Acnetix – The Newest Acne Treatment

Acnetix is the newest acne treatment present in the market today. It promises to beat almost 99.7% of acne in just 7 days of constant use. It is proven safe to use and uses only natural ingredients which makes skin looks flawless and clear.

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There is a new treatment for acne in the market called Acnetix that guarantees to beat 99.7% of your acne in just 7 days. It contains a number of herbs and other natural ingredients that make your skin look flawless in a very short time compared to other products, or so the claim goes. The manufacturer says that in rare cases, it may take as long as 2 to 3 weeks to get results.

The product is claimed to be environmentally friendly because it comes in bigger bottles and thus uses less packing material.

Does Acnetix Work?

Acnetix acne treatment contains a mixture of dozens of ingredients. Combined together, these are claimed to remove acne and make your skin much smoother. They also say that it helps soothe skin so it doesn’t cause irritation or inflammation.

It Contains The Following Ingredients:

Purified water, aloe Vera, liquid glycerine soap, herbal extracts of white willow, chaparral, green tea, gotu kola, alfalfa and rosemary, walnut shell, msm, oat flour, Redmond clay, witch hazel, flax meal, vegetable glycerine, jojoba oil, castile flake, avocado oil, allantoin, carbomer, preservative, xanthan, honey, tea tree oil, lavender oil, jasmine, camellia oil, vitamin a (retinol palmitate), carrot seed oil, sweet orange oil, bergamot, juniper oil, green tea extract, vitamin E oil, natural colour and fragrance.

The facial cleaner itself penetrates deep into the skin layers. This inhibits the growth of acne bacteria and eliminates the build-up of excess oil. It breaks down and loosens up deep-seated dirt in the pores and makes it easier to wash off skin impurities. Skin texture is claimed to improve because of the essential oils and extracts.

Furthermore, a chemical compound called allantoin, which is commonly found in the urine of cows is also added in this product.


It is made mostly of natural ingredients so it is gentle on your skin

They claim that they offer a guarantee

Their product comes in an extremely large 12-ounce bottle, which is an enormous amount. Most face cleansers are available in 1/4 of an ounce or even much less. It could last for more than a year depending on how often you use it. But the website states that it can last for only 4 months.


Acnetix has a number of oils. Some of them are good while some of them can even aggravate acne. The website screams of scam. They mislead customers by making false statements that their products are so much in demand.

They claim to be selling so fast they are constantly on the verge of being sold out. Thus, they claim, Acnetix sells on eBay 3 times its original price! A quick search shows exactly 1 person selling Acnetix.

So take these ridiculous claims with a big pinch of salt.

Final Words

Buying Acnetix may not be a good idea. There are better alternatives by buying acne products that work in the same way, with less than 35 ingredients. Although Acnetix is natural, it has too many ingredients that when you combine them all, loses its strength.

You should probably give Acnetix a miss. It’s just a poor attempt to cash on the lucrative acne market. The company behind Acnetix also markets anti-aging creams, weight loss pills, colon cleanses and other products high on the scam-o-meter.

There are better products on the market that are made by more serious companies. If you are serious about getting clear you are better off trying something from them.

On the other hand, it won’t break the bank if you decide to try it. Just don’t expect miracles (or anything at all).

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