11

Does This Deal With Black Skin Too?

Thanks for reachingout If you are attempting our alba botanica acnedote maximum strength oil control lotion for the very first time, we suggest you patch test the product prior to using to a whole area. If you have any more questions or wish to talk to us please offer us a call at 1866-341-6874 monday – fr … thanks for reachingout If you are attempting our alba botanica acnedote maximum strength oil control lotion for the very first time, we suggest you patch test the product prior to using to a whole area. If you have any more questions or wish to talk to us please offer us a call at 1866-341-6874 monday – friday 9am – 7pm est.

Question Question 12

This Is For The Oill ControllLotion It Appears That This Lotion Doesn’T Do A Fantastic Task Of Keeping Oill Away For Those With Extremely Oily Skin?

It provides for a while initially, however does not keep it away no. Nevertheless we have not encounter any that keeps us from getting oily by the afternoon. This is presently our preferred moisturizer.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Alba Botanica Acnedote Maximum Strength Oil Control Lotion, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We initially purchased this as our travell moisturizer considering that we had a lot of products and dislike examining bags. Perfect size for tsa guidelines. Kept us from breaking out on travell when we are out of our regimen. Ran out of some of our other products and chose to attempt utilizing it as part of our regular regimen and it has made our life a lot easier. We do not have a great deal of acne, however we tend to break out from stress or modifications toproducts This has assisted reduce our occasional acne a lot. We utilize daily during the night, and we can still layer a sleeping pack product over it. We avoid it in the early morning and utilize our regular moisturizer and sunscreen without any problems. When we travel, we utilize today and night and just put sunscreen over it for daytime. It does have a little sting to it if we have just utilized toner or in locations we may be getting a break out– poof.– no break out because area. Bottle is little, however rate is right, and its difficult to find in the store/drugstore in some cases, so its excellent to have on.

This is our go-to moisturizer. We have been utilizing it for about 6 years, offer or take. It isn’t oily sensation at all. It takes in well into the skin providing a soft surface on days when we do not feel like using makeup. We personally like the included salysitic acid in it due to the fact that even at 28 we still get pimples. It’s just enough to assist keep them at bay. We have attempted other moisturizers with salysitic acid in them that have left our skin dry and harmed, however not this one.

We do not like to purchase products which are checked on animals, so we believed we would offer this brand of facial lotion a shot. We are pleased we did. We didn’t find it to be excessively strong, or turn our face red, which in some cases appears to occur with creams which have acne medication in them. The fragrance is sort of earthy, however not dreadful or too chemical smelling, so that was a plus. We do not have severe acne or anything however it appears to deal with the occasional breakout just great, without drying out our skin. We likewise liked the reality that it utilizes salicylic acid rather than benzoyl peroxide, so no random bleach spots on our tollls or t-shirt collars to stress over.

We have extremely oily skin that’s prone to breakouts from small bumps to blackheads to completely established pimples to big cysts. We utilize prescription clindaouracin lotion, and we utilize over-the- counter benzoyl peroxide 10% face wash and treatment lotion. We exfoliate 2-3 times weekly with a neutrogrena face scrub. We likewise utilize a kaolin mud mask every 1-2 weeks. With that stated, we just included alba botanica acne dote oil control lotion to our program. We want the lotion was more mattifying; nevertheless, we would state it’s reasonably mattifying. It has a smooth feel and does not leave our skin greasy oroily This is the very first facial lotion that feels extremely smooth yet does not include oil develop on our skin. After application, our skin does not feel dry and feels nourished and soft. The lotion does not cause additional breakouts on our skin. We offer this lotion a 4 out of 5 stars due to the fact that we want it was more mattifying, yet it provides numerous benefits that we truly like. The active component is 2% salicylic acid– fyi.

This stuff is amazing. We put it on every night after we were our face. Whenever we get up with a great, soft face rather of it being entirely oily to the touch like it generally is. It truthfully smells quite awful, however it’s an absolutely sweet product, so we might care less. We use generally 2-3 times a day after cleansing or rubbing out our face. Never ever anywhere near under eye (there’s salicylic acid in it) and generally behind our ears and the top of our neck. We even use on our chest after a shollr. It deserves every cent, keeps your skin great and well balanced. Does not truly overdry, and appears to be a really good product.:-RRB- up until now, so good. If you ‘re not a wimp about stuff having a strong odor, you remain in the clear. It truly does assist control oil production and truly appears to keep acne at bay and not intensify it. Certainly suggest.

We acquired the oil control lotion and can report actual outcomes. We have oily skin and we have attempted many various creams, guides, astringents, and cleansers to attempt to assist and have never ever seen any outcomes. This product isn’t a wonder, however after cleaning our face and putting this one we get about 4 hours of oil free skin and after the 4 the oil can be found in slollr. It’s generally at the 6 hour mark we need to blot and retouch our makeup. When we are ended up with the rest of our products we will be acquiring the rest of this line.

We truly, truly like this moisturizer. It took us a minute to see the results bc we were just returning on our skin care however this is truly good particularly if you have oily skin. If you integrate a cleaner or a mask prior to using this, it does your skin marvels. Alba botanicals has a real good face scrub that goes well w/this moisturizer. We extremely suggest it.

Up until now, we truly like this. A little goes a long method. We use it on our face after we shollr and we have observed an incredible effect. We usually have extremely oily skin, however when we use this it does a fantastic task controling the oil. Love it, so pleased we provided this product a shot. It was a peppermint fragrance and feel.

The selling point of this was the salicylic acid material and the reality that it is, certainly, a moisturizer. We have got adult acne lasting into our late 20 s and this does the technique for a daily facial moisturizer. The fragrance, however, is one to get rid of. Odors of chemicals which it’s loaded with however they’re okay. Just foul-smelling. It lessens quickly however damn is it smelly. Otherwise, it’s a strong moisturizer and feels great on the skin. It’s good to have that enduring medicinal sensation, to be truthful, like it’s doing something for our acne which we feel like it has. Takes surface area texture away over the course of a number of days which is what we desired out of this.

While it has a good fragrance and takes in quickly, it truly isn’t providing any distinction. We really see our acne around our chinline even worse. We stopped utilizing it for 2 days and a substantial enhancement. This isn’t reliable for those people with consistent obstructing pores or cystic acne. We will return to treeactiv.

This is the just acne product that assisted our adult acne as well as our teenage nephew’s acne. It has an enjoyable fragrance and feels incredible. Our skin utilized to be oily and glossy all day however this oil control product kept our face shinefree all day.

We have significant oily skin. Can’t go an hour without our shine popping through our makeup. We do utilize a great deal of products for our oily skin so we can’t state that this lotion is the just factor for our longer-lasting-matte-look. We can state it’s been a substantial staple to our regular though. Our skin hardly breaks out any longer as well and generally we can’t put anything new on our skin due to the fact that we are extremely conscious everything. We can state that the very first couple times we put it on our face, it’s burned like a b #% &$.

We have combo skin and we swear this is the just moisturizer that keeps our skin at bay. We discovered a substantial distinction with this product. It manages the oiliness and it has salicylic acid which assists future breakouts.

We utilize this on our entire face every day. We still break out near our chin where we rest our hand sometimes. However hardly. Does not dry our face at all, even when we utilize it two times daily.

We include some frankincense essential oil and jojoba oil to this due to the fact that it’s not extremely moisturizing and it’s getting cooler and drierout Functions excellent. Our skin has never ever been this clear. Customer for life.

Hydrating It’s vegan and ruthlessness free which is wonderful considering that we just found out the lotion we were utilizing wasn’t. (if you ‘re vegan keep away from aveeno and johnson and johnson products).

We like this lotion. We have adult acne and this is the just lotion that does not leave our skin sensationoily It makes our face feel so revitalized. Such a fantastic value. We are bought the entire regimen:–RRB-.

Love this scrub. It seems like it truly gets our face clean and appears to handle our acne breakouts for the many part.

This moisturizer is excellent for delicate, oily, acne-prone skin. The product is light, takes in well in the skin and does not produce dryness or dry spots like other daily skin moisturizers. We just need to utilize a pea-size drop of the moisturizer and it does the task. Likewise, what we like about it is that it does not reek of excessively utilized scents or oils.

This product has altered our life. We have constantly had acne problems and once we integrated this lotion and utilized this lotion after la roche posay effectiveness oily control facewash and utilized astringent to clean gain access to dirt, our skin has cleaned up after 30 years of acne problems and lots of dermotologist. We extremely suggest it. It is necessary to clean your skin well prior to utilizing it however utilizing this cream needs to clean up your acne like it has provided for us.

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