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Acnecide Gel
Acnecide Gel

Acnecide Gel is a medical lotion specifically made for external treatment of acne, a common inflammatory skin illness. This Acnecid Gel is appropriate to be use by youngsters and also adults. It is proven to effectively treat your acnes. This topical gel contains Benzyl Peroxide, an important component in healing acnes.

Acnecide Topical Gel effectively kills the microorganism that triggers acne and also removes excess oils and dust from your skin and thus, promotes clearer skin.

Acnecide 5% gel is suitable for the therapy of moderate to severe acne on smaller areas of skin such as the face. It is also ideal for larger areas like shoulders, back and breast where P. Acnes usually are found to happen.

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Name The Ingredients In Acnecide Gel

Energetic Components:

  • Hydrous Benzyl Peroxide comparable to Benzyl Peroxide 5% w/w.

It is also found to include these other ingredients in it for effective acne treatment.

  • Docusate Sodium
  • Acrylates Copolymer
  • Glycerol
  • Disodium Edetate
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Colloidal Anhydrous Silica
  • Poloxamer 182
  • Carbomer 940
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Purified Water

Does It Truly Work?

Acnecide gel is proven to work well for both mild and severe acne. It includes the active ingredient called benzyl peroxide 5%, a kind of medication referred to as a keratolytic.

Today, Acnecide 5% has been medically verified to reduce the germs related to acne. This gel also contains acrylates copolymer grains which are an unique innovation made to remove the excess oil and also launch glycerine to moisturise the skin.

Acnecide Gel is keratin-reducing, bacteria-fighting, and moisturising activity for best acne treatment. It is the most favoured acne treatment gel for total absence of skin inflammation.

What Are The Advantages?

  • It contains hydrous benzyl peroxide that kills bacteria that triggers spots by 95%.
  • It removes excess oil and dust from skin.
  • It is ideal for all types of acnes consisting of acnes, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • It keeps the skin hydrated.
  • It unblocks the sweat glands.
  • It is suitable to be used on face, breast or back.

Directions To Use Acnecide Gel

Acnecide Gel is a topical acne gel. It is required to be applied directly on the acne spots. Use it as needed and do not use it more as it may trigger skin inflammation. You need to use it twice daily and wash the areas thoroughly and keep it clean before and after applying the acne treatment gel.

For the first time use, you will feel a mild burning sensation, peeling or reddening of skin. This will definitely go away after using it many times. Of course, if these signs persist then you need to talk to your doctor.

You must avoid using this Acnecide Gel in straight sunshine or under sunlamps for it might cause skin sensitivity due to sun exposure.

For How Long Does Acnecide Require To Work?

The users of this Acnecide Gel are required to use this regularly as advised. The results to get clear skin from acne will be obtained after 6 weeks of use or even months depending on the skin types of the users. Constancy is a must for best outcome.

Safety Measures On Using Acnecide Gel

  1. Acnecide Gel is a medicine. Consult your doctor or pharmacologist if you have any other medical problems or taking any complementary medicine.
  2. Women who are breast feeding, expecting, intending to become pregnant, or deal with allergies also require the guidance of your doctor.
  3. When using this acne gel, you need to avoid contact with your eyes, mouth, nose angles and other sensitive locations or harmed skin.
  4. This Acnecide gel is meant for external use only. Children are not meant to use this product.
  5. Careful reading of the instruction provided on the label/leaflet or advice by doctors is a must for safety of your skin health.
  6. Do not store over 25°C or do not ice up as it contains Propylene Glycol that might cause skin inflammation.

Acnecide Gel Side-Effects

The following are the list of the possible side effects that might occur on utilizing this Acnecide Gel as your acne treatment. However, these are not severe and might go away in few days. These are:

  • Itching
  • Peeling off of skin
  • Stinging
  • Inflammation
  • Dry skin

If these side-effects persists, you need to immediately stop the treatment and consult your doctor.

Last Works On Acnecide Gel

Acnecide Gel is an external acne treatment gel meant for both mild to severe acnes. It contains effective ingredients that kill bacteria-causing germs to almost 95% if used regularly or as directed by the doctors. It also reduces, removes acnes and promotes soft, healthier skin. It is worth trying this to be acne free once again.

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